Assembly At Home Jobs Up Your Alley?

Assembling products at home? What is that? Do people really do that? That's a good question when you consider that assembly work at home is really quite rare. I know … we've all heard of the endless work at home opportunities from stuffing envelopes to day trading, but assembling other peoples' products at home? What exactly does a person with an assembly work at home job do?

It's a pretty easy job, but unfortunately, as stated earlier, is a lot rarer than most people might realize.

Let me give you an example. When my dad retired to Florida a few years back, he was going stir crazy after just a few months. Hetried working at the local grocery store. But he was an excellent carpenter and cabinet maker. But having done that all his life, he was looking for something new. So he answered an advertisement for product assembly at home. The Company would provide all the material, and my dad would just put it together for a fee. No limit to what he could do or how many or how fast. The faster the better, he was told.

They ended up sending him small dowel rods to be glued together into picture frames. It would take a normal man half a day to finish one. But my father made himself a little frame jig, cut all the pieces that were irregular in length to a uniform size, and glued them up. The prep took him half a day and assembling 100 frames at 45 dollars apiece took him the rest of the afternoon. He sent them in and got back a check. Things were looking good with this company. With his check they processed him material for another 100 frames. He did the same thing, sent them back, but was then told they were too perfect … too uniform. No Check. And no more supplies. They never even answered the phone again.

While it is true that assembly work at home may open doors for people who want to find a great way of earning extra money, it is generally short lived, and often folks end up spending more than they ever get back.

But there is a better way!

I only wish I had found it before my dad passed away. My friend Stephen Pierce turned me onto selling items online instead of making items. People purchase all kinds of things up here, but the best product I've found to sell is information. Many people think that the Internet provides all the information they need for free, but it is not true. I tried to learn how to sell on my own. It was a huge learning curve, and I nearly brave up. Thankfully, I stuck it out until it really paid off. If you'll train yourself for wealth, you'll find out why it's changed my business life forever.

Here's to your monumental success!