Assembly Line Articles – How to Cut Your Writing Time in Half

American factories were revolutionized with the introduction of the assembly line. Rather than the traditional system of having one worker complete each step of the manufacturing process for a single product, assembly line manufacturing breaks up the steps of the process and each worker completes a single task for each product. Assembly-line systems dramatically improved the speed and efficiency of factories, and the same premise can be applied to increase your speed as an article writer.

The biggest difference between a traditional assembly line and assembly line style writing is that there is only one worker: you. However, unlike the traditional approach to writing in which you work on one article at a time until each piece is completed, assembly-line writing requires you to work on sets of like tasks, rather than individual articles. This assembly line approach increases your writing speed because it caters to the way the human brain works. Rather than switching gears from researching to writing to editing for every article you work on, this system enables you to focus on one type of task at a time, which increases your speed. You do all of the research at once, followed by all of the writing, followed by all of the editing.

To write your articles in this fashion, follow these easy steps:

1. Determine how many articles you wish to write.

2. Write out the title for each article you want to write.

3. Create a brief outline for each article.

4. Complete necessary research for each article.

5. Write the articles that you have titled, outlined, and researched.

6. Proofread / edit the articles you have written.