Astral Projection Spy – The Amazing Truth Revealed

One of the most interesting components of the research done into the out body body experience was the US military study into using astral projection as a spying technique on foreign countries and other miscellaneous enemies. As far fetched as it sounds, the CIA conducted an experiment in remote viewing, or "seeing at a distance" that employed a series of highly regarded psychic spies, as well as ordinary military intelligence as a way to peek both at the possibilities of using ESP in warfare, as well as of course, seeing what the other guys were REALLY doing over "there" …

After about a decade or so, the "official" lab was closed, and it's results were released to congressional oversight and review. The operation was called "Star-gate" and any simple search engine query will offer eons of reading on the incredible results turned in by some of the highly trained psychic spies employed to peek behind enemy lines … while they're bodies were many thousands of miles away!

The most famous of these paranormal guinea pigs is Indigo Swann, whose accuracy in remote viewing is unexplainable by any current known scientific standard or process. His ability to see, via powers we do not yet understand, people, places and things in geographical locales many miles, and even countries away, is simply jaw dropping. Several other participants of project Star-gate have gone on to very celebrated careers as authors and speakers on Astral Projection, psychic ability and one or two actively teach the skill to others in workshops around the world. A bestselling book also emanated from the same group, "Psychic Spies", which highlights the experiences of one of the remote viewers during these experiments – his claim of developing psychic powers after being shot in the head during the Vietnam war was bolstered after considering after showing off these skills for an incredulous military audience.

Overall, like much in this venue, it's simply amazing, phenomenal and exciting stuff that would make any hardcore "X-files" devote green with envy .. 🙂