Attracting Beautiful Women – Secret Techniques and Methods

The majority of men have intense difficulty comprehending the mind of a beautiful women. Given that some men have a successful love life, when questioned further that often have no idea why that is so. The ability to attract beautiful women does not have to be a dream or a fantasy for you. It is a learned thing and you need to know what to say and what to do in order to attract beautiful women. Naturally one would expect if you were wealthy, famous and possessed film star qualities then those hits would explain the ability to attract beautiful women, and in some cases that's what really works, like after all is Brad Pitt married to a Safeways check out chick? However women often look beyond these qualities to find love and in many cases they flock to men who have few obvious intangible assets. Men need to understand what goes through their minds when they meet an attractive women and they also need to interpret what the women is thinking and feeling at the same time so they can adjust their behavior to take advantage of the situation. If somehow you could discover how to develop these hidden insights talents and qualities, then you would have incredible success in attracting beautiful women.

Before looking at the physical aspects, you really need to want to be with a beautiful woman. You need to have a deep separated desire to be with a beautiful woman and almost before the event happens you need to visualise how it's going to be when you are talking to her over dinner. You need to know what you are going to say to her on the phone when you ask her out, and absolutely you need to know how you will handle it when she comes back to her place. You also must be aware that there will be rejected too, so be prepared for that.

To build a relationship with a beautiful woman is the prime objective here, so on that theme dependability is one of the most important assets a man can posses. All women go through times of mood swings, depression, ill health and in particular extreme disappointment with other men. I would estimate that over 80% of women in their 40's have had one and maybe two if not more tragic relationships with men in their life. So these problems act as a roadblock to you as a new guy on the scene. If you can empathize with these issues, then you will be the man who is there when she needs you, and then you will have no trouble building a relationship with her.

Women love self confident men. Their men need to handle and successfully negotiate the difficult situations with cool calmness. Successfully negotiating these situations can give a man the authority women respect and admire. When you loose your cool under tough conditions, then you look like a looser and, well, honestly, women do not like losers.

Along with the self confidence theme, women like men who can make them laugh. Maybe this goes hand in hand with the bad relationship scenario wherebe women like to be lifted out of their bad past experiences. It's a proven fact that you can not have two conflicting experiences existing in your mind concurrently so, when you are happy and laughing you can not possibly be sad – it's a fact and women know this, Do not ever laugh at her expense – that's a sure killer.

It looks clearly obvious but to attract beautiful woman you can not be boring. Beautiful women know they are beautiful and they know they have abundant choices in the man world so if you are boring and you sit in a dark corner then you will not even get noticed. Beautiful women love to be around fun adventurous men. They like unpredictability and they like men who dare to take chances. They like a sense of humor as well as the traditional 'Bad Boy' and rebellious attitude where a guy says what he means and means what he says. A bit of the adventurous element goes a long way with a beautiful woman.

A sense of attention is paramount. Remember what she says, her favorite foods, likes, dislikes, favorite activities, music, books etc. After all you will not build a relationship with a women when you portray entirely opposition interests. However do not rush out to her favorite restaurant on the first date and then treat her to all the stated interests in one swoop. Plan your activities to impress her slowly by introducing temptations regularly, hold back because you'll always need another trump card to play at the next date to blow her away and then you can show her that you really listened and cared about what she said last date. Springing a surprise night on her or a weekend in Paris goes down really well (trust me) because beautiful women love spontaneity, and if you play things right, if you are cool and you do things at your own pace rather than hers then you ' ve really got it made. Also bear in mind that women love men who are not afraid to be different, so be creative.

It's also obvious that personal appearance is a critical factor in attractive beautiful woman. You need to be dressed to perfection and you need to look sharp to attract beautiful women. Considering that on your first date the lady has agreed to meet you, and then she has gone to the effort to make herself beautiful in order to attract you, so look sharp and dress to perfection. Wear neat shoes and polish them if required. Women notice shoes from a distance and they will decide if you are approachable or not based on these aspects.