Attraction – The Power to Ride Alternate Time Lines

Please never lose sight of the fact that this idea of ​​"alternate time lines" is only a model of reality. The model is not the real thing, nor will it ever be.

This is true of every model, by the way. When physicists speak of electrons and neutrons, photons and positrons, we're tempted to assume they're describing – precisely and exactly – the chunks that make up the physical Universe around us.

But they're not describing reality. Those learned men and women are telling us about their best theories. They have drawn up models – maps – of the Universe around us, but their maps are constantly being redrawn, reworked and revised to accommodate new discoveries.

And the techniques you¡¯re learning in your Law of Attraction work, of using alternate time lines to create a better life for yourself, well, they're a model also. A map. A picture that accounts for most or all of the observed phenomena around us.

But the map is not the reality. It's only a working tool.

When you set out to take a vacation, you look at your map, you study it closely, but you do not try to take your vacation on the map. You only use the map as a reference to help you navigate through reality.

And these alternate time lines are the same. They're your map, and you can be using them to get where you want to go. But whatever you do, do not try to live your new life in your map. That's what you've got reality for.

Mentally rehearse new scenes. Imagine you and your newfound love dancing the night away together. Count all the money you're going to receive soon. Preview your healthy body as you see yourself being healed. Anticipate the respect and admiration in the eyes of others when you achieve the success you rightly deserve. Yes, spend enough time there to bring it into reality, but do not make the mistake of spending all of your time in your map.

I'll talk about this in another article, but for now just let me urge you – be ready to balance inner work with outer work. They're both necessary. Neither will accomplish the entire job alone.