ATV Heated Grips – The Winter Rider’s Best Friend

Did you know they made ATV heated grips? I didn’t until recently, and what a godsend!

I love the outdoors. I particularly love to go four wheeling, and winter usually cramps my style because I just can’t seem to get excited about the frozen face and fingers I end up with.

But I found an answer to the frozen fingers issue, anyway! Who knew there was such a thing as ATV heated grips?!?

ATV Heated Grips, an After-Market Treasure

My ATV didn’t come with ATV grip heaters. I had to find them on my own and install them myself. Not a difficult project, if you have a little of the do-it-yourselfer in you.

You’ll need to find a pair of ATV grip heaters that fit your particular ATV or UTV – one size does not fit all.

Also be aware that grip heaters are available for motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and other vehicles that perform in cold weather. You’ll want to make sure that your ATV heated grips are specifically designed for your unique ATV model.

Most ATV grip heaters come with variable heat adjustments, meaning that you can set the level at low or high heat. Several of the available models provide heat levels from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest setting. A number of ATV heated grips models come with automatic shut off also.

The Installation

I’ve talked to several people in my ATV and UTV group who installed their ATV heated grips themselves. They said that it was a fairly simple job, although a couple said that they had to sand off the original paint on the grips to get the new ones to slide on. Typical ATV heated grips will fit a 7/8 inch handlebar.

My installation took about 45 minutes, with the hardest part being the removal of the original grips. You may need to sand some residual paint or adhesive from the handlebar grips for proper fit of the new heated grips.

There is some simple wiring to be done. You’ll need to attach power to the grips to make them work. A little soldering and some black electrical tape should do the trick. There is usually a toggle-type switch to turn on the heaters, and some models come with a thumb warmer also.

Do ATV Grip Heaters Really Keep Your Hands Warm?

The vast majority of reviews say yes!

That includes me. I’ve found that my Hot Grips brand ATV heated grips work best for me at low setting. (This Hot Grips ATV grips heaters model comes only in high, low and off.) This keeps my hands at a comfortable level without sweating, and if the weather turns colder or the wind is really blowing, then I can turn up the heat to high. I ride with my gloves on, and while the grip is a little fatter with the heaters on them, it is not tough to comfortably hold onto them.

Several positive reviews came from police departments who ride their motorcycles year round. One police department notes that they have a 30 unit motorcycle force and all the bikes have heated grips, making riding much more pleasant in cold weather. Some riders stated that if they use the high setting, they can actually dry their wet gloves!

While this review was not specifically about ATV grip heaters, it did give me a heads up. If cops who are out in the weather year round will use them, and like them, it sounded like a good idea to try them.

Cost and Availability

So where do you find ATV grip heaters? Most ATV, UTV, motorcycle and snowmobile retailers carry them, and if you live in an area where there are few retailers, you can always go online for a wide variety.

Prices range from the low end at $30 to as much as $150. A word to the wise, most reviewers were happy with the higher end ATV grip heaters. The models that were less expensive (and maybe poorly made?) seemed to have more issues and unhappy reviews.

Maybe the old adage about “you get what you pay for,” is correct, after all?

Try them yourself. I think you’ll find, like me, that your ATV heated grips will make cold weather riding much more pleasant, which means it will get you outside much more!