ATV Snow Plows: Say No to Shovels and Snow Blowers!

Do you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and you own a 4×4 ATV? If so, you have probably thought about buying a snow plow to make snow removal easier. Trust me, a snow plow on your ATV is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to remove snow from you drive way, walk ways, or any other paths you want to plow. So please, don’t spend money on a snow blower if you own a 4×4 ATV, instead buy a snow plow, you won’t regret it. With all that said, let’s find out what you need to get your snow plow mounting and pushing snow in no time. With snow plows available in different sizes, materials, styles, attachment designs, accessories and available in price ranges from $150-$1,400. Which one do you need?

Below are the questions you should be asking yourself initially, once answered they will help highlight the type of equipment you need and the price range that’s available to you.

1. How often am I essentially going to use a snow plow? If you just it for your 60ft driveway, you don’t need a premium set-up. If you are going to be using it on a large driveway, or if you are going to plow multiple driveways for money, it would be beneficial to invest in a plow that offers features to help get those jobs finished quicker.

2. Do you want to use the plow for more than just snow? Maybe you also need to push dirt, gravel, sand or mulch in the summer time.

3. Will noise be a factor? Maybe the echoing sound from a steel blade scraping across the pavement will cause an issue with the neighbors.

4. How much does my ATV weigh? If you own a smaller model ATV there’s no sense getting an overly large blade. When all that snow piles up on the blade and you don’t have enough weight to keep traction to the tires it can become an issue, so remember to buy a blade that’s proportionate to the quad you own.

ATV Snow Plow Basic Components

Mounting Kit

a) Front Mount – Attaches to the front of the frame, or the A-Arms

b) Mid Mount – Attaches to the middle of the frame

c) Rear Mount – Attaches to the rear hitch mount

Push Tubes – Push Tubes connect to the mounting brackets and extend to the front where the plow is connected. Used in applications with the mid mounting bracket system.

Blade – Blades come in sizes that ranges from 42 – 78 inches, remember to buy a blade that proportionate to the size of your quad. They are also made of steel, polyurethane, or aluminum and offer a straight, tapered, and V-shaped design. All options are good, it all depends on the price point you want to hit.

Skid Plates/Feet – Skid Plates are used to keep the blade slightly above the plane to reduce damage to the surface caused by the blade. Most commonly used in gravel driveways to avoid gravel being scraped up by the blade and pushed into the yard.

ATV Snow Plow Optional Components

Manual Lift – The manual lift mounts to the push tubes and utilizes leverage to raise and lower the plow. This is a convenient feature as it makes maneuvering around easier. The only downside is that you must remove the handle from the push tubes every time the plow is removed from your ATV; it adds one more step to the removal process.

Power Lifts – Power lifts are used to raise and lower you blade. A power lift also offers the added benefit of down force on the blade to keep if from floating over packed snow. It gives extra force for ice or tightly packed snow.

Winch – Winches can be used for adding power lifting capabilities to their plows, it actually very common and is a preferred method for adding power lifting capabilities. Plus, once winter is over you can still use your winch for tail riding.

Power Blade Rotators – Uses electric hydraulics, or a motor, to angle you snow plow from one side to the other with the push of a button.

Wear Bars – Wear Bars attach to the bottom of the blade to reduce ware on the blade, it also serves as a noise reduction system to because it prevents the edge of the steel blade from scraping directly on the surface. This is recommend since it will increase the life of you blade and it will reduce noise.

Blade Markers – Blade markets attached to the end of the blade and are designed to help with locating the blade in close maneuvers.

Rubber Plow Flaps – These add height to the plow and helps keep the snow rolling off the blade. This is also recommended as it will help prevent snow from packing on the blade and causing you to lose traction to the tires.

Plow Wings/Shields – This is another device designed to keep the snow moving in the proper direction, it’s good for clean up along edges that need extra attention.

Plow Weight Bars – This mounts to the top of the blade to add down force. This is not needed if you have a power lift.

Plow Lights – This is a luxury item and helps you see a path when in the dark. If also solves the problem of snow building up to high on the plow and blocking your ATV lights, or in the case that you plow covers the lights on you ATV when raised.

Now that you know more about what components are offered and how you will be using your snow plow, I hope you’re pushing snow in no time!