Austins Bridge – The New Southern Gospel Group Bridging The Generation Gap

Austins Bridge is the latest addition to Southern Gospel music's Daywind Records label. Austins Bridge's self titled debut project is creating a lot of excitement in the Southern Gospel Music world. The group is made up of three young men, Mike Kofahl, Jason Baird and Justin Rivers.

According to Jason, Austins Bridge was chosen as the name because Jason and Mike have their roots in the Austin Texas area. The "Bridge" part expresses their desire to reach across boundaries to attract new listeners to Southern Gospel music. Jason continues, "Austins Bridge's desire is to bridge generational gaps between the young and old and new and to just spread the (Gospel) message to a wider audience.

Austins Bridge's sound is unique in Christian music. When asked to describe the style of Christian music that Austins Bridge does Justin replied, "Kind of a pop-Christian country-rock-bluegrass-country-blues kind of sound". "It's pretty eclectic", chimes in Mike, "I do not know if you can sum it up in a specific genre category. music in and of itself. "

"We put a little bit of everything on there so if you like country music you will find stuff on there that you will like. bit of everything ", comments Jason. "An Austin Bridge concert is like the weather in Chicago, if you do not like something stick around it will change in five minutes." laughs Mike.

One of the unique tracks on the Austins Bridge project is entitled, "Native American prayer" which features Bill Miller playing the Native American Drone Double Flute and a Mohican chant. The effect is wonderful and it sets up the following song, "History Turned The Page", written by Gerald Crabb, very well.

The first single for the project, "He's In Control" was co-written by Justin Rivers and Mike Kofahl. It has a slow country, blues feel to it. It, like all of the songs on this project, are strong lyrically. You will not miss the fact that this is a Christian band that plays Christian music.

Austins Bridge was produced by Bubba Smith and production wise is excellent. The album is strong through. It is a perfect CD to give to someone that enjoys today's country music. Will it please everyone? I doubt it but I believe that it will help introduce a new generation to the sounds of Southern Gospel music.

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