Australia Landmarks Tour

Australia is a most famous tour travel destination places among the world tourist. Australia has world sixth number geographical land which has all around sea. Australian mostly people inhabited country border in cities; these cities located Australia border. These mostly cities also are harbor cities.

Australia has two most famous landmarks one is Uluru and second Opera House. Uluru landmark is natural but Opera is man made. Uluru location is central of the country but opera house location is Sydney city harbor.

Uluru: Uluru landmark is a natural muddy mountain and this is also a pilgrimage place for oldest Australian people. Uluru located in Northern Territory State. Most famous nearest city and airport is Alice Spring. Around Uluru land mark located big desert wildlife Sanctuary Park. Uluru landmark around area is 200 km squares and this is located on national highway (NH) number four. Uluru location is hot climate area. Any body can reach on Uluru but this is full with danger small animals and bust.

Opera House: landmark located on Sydney city harbor. This was started to build from 1959 and completed built on 1973. This is a beautiful landmark which man made and now listed of the UNSCO heritage list. Daily hundreds foreign and domestic tourist come to visit this landmark. Who tourists come to Australia then opera and Sydney Bridge are first choice of tourists.

Sydney Bridge: Sydney Bridge is also a famous tourist place. This was started to build from 1922 and completed on 1932. Bridge was constructed by Dorman Long and Co Ltd Company. Sydney bridge joint to Sydney business center and city’s other suburbs.

Uluru and opera are both Australia Tour landmarks. Uluru is a peace full landmark and location but opera house is very busy because opera house is located in Sydney harbor city so this is all year busies and most popular.