Commercial Property – What Is My Commercial Property Worth?

As a property investment company, which offers its clients a full estate agency service that is backed by professional advice and personal attention, we are often called upon to answer questions like …

"What is my commercial property worth?"

This is by no means an easy question to answer and to be perfectly honest it's only worth what someone is willing to pay. Having said this, we do however use a number of basic formulas so as to calculate the value of commercial property.

The first method

We will measure the land and determine the square meterage. We will then determine the market value per square meter which is dependent on the area in question. We then multiply the square meterage by the price per square meter. This will give us a rough indication of the value of the land. The price per square meter typically decreases as the size of the land increases. The price per square meter will also be affected by factors such as the purchase to road and rail networks as well as shop frontage, foot traffic and so on …

After we have evaluated the land, we will evaluate the improvements such as the height, size and general condition of the buildings. It is normally quiet simple to determine the replacement value of the facilities by keeping your finger on the local building costs. You can then compare the price of new build and marginally discount the price depending on the current state of the buildings. The ratio between the cost of new build and existing stock will vary depending on a number of economic factors. These factors are cyclical in nature but can be determined by an understanding of where in the property cycle we are at. (This will however unfortunately go beyond the scope of this article.) Finally, if you then add the value of the improvements to the value of the land, you will have the results of the first method.

The second method

This is more often than not the preferred method of evaluating what commercial property is worth. It is also favored by the vast majority of property investors. Using this method, we will simply evaluate the rental yield that the property can produce. The rule is simple: the higher the rent, the higher the value of the property. What most investors do, when contemplating their acquisitions, is to divide the annual rent that they will receive by the purchase price that they will have to pay. They will then compare one property with the next and will usually settle on the one that offers them the higher yield.

They will even also take into account the strength of the tenancy agreements. If they are buying A-Grade office space with a Blue Chip tenant, a long term lease and favorable escalation clauses they will normally accept a lower yield as there is less risk to worry about. If however there are any concerns as to the integrity of the tenant, or if the lease is about to expire, then the potential risk increases. The only way to compensate for increased risk and potential void periods is to lower the purchase price and offer a higher yield.

The third method

This involves a healthy mix of the above two mentioned methods. Firstly we will evaluate the results, this being the easiest method to compare apples with apples. We will then discount or add on to the value depending on the strength of the tenant and their lease agreement. Finally we will take a look at the value of the land and add to that the value of the improvements. That way, regardless of how the tenancy runs we will at least know that there is good value in the physical asset.

Having demonstrated to you the various methods of evaluating commercial property, please remember that at the end of the day, these methods and formulas only serve as a guideline. We always advise our clients that we can estimate the value but that only the market will determine the true selling price. Commercial property, like all property, is only worth what a willing buyer is prepared to pay for it!

Clarkson's 5 Relationship Model of Counseling Relationships

Humanistic Integrative Counseling exercises a number of tools to enhance the quality of the therapeutic connection between client and counselor. An integrative counselor realizes that he can not use the same counseling techniques on every client, as each client is a unique individual and has individual emotional needs.

It is necessary for an integrative counselor to work with a model that helps define the nature of the association that they are to build with their client. One such model is known as Clarkson's 5 Relationship model. In this model, Petruska Clarkson has put forward five counseling relationships that if used correctly, will strengthen the client-therapist bond, allowing it to help in the healing process of therapy. They are as follows:

1. The Working Alliance pertains to the contract that is initially drawn up and agreed upon between the counselor and client. It includes terms and conditions relating to payment terms agreed upon, the frequency of therapy sessions, the purpose and goals of therapy and the extent of confidentiality.

2. The Transferential Relationship exists between a client and a therapist when either of them associate the other with somebody else; eg a parent, a friend, sibling, relative, an old romantic interest, etc. and feel as though they are speaking to or listening to that individual. Such a rapport at times can be beneficial for the client if it helps them in the healing process. The therapist has to maintain the professionalism required of the client-therapist relationship as the therapist can not just literally take up the role of, let's say, a parent or spouse in the clients life.

3. The Reparative Relationship is one in which the client signs an emotionally nurturing bond between himself and his therapist. When the client-therapist bond is such that a client feels safe and cared for with the therapist; and when the association gives comfort and healing to the client it could also be called a re-parenting relationship as it helps heal and repair emotional deficits and traumas caused during childhood.

4. The "Real" or "Person-to-Person" Relationship is when the client-therapist relationship becomes so strong that the client does not have any inhibitions of disclosing his true feelings and thoughts before the therapist. Basically, in our day to day lives we are used to wearing a façade so as to be the kind of person that people and society would approve of and accept. In order to heal, it is necessary that one does away with such tasks of unrealism and that the client promises confident and secure enough to reveal his real personality and thoughts.

5. The Transpersonal Relationship is related to spirituality, faith, life values ​​and meaning. This kind of bonding is said to exist when there is a spiritual or psychic sort of exchange between the therapist and client. It's about moments when things suddenly click, or there is a magical kind of coincidence, sometimes a moment of truth, understanding and realization. This kind of bonding is slightly complicated as there could be times when it could have been experienced by only one of the two; client or therapist but not by the other.

How to Choose the Best Soldering Station

With all the different technical specifications and types of soldering stations available, choosing a station that will suit your needs and requirements can be a very daunting task, however, by simply breaking down the main components of a soldering station and the accessories needed to needed to complete a soldering project, you will easily be able to select a soldering station and accessories that will suit your budget and soldering requirements. Listed below are some of the things you might want to consider when buying a soldering station.

What is a soldering station?

A soldering station is made up of a variable power supply, soldering iron and iron holder. Soldering stations have many advantages over standard, fixed power soldering irons, such as the ability to accurately set the tip temperature, LCD readouts, pre-set temperature settings and ESD (electro static discharge) protection. Another major plus point for the soldering station is having all your soldering equipment in one place.

The price

Soldering stations start from around $ 20 for a very basic station and go up into the thousands for a professional setup. For the very occasional user the low priced ($ 20 – $ 50) stations will comply with light electronics repairs. For the more frequent soldering enthusiast the medium priced stations ($ 50 – $ 150) would be more appropriate due to the better build quality, higher temperature ranges, digital displays and higher wattages. As with most things, you do get what you pay for.

Makes of Soldering Station

There are several soldering station manufacturers that all produce quality stations at affordable prices, these include; X-tronic, Hakko, Weller and Aoyue. The X-tronic range of stations are very good value for money and include a range of accessories to get you soldering straight away.

Station Specifications


A higher wattage station does not mean more heat, what it does mean is that when the soldering iron tip is in use the heat will be transferred from the tip to the component that is being soldered, making the tip cool down. A higher wattage station will get the tip back to the pre-set operating temperature faster than a low wattage one.

If you are going to be soldering small electronic components then you probably will not need a high wattage station, a 30 – 50 watt station will be adequate for this type of soldering. If you are going to be soldering large components or thick wires it would be better to choose a station in the 50 – 80 watt range.

LCD Display

Most of the medium price ranges of stations have LCD displays; this gives an accurate visualization of the set temperature and the actual tip temperature. The lower priced stations have a dial to adjust the temperature and as such tend not to be accurate as the LCD models.

Soldering Iron

The soldering iron should have interchangeable tips that are available in various sizes and shapes and are also easily obtainable. The iron should be comfortable to hold and lightweight enough to use for long periods. The cord from the controller to the iron should be flexible, long and made of a non burnable rubber.

The power supply / controller

Different makes and models of stations have a variety of options and features such as

  • Touch button or dial temperature settings
  • The ability to pre-set and save favorite temperature settings
  • Auto power shutoff to the iron after a pre-set time
  • Password settings protection
  • ESD safe equipment
  • Tip temperature calibration
  • LCD displays
  • Switch display between Centigrade and Fahrenheit
  • Low temperature warning

Soldering stations have an average temperature range between 200-480 ° C (392-897 ° F) and can heat up to operating temperature in 20 – 40 seconds. The wattages of the stations vary between 30 watts and 80 watts for the low to middle priced stations.

Soldering Iron Holder

The iron holders also vary in shape, size and accessories. The types of accessories include;

  • Solder reel holders
  • Tip Cleaning sponge
  • Wire tip cleaner
  • Tip removal tool
  • Spare tip holders

There is a wide range of options available for all types of budgets. It all depends on how much you want to spend, the features that you require and the types of soldering projects you will be undertaking.

Edge Beading A Stained Glass Copper Foil Project

Edge beading is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Just remember that every edge has three faces … the front surface of the edge, the back surface of the edge, and the outside edge which you see when you hold the panel vertical / perpendicular to your work surface. You are going to put solder on all 3 surfaces of the edge … front, back and outside edge.

Start by fluxing the front surface of the edge. Hold your iron so the tip faces the outside and your hand and the rest of the iron are over the glass. If you hold the iron from the outside facing in, most of the solder will run off due to the heat of the iron pulling the solder down. Go along and run solder on the front surface. Turn the panel over and repeat the above instructions on the back surface of the edge. Some solder will run over the edge on both sides. Do not worry about it, and do not worry about making the front and back surfaces perfectly smooth. When you are finished, all 3 surfaces will be smooth and round.

Finally, turn the panel so the edge is facing up (vertical to your work surface). I usually use Wedgies to hold it in position. Wedges are wonderful little wedges made specifically for stained glass work. They hold your panels, lampshades, just about anything in position for soldering.

However, if the panel is round or oval, you will be constantly moving it so the spot you are working on is absolutely parallel to your work surface. If you tip it too far forward or backward, even just a little bit, the solder will run in that direction rather than staying put and forming a bead. If you are going to hold the panel in your hand while you bead up the edge, be sure to wear protective gloves, or hold the panel with a towel that will drape over your hand and arm to prevent burns from falling hot solder.

Flux the outside edge and using a touch and lift motion go along the edge with your soldering iron. There is usually enough solder that has run over from the front and back, so you will not have to apply any more. If there is not enough, add it where needed. Work along the edge slowly. The solder on all 3 surfaces will round up and give you a nice bead.

The touch and lift motion consists of touching down into the solder, all the way to the foil. As soon as the solder melts and flows, gently lift all the way out of it and touch down again close enough to the last touch so the iron is on the edge of where you last touched down. You will find a rhythm to it once you get comfortable with the technique.

When you have finished the outside edge, have a look at the other two surfaces just to make sure there are not any places that need fixing up. Ninety nine percent of the time, all three surfaces will be round and smooth after you have done the final touch / lift technique.

Secure Sockets Layer

The word SSL is an acronym which stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a mode of communication between net clients; the browser that one uses to access the internet and the server on which the site is located. It happens to be not just any type of communication but an encrypted one. The encryption come in different types commonly known as bits. The good thing about this type of communication it allows a user to have a safe connection to a server before anyone may listen into it no matter how good they are at hacking. Take it like this in your office you have a personal assistant who directs important calls to you. They may listen into the conversation but the moment you press a special button their line goes dead.

An SSL connection can only exist in an environment that has conclusive factors. That means an SSL connection may exist on a website but people can still listen in on the communication due to lack of factors that help the security of the communication. Many times has one landed on a site an a message appears on the toolbar of their net client. The message usually reads something like "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items." Or "Page contains unauthenticated content" This usually means that somewhere in the page's source there is an actual linking connection which may lead to another page. Something like "" instead of using relative paths to lead where intended.

The purpose of an SSL is to secure communication therefore any page which is intended to appear under SSL connection should not have an actual connection to another page that is located in a different server.

Offshore Bank Account Opening and Offshore Banking Benefits

An offshore bank account is an account which is set up outside the country of residence of the account holder. The main reason for an individual or company to employ offshore banking is to capitalize on jurisdictions that offer a low or zero percent tax on their wealth. Offshore banking can cater to investors of all levels and the process to open an offshore account is solely simple and similar to that of your standard local bank account.

Benefits of an Offshore Bank Account

Offshore banking has been long considered to be an option only available to the wealthy, however in recent times it has often been employed by individuals or companies that wish to invest their money to gain immediate and long term financial benefits.

When opening a bank account overseas, effective tax planning and account anonymity are two aspects which are considered with upmost importance. Other advantages of offshore banking include;

  • Economic and financial stability of the chosen jurisdiction
  • Low or zero percent tax
  • Safe and secure banking enabling anonymity
  • Flexibility in terms of access to funds globally
  • Enhanced legal and political conditions
  • Improved asset protection
  • Higher interest rates from banks in selected jurisdictions

Essentially an offshore account provides the means for wealth to be protected, preserved and extremely increased, as favorable conditions are often offered by offshore banks. These factors have contributed to the increasing number of investors opting to deposit their money in international bank accounts.

The more favorable jurisdictions considered for offshore account opening provide low or zero percent tax, often referred to as 'tax havens', such as the BVI, Cayman Islands and Seychelles. Most tax havens ensure that your account details are kept in confidence, providing improved and enhanced asset protection.

Process of Opening an Offshore Bank Account

Finding a suitable jurisdiction

When deciding to open an offshore bank account, the first step is to determine which jurisprudence favors the investor the most. It is often recommended to acquire the assistance and guidance of a professional firm on order to assist with the process. There is a wide selection of jurisdictions which need to be considered when opening an offshore bank account as each poses its own benefits to investors.

Begin the account opening procedure

Once an appropriate jurisdiction is chosen, you can initiate the account opening process. A professional firm who has contacts with reputable banks internationally can liaise with the bank on the behalf of the client ensuring that the process is completed in line with all legalities. In the event that you do not seek assistance from a firm, locating a jurisdiction to open an offshore account is the first step to establishing it.

Locating a viable banking institution

After a jurisdiction has been chosen, research on the local banks and finally determining which bank offers the best interest rate and services to your specific requirements should be connected. This will enable you to determine the regulations the bank must comply with, how they open accounts, and whether you need to travel overseas to open the account – if they require personal presence.

Most offshore banks are flexible in their procedure and may not require the client to travel.

Selecting a bank account type

This is followed by finding out what type of account the client requires. The type of bank account will also determine what documentation is needed and the legal requirements the offshore bank must satisfy. For example, in order to open a corporate offshore account, a minimum amount of capital is required and this figure may vary with different jurisdictions.

Supplying the required documentation

The documentation that is needed can then be processed after the above factors have been determined. The procedure after this point is dependent on the bank's application process and the jurisprudence of laws. Typically, an offshore bank will require certain documentation, including a proof of identity, proof of address, while corporate and investment accounts may have additional requirements such as business plans or minimum amount of investment.

Types of Bank Accounts available

The three main categories of offshore bank accounts are personal, corporate and investment. The type of account will determine the bank account opening process. Any type of bank account you decide to open must meet the specific requirements of the jurisdiction and the chosen offshore bank.

Personal Account – A personal bank account is one which an individual opens for private use, and not for business purposes. One of the main reasons for a personal account is to enhance an individual's personal capital, thus enabling an individual to benefit from an offshore jurisdiction with low or no tax and potentially improved political and economic conditions.

Corporate Account – In contrast, a corporate bank account is one which is employed by companies and businesses therefore the services provided in this account are specifically tailor for businesses. A minimum amount of capital is required in order to establish the corporate account.

Investment Account – An investment account presents potential investors with the perfect environment to manage their wealth and deal with their funds. It can also serve the purpose of buying stocks, mutual funds, custodial accounts and individual brokerage accounts. This type of account is classified as a financial tool as it enables investors to buy stocks and bonds while offering high security and profitable returns.

William's Pinball Machines

If you've ever been around pinball machines, then you're sure to be familiar with Williams' pinball machines. Williams was one of the main pinball machine manufacturers for 55 years. Their first machine was called "Zingo" and it was made in 1944. Their last machine was Star Wars Episode One, which was manufactured in 1999.

I have a special place in my heart for William's pinball machines, since I've owned 3 of them myself. These machines were Gusher, High Speed, and Road Show.

Gusher was made in 1958. It was a wood rail machine that my dad bought for me from a bar for $ 200. It's worth much more than that now – that's for sure, if you can even find one! Gusher was the first William's pinball machine to have a disappearing jet bumper.

High Speed ​​is a great game, and you can find it pretty read nowdays if you want to look around on eBay. It has a flashing red light on top that comes on when you escape from the cops! High Speed ​​2 – The Getaway is a later model of this game, which is also a lot of fun. I still have one of the original High Speed's in my basement.

Road Show was a later machine that I had also. It has lots of ramps, tunnels, and holes, and also 2 talking heads, Red and Ted. At one point of the game you shoot the ball in Ted's mouth and he swallows it! It's pretty funny, and really a blast to play. This machine was manufactured in 1994, and is one of the newer types of William's pinball machines.

Create Incredible Illumination With a Swarovski Crystal Chandelier

Appearances means everything in the modern world, and now is this fact more wider than in our homes. The majority of people strive to ensure that their living spaces are beautiful and well kept. A key element in creating a wonderful home is lighting, and there is nothing more elegant than a carefully selected Swarovski chandelier.

Swarovski chandeliers are excellent creations, the crystals from which Swarovski makes their chandeliers, are the result of one man's lifetime works. Daniel Swarovski spent years working with crystal, honing techniques to create the perfect illustration of geometric light. The crystals are fashioned in a unique way, which ensures that they sparkle from every angle to such a degree, that they appear to be emitting light itself. A Swarovski crystal appears to be a source of light, so well they are designed, and for this reason, they make the perfect accessory for chandeliers.

Swarovski chandeliers enable us to create the illusion of space within any room. They provide much lighting, and for this reason appear bright, not in an artificial manner, but naturally. Moreover, because the light is natural, for its brightness it is far from encumbering. A crystal chandelier is the ideal light fixture for beautifying any room and the Swarovski brand make chandeliers in so many different designs, and in a range of sizes, that there are styles to suit most rooms.

Traditionally, we would find chandeliers in places of luxury: the castles of the 18th century, the greatest cathedrals, the homes of the British monarchy. Fortunately, nowdays, Swarovski makes such a large collection of crystal chandeliers that the majority of people can afford to own one. For every budget, there is a Swarovski chandelier to suit.

The impact that Swarovski chandeliers make within any room in which they hang is immense, they leave people mesmerized wherever they appear. Indeed, they have that fine quality where you can just sit and watch the light bouncing through the crystal for hours on end, much like some form of hypnosis. The ambiance created by crystal is one of peace, calm, tranquility, and wonder, this makes Swarovski chandeliers perfect for creating a space in which to relax: and what more could we want for our own homes than that?

We must heed some considerations when choosing the style of chandelier that will best suit our living space. For example, size is important. The chandelier must fit with the size of the room, but also with the size of the furniture too. Too large and the room will feel cluttered, too small and the chandelier may be overlooked, and not so impressive.

Moreover, ensuring that the chandelier is suited to the decor, interior designers suggest that we buy lighting that corresponds to the period of the furniture – so if you have modern furniture, choose a modern design, for period furniture, choose a more traditional design.

Why Metal Roofing is a Very Popular Choice For Homeowners

Metal roofing is becoming a very popular choice for many homeowners. There are several reasons for this. Metal roofing is a noncombustible material and can resist all fires up to class A. Class A can be the ones that insurance companies give discounts due to the less probability of catching fire and having more time to extinguish them before things get worse. Metal roofing is tough, more cost effective and lasts longer than any other roofing solution yet they are pretty simple and ordinary looking. Curved Metal Roofing adds both the toughness of the metal roof with the sleek and classic look of the curved roofing.

Metal roofing is generally more expensive than asphalt roofing, but cheaper than tile or slate roofing. It has a long life and can even lower heating and cooling costs because it reflects heat from the sun. The Metal roofing panels standing seam FSS18 is designed for both new and retrofit projects. The FSS 18 is especially useful where strength over open purlins is required or where there are long runs with limited openings. Metal roofing is also much lighter than other kinds of tiles, which puts less stress on your rafters and walls. Metal is naturally extremely fire resistant, so those living in wildfire areas feel safer with a fireproof surface.

Metal roofing provides many benefits for homeowners who choose it for their roof. These advantages are becoming increasingly attractive, as the dramatic rise in the popularity of metal roofs tells us. Metal roofing is pricey. It may cost as much as – or more than – other premium materials: from about $ 1.80 to $ 8.00 per square foot, plus labor. Metal roofing offers a wide variety of panel profiles to choose from. Almost any design appearance can be achieved when using metal if you are willing to pay the added cost.

Metal roofing materials are 100% recyclable in the event that they are ever removed. Metal roofing reflects the sun, thereby allowing a home to stay cooler. It also cools off very quickly at the end of the day. Metal roofing is easily scratched, and these scratches are often easily seen from the ground. The present device is designed to protect the metal roof from damage by preventing ladders used for support from touching the metal surface.

Steel roofs have the greatest strength per pound of any roofing material. Strong but lightweight, they are well designed to handle heavy snow and ice loads, and actually improve structural strength – important in earthquake and high-wind areas. Steel cladding panels have made the evolution from traditional post and frame construction to satisfying the requirements of today's architects in creating "sustainable green buildings". Due to the high percentage of recycled materials in modern steel products LEED recognizes this reduced impact creates an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional materials.

Metal roofing is fairly complex and very involved process that takes a lot of time, system specific know-how (not all metal roofing systems are made the same), patience, precision and care. Metal roofs take much longer to install, their initial price is very significant, but the rewards of a properly installed metal roof go far beyond its looks. Metal roofing that retains its good looks, whether it is shake, tile or vertical seam panels, outlasts both of these products. Metal roofing systems were used in the 1700s for housing because it was cheap. You would find various zinc, lead and copper roofed houses in various cities. There are numerous metal roof products. Metal roofing is both cost effective compared to many other roofing materials and lasts for many years.

As always just be sure to do your homework when trying to find the best contractor for the job. The lowest price is not always the best way to go and if you choose to make your final decision on just that fact, be prepared to be disappointed most of the time.

Make Windows 7 Faster – Performance Boost Software For Windows 7

If you're using Windows 7, then you'll probably expect it to run quickly and smoothly. Unfortunately, many people throughout the world are seeing this system run slowly which makes it extremely frustrating any annoying to use. However, the good news is that Windows 7 is actually very easy to fix by using a certain piece of software to boost it's performance.

The main reason why Windows 7 runs slowly is because of a very simple part of the system – the 'registry'. The registry is a big database which stores the settings, options and details for your computer, and is where Windows stores the likes of your screen resolution settings, theme settings and even your desktop wallpaper. The registry database is a vital part of all Windows systems but is also the main cause of Windows 7's slow speed.

The problem that makes Windows 7 run slow is so simple that not many people realize that it's actually doing anything to harm your PC … but the fact is that the 'registry' is causing your computer to run slower and slower each time you use it. There are other reasons why Windows 7 would run slow, like poor quality hardware or too many programs on your system, but the most common reason for your PC to be sluggish is because the registry database is constantly becoming corrupt and damaged.

The registry is basically like the telephone directory of Windows – whenever your computer needs to read a series of settings or files from the database, it looks through all the listings and gets the data it needs. The problem is that since Windows 7 has to open 100's of settings from the registry each time you use your computer, it constantly gets confused and saves many of the files in the wrong way. This causes them to become damaged and unreadable, which is basically like mixing up all the listings in the phone book. This causes Windows to take longer to read the settings it needs, slowing it down profusely.

This problem is the main cause of your computer running slowly, and it's often the case that PCs that have been used without optimization for several months will have 1,000's of blocking blocking their system from running as smoothly as it should. To fix this problem, you can boost the speed of your PC with a software tool called a "registry cleaner". Registry cleaners are programs which scan through Windows and remove any of the damaged or corrupted files that are inside it, allowing it to run as fast it did when it was new. To use one of these tools, you just need to download one from the Internet and then install it on your PC. It will then proceed to scan your system and fix any of the damaged or corrupted settings that are in there, allowing Windows 7 to run much faster.

Why Buy a Fireproof Safe?

Fire accidents rank number one when it comes to statistics on loss of property and documents in organizations. Every year, organizations across the world lose billions of dollars' worth of property to fire accidents, most of which turns out to be documents and other physical objects of value. To cut down on or even prevent this loss of property, businesses are now turning to fire resistant safes to store valuable documents and other artifacts. Fireproof safes and file cabinets are among the most sought after office storage systems today.

Fire resistant safes and file cabinets are made of special materials that are highly resistant to fire, high temperatures and the physical effects of the fire, while at the same time, protecting their contents. Fire resistant safes are usually classified into different categories or classes based on how long they can last in a fire at a certain temperature. There are models that can range anywhere from half an hour to four hours. One drawback of fire resistant safes is that they are not water resistant. If a fire resistant safe is sprayed with water in the process of putting out a fire, its contents are sure to get wet. It is therefore advisable to place the contents of fireproof safes inside plastic bags.

Fireproof safes are put through rigid fire resistance tests to ensure that their contents are fully protected from the effects of the fire. Independent testing firms and other laboratories generally put safes manufactured by different companies through standard tests to ensure that the safes meet certain norms and standards. Fireproof safes are quite expensive, and come with the added cost of greater vulnerability to physical attack, thenby actually making them less safe compared to other safes when it comes to the risk of theft, robbery or vandalism.

Throat Cancer Does not Exist – But Be Careful

Actually there is no such medical condition called 'throat cancer', although several types of cancer can arise in the throat and neck. The correct medical term for the throat is the 'pharynx', which can be defined as the passage that ensures that food and drink go to the stomach and that air goes to and from the lungs. The pharynx is made up of three parts: the oropharynx (the back of the mouth, including the soft palate and base of the tongue); nasopharynx (connecting the back of the nose to the back of the mouth); laryngopharynx (connecting the oropharynx and nasopharynx to the start of the gullet (oesophagus) and the windpipe (trachea) via the voice box (larynx)). The laryngopharynx is sometimes called the hypopharynx. 'Throat cancer' can be cancer of any of these, although the most common form of 'throat cancer' is nasopharyngeal cancer.

Just to make the term of 'throat cancer' even more useless and confusing, some people apply it to cancer of the thyroid gland (located at the front of the base of the neck), cancer of the voice box (larynx), cancer of the gullet or cancer of the windpipe (trachea), which actually comes in the lung cancer group.

Most head and neck cancer cells are squamous, which means they do not travel far from their origin, although they often affect the lymph nodes. In fact, the first indication of head or throat cancer is often an enlarged neck lymph node, which is also sometimes referred to as throat cancer. Another sign could have appearance of white patches or spots in the mouth that will not respond to treatment. Known as leukoplakia, 33% of them become cancerous. It is estimated that 7,000 Americans die of a throat cancer every year, often because it was detected late. Ethnicity may also play a part, since African American men are 50% more at risk of throat cancer than Caucasian men. These cancers are reliably painless in early stages and can be confused with toothache, earache, sore throat or hoarseness. Once established however, they develop very quickly, although if detected at an early stage, they can almost always be successfully removed.

There is a wide variety of reasons why someone can be at a heightened risk for a throat cancer, including smoking; chewing tobacco and other things, such as betel nut, gutkha, marijuana or pan; heavy alcohol consumption; poor diet resulting in vitamin deficiencies (worse if this is caused by heavy alcohol intake); weakened immune system; asbestos exposure; prolonged exposure to wood dust or paint fumes; exposure to petroleum industry chemicals and being over the age of 55 years. The presence of acid reflux disease (gastroesphogeal reflux disease – GERD) or larynx reflux disease can also be a major factor. In the case of acid reflux disease, stomach acids flow up into the oesophagus and damage its lining, making it more prune to throat cancer. Because successful treatment depends on early detection, regular oral examination is suggested. Your dentist will have been trained to be on the look out for early signs, making a bi-annual visit to him even more rewarding.

Penis Pumps Can Damage Your Penis

Like any device that involves the use of your penis, care should be exercised when using the product and to properly heed the precautions if any the manufacturer gives. The trouble is not all manufacturers go to the trouble to duly notify you of any dangers involving their product, as some people have found out.

A penis pump should be supplied with instructions regarding the proper use of the product, so be sure to carefully follow these in order to avoid any unavoidable damage to the penis.

A penis pump manufacturer should know the extent of damage their product can possibly effect on a man’s penis, and are obliged to disclose any precautions at the same time without giving away too much as to dissuade the customer from purchasing.

In reality they aren’t that dangerous, only when used improperly. So what is meant by improperly? If you have ever used one you may have already experienced it before to now know to be careful to not let it happen again. People using the penis pump for the first time will inflate their penis up fully by sucking all the air out of the tube, which is good as you now have an extra large erection. The problem only becomes apparent after excessive use.

If you use a penis pump, you can force your penis to get an erection, in addition you can pump up your erection size much bigger and fatter than your normal erection size. This is where the problem lies because once you pump up your penis to full capacity beyond the size of your normal erection size, and if you leave it for too long, or carry on pumping as much as you can, you will be left with a sore penis!

Using a penis pump to get an erection is not the same as a naturally occurring erection. A penis can be left looking swollen for a few days after excessive use and might feel sore before naturally healing. This was just caused by excessive use and is a common reported side effect. The important word here is excessive as it is only excessive use that causes the bruising side effects. If you do happen to use it excessively on your first go and experience a swollen looking penis it should disappear after a few days, if it does not a visit to the doctors would be recommended.

So if you want to try one of these devices of which they are freely available and abundant even on Amazon or adult toys web stores, the proper way to use it is to not pump too hard for too long, or leave your penis in the pumped state for too long. You can pump as much as you want even until all the veins in the penis start protuding which might be dangerous if left for too long, as the pressure could possibly rupture some of the smaller veins in your penis. A good quality penis pump should have safety certificates ensuring quick release of the air if too much pressure is built up. Most pumps however will not be powerful enough to enable the kinds of pressure that will do any serious damage.

It would also not be a good idea to use a penis pump if you have recently had a surgery or stitches to the penis where the pressure of the pump might tear the stitches and reopen any vulnerable gashes on the penis.

If you are not sure a doctor should be consulted to advise against the use of a penis pump. In reality a lot of doctors will happily recommend a penis pump if you have erectile dysfunction problems, so penis pumps remain popular products recommended by doctors if you have problems getting erections. As you will find out, it is very easy to achieve an erection using a penis pump.

The Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat and Fit in Your Skinny Jeans!

You do not gain a flat stomach by doing hundreds of crunches a day. So with that said, do you want to fit in your skinny jeans 11 days from now? Then read this article and discover the absolute best way to lose stomach fat.

Losing stomach fat is important, not just because it's not sexy to look at but because this stored fats surrounding vital organs and is linked to an increase in high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. Whatever you've reached the age where you can not stop putting on weight around the waist area or you always had difficulty with sturing fat around the stomach area all your life, YOU CAN get rid of it.

The Best Way To Lose Stomach Fat

But first, what causes stomach fat? The obvious answer to this question is too much food and little or no exercising. But the specific answer to this question is that if you eat too many simple carbs (cakes, biscuits, candy etc.) and too many bad fats (ie saturated fats) you increase fat storage in your stomach.

Diet Tips

No amount of abs exercises will work to give you a great stomach if the muscles are hidden underneath a layer of fat. So start off with your diet. Start to eat smaller portions of food, eat 4 times a day.

Choose lean protein as is converted sooner into muscle and most of the protein you eat is burnt off before it has a chance to turn to fat. Learn red meat, chicken (no skin) and low-fat dairy products are all excellent sources of lean protein and are low in calories. Choose complex carbohydrates (especially the whole-grain kind) – whole grain bread, whole grain pasta and rice but go easy on any fat you have with them (dairy sauces, butter and cheese). Avoid sugary foods, they increase the insulin levels in your blood which increases the risk of fat storage around the stomach area.

Finally choose plenty of green vegetables along with your quota of lean protein and small portions of complex carbohydrates. Make sure you include, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, cage – the richer in color, the better.

Exercise Tips:

I know the dreaded words, EXERCISE, but a little over a long period of time, will work wonders for your stomach fat !!

The best way to lose stomach fat is through choosing a short intensity cardio workout for example jumping rope.

An excellent cardio exercise is necessary to reach the greatest metabolic rate of response. Start off slowly on the rope then increase the speed of jumping to increase heart rate followed by slower jumping and repeating process for several more minutes. It's important to vary the intensity during the exercise as this way you burn up more calories.

So there you have it: The real secret to losing excess stomach fat and gaining a leaner and sexier tummy is to combine this well-balanced diet with this type of intense, full body cardio training. This program is a much better plan of attack than just doing high volumes of abs workouts a day.

Stack and Tilt – Improve Your Golf Swing

Once you take up golf and start to look for a way to improve your golf swing, you'll discover numerous different instructional books, videos and tips. Sorting through and testing each one can take some time. After reading the Golf digest article on the stack and tilt swing, I started checking into numerous resources about this type of swing can apply to improving my swing. That is when I came up the instruction DVD set with Plummer and Mike Bennet who are professional golf instructors. They have sent an extensive amount of time developing a modern golf swing called the stack and tilt. If you want to get started there is an instructional DVD set that offers a ton of information on how to implement the stack and tilt into your swing. The video has all of the instructions you will need to apply these techniques to your swing. The DVD includes in-depth analysis, including, Setup, Backswing, Downswing, Follow-through. The Instructional video will take you through analyzing your shots including your Slice, Hook, Fat shots, thin shots, and, Practice drills.

Is it for me?

The Stack and tilt started to become popular around 2007 when a couple of professional golfers started using this swing. If you're wondering, does this work? Then check out some of the successful tour pros who use this method, they include Mike Weir, Aaron Baddeley, Dean Wilson, Tommy Armor III, Eric Axley, and others. Many of these tour pros utilize this method to get more consistency and power with their swing. Both amateurs and pros can adopt some of the strategies of the Stack and tilt.

How it works

It may seem contrary to your normal swing, but that is because it is. If you're searching more consistency and power than you will want to try this swing out. There seem to be some skeptics, but many articles and comments I read seemed to be positive on the stack and tilt method. This is a short summary of how the swing claims to work. Through the swing you will want to keep most of your weight on your lead foot. When you address the ball, have 60 percent of your weight on your lead foot, then through the backswing having 80 percent of your weight on the front foot. They also instruct you to move your left shoulder down, not laterally when swinging. Once you practice all of the instructions you should be hitting the ball with greater accuracy and distance.

So if you're interesting in improving your swing, making better shots, and getting the distance you want, then the DVD instructional video will have everything you need to get yourself started with the stack and tilt swing method. The DVD is comprehensive and organized making it easy to follow and gives gives step-by-step direction.