Portable Gas Stove

The description portable gas stove is normally used to identify the camping stoves. While these would be offered with a individual burner, they might also be purchased with two or more burners. One of the larger portable gas stoves may also be big enough to be towed behind your car or truck.

The stoves could also run off of several variety of fuels. While some may operate off the butane, propane or LP, several might operate using the natural gas. Others of the portable stoves could run off kerosene and unleaded gasoline. While several will be viewed as a camping stove, there can become the time if the power would be out that you could need one. The gas grill you keep on your porch for your bar-b-q are also viewed to be the portable gas stove.

The stoves used at the campfire could be considered to be the portable stove. This campfire stoves would feature the fire off the earth. This would produce for a securer campfire during drought. These may be switched off immediately using the knob. Many of a drought regions that has prohibited all outdoor campfire sites might allow for the use of the portable gas stove. Be responsible to learn with forestry service rangers and local authorities to make sure the use of a portable gas stove is permitted in each region. Simple and convenient to operate, there will be no demand of wasting time to locate dry wood to burn along with lugging this back to your campground. No demand to bring the heavy charcoal. Camping out is just not be the same with out a campfire. Many of the camping stoves will have a matchless lighting system.

Many of the superior manufactures would offer wonderful accessories and some stove components to assist in creating one of the camping along with outdoor adventure more gratifying. With totes and covers, extra canisters and gas cans, camping is easier to move around and then truly more portable. With a outstanding number of the parts for one of the portable stoves like the burner bowls, trays, gas stove burner along with virtually everything which could possibly ever require replacing, the portable stoves will last a long time with limited maintenance and care.

Those portable stoves which we use to perform our outdoor grilling has become a part of a outdoor life style. Along With the great variety of designs, styles and materials to select from, your portable stove would be more similar to a good piece of furniture than merely the smaller rolled around item you place charcoal in. Along With different selections to choose from, a gas grill has become a wonderful way to help with your healthier way of life to cook. Using a selections of various burners and grills to choose from, now your whole meal can be prepared on a portable gas stove.

Advice About Buying a Range Cooker

When it comes to buying the ultimate cooking appliance that can add a touch of class and quality in your kitchen you won’t find a better oven than a range cooker. For novice and skilled cooks alike, these cookers provide all of the essential features to make certain food is cooked to its absolute best. There are a number of manufacturers of range cookers like AGA, Rangemaster, Brittania and Falcon, but before you go buying a new cooker there are some things to take into consideration.

Range cookers

Contemporary range cookers are built with the most recent smart technology to ensure your cooking experience will be as easy and practical as possible. Developments in the systems used to operate these cookers means your oven will be convenient, adaptable and economical.

One of the primary decisions you will need to make is the amount of overall flexibility you are going to want from your oven and hob. Think about what your cooking habits are most likely to be then choose a cooker that can provide enough burner types, sizes and numbers in addition to enough ovens to deal with the demands placed on it. Make certain that the size of cooker you buy can fit within the space allocated inside your kitchen.

When you understand how big the cooker should be, you need to make a decision on fuel type. In many respects this will be dictated by the supply to your home but you should also consider what best suits your cooking requirements. Gas and electric cookers – known as dual fuel cookers – are the most common type with gas burners on the hob and electric ovens. Gas offers the greatest managed heat while preparing food on the hob and electric ovens are best for speed and multi-functionality. If you opt for a four oven cooker you’ll have the choice of using a traditional oven, fan oven, simmering oven and ceramic grill.

Your range cooker should have a number of systems to aid your cooking experience. One of the handy pieces of technology installed in modern day ovens is the electronic programmer. This is of great benefit to individuals with full lifestyles or families as it gives you the option to program when the oven is to start and finish cooking. Features like fast pre-heat can bring the oven up to cooking temperature more rapidly than standard ovens saving you both time and expense.

AGA – king of the cookers

There is one name that is associated with quality appliances and that is AGA. AGA cookers are the modern extension of the famous heat storing AGA offering the same traditional look and construction quality but with all the options you would find on a range cooker.

AGA have enhanced the control systems for their cookers to give you total confidence that you are cooking food at its best. The easy to clean surfaces, die-cast sturdy doors and multiple ovens provide the best cooking appliance for any kitchen.

The classic design of an AGA range cooker will become the focal point of your kitchen. The models available have been designed to match the size of regular kitchen units and there’s a variety of colours to suit most tastes. Purchasing an AGA will ensure that you get a cooker that has longevity and one that offers excellent cooking results.

Brighten Up Your Bathroom With Bathroom Wall Panels

There are different ways in which bathrooms can be embellished and brightened up. One of the ways is with Wall Panels, bathroom wall panels. What are they and what is their use?

Wall panels are nothing but a piece of material, which is usually flat and rectangular and is used as the exposed and visible covering for walls. They are even used as decors while at the same time providing insulation and are easily replaceable. In homes the use of these panels are used for visual appearance rather than insulation purposes.

In order to give ones bathroom a brighter side and give a break in the bathroom and make it appealing. Even in remodeling with cost effective yet elegant way is to use bathroom wall panels. The reason for using these panels, are that they are easy to clean and maintain rather than tiles they are also considered more hygienic than tiles, as tiles might grow fungus if not maintained properly.

They are sleek and provide protection to bathroom walls from dampness around the tub and shower. One can have a range of wall panels used in their bathroom depending on how the individual wants their bathroom to look, give a classy or designer touch. There are different types, which can be used in your bathroom and the most suitable is vinyl. Vinyl is another term used for plastic cladding, and the reason behind using this is it will give a stylish touch to your bathroom.

Plastic wall panels are available in a range of colors and wide range of finishes, as they can come in different range of styles to enhance it. These panels are light and durable to use, and can also meet the need of a different range of thicknesses and shapes. If decorating a children’s bathroom plastic wall cladding will be the best, as their bathrooms do not need to be sophisticated rather practical yet stylish for them. As for boys, the blue wall panel can be used with images of cars and whatever they like to have. For the girls on the other hand their bathroom can be decorated with pink color, with babies or whatever they want to decorate their bathroom with.

So the most suitable yet an aesthetic way to decorate one’s bathroom is with wall panels. Easy to use and enhances the look of the bathroom itself. It will prevent the cost of maintenance required every now and then for bathrooms. Even the use of a different variety of detergents and wall liquids used earlier for bathrooms tiles will be reduced. The plastic panel will last around 10-15 years but at the same time, it is much easier to replace over tiles. One can remodel the interior of their bathroom whenever required with a sufficient amount of budget and less of a mess in comparison to tiles and marbles.

Walking the Plank

There’s an exercise that has been a stable in professional fitness circles for decades, it is relatively unknown in mainstream fitness circles, but has been catching on as of late, and for good reason. This exercise tones and tightens the whole body, especially the glutes and the abdominals. It will build endurance, lower blood pressure, and strengthen the heart and lungs… The best thing about this exercise is that you can do it almost anywhere and at anytime, it takes only a couple minutes per day, and it is fun and challenging… I am talking about THE  PLANK !

Now you may or may not know about this awesome exercise, so let me paint you a picture…

The  PLANK  is performed by laying your body on the ground, face down. You want to then balance your body on your forearms and elbows, with only your tip-toes on the ground in the back. Picture the push-up position, but instead of being on your hands, your forearms and elbows are on the floor. Keep your back straight with your abdominal muscles sucked in and tight, also keeping your butt level with the rest of your body.

What’s the purpose of this exercise?

This exercise in theory is quite simple to perform, the challenge comes when you try to out-do your previous record time. Your goal is to simply hold the position for as long as you can. At first, you may only be able to hold it for a few seconds, but you will develop more strength and endurance each time you do it, and you will notice how fast the results start to happen! Your abs, glutes, and overall feeling of well-being will be obvious almost immediately!

How often should I do this?

Do this exercise 2-3 times per week, performing about 5-10 times per session, or until you are exhausted.

Benefits of this exercise?

This exercise builds abdominal strength and endurance that will benefit you in every other exercise you perform. As well, it will improve posture and tighten you abs, which will create a slimming look. As well, it will give you some cardiovascular benefit since you are performing this as an endurance exercise.

Top 10 Business Plan Myths of Solo Entrepreneurs

A recent study of 29,000 business startups noted that 26,000 of them failed. Of those failures, 67% had no written business  plan . Think that’s a coincidence?

Here’s the top 10 myths Solo Entrepreneurs often have about business  plans-usually , the reasons why they don’t have one. De-bunk the myths, and see how having a business  plan  for your solo business, can actually be easy and fun–and can jumpstart your success!

1. Myth: I don’t need a business  plan –it’s just me!

Starting a business without a  plan  is like taking a trip in a foreign country without a map. You might have a lot of fun along the way, and meet a lot of friends, but you are likely to end up at a very different place than you originally set out for-and you might have to phone home for funds for your return ticket.

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: Successful Solo Entrepreneurs know that the exercise of creating a  plan  for their business really helps them think through all the critical aspects of running a business, make better business decisions, and get to profitability sooner.

2. Myth: I have to buy business  plan  software before I can start.

Business  plan  software comes in many shapes and sizes, and prices. Many are more geared at small and growing businesses with employees.

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: Software can be helpful-but it’s not required. Software is more likely to help if you have a more traditional type business, like a restaurant or a typical consulting business.

3. Myth: I need to hire a consultant to write my business  plan .

Consultants are expensive and don’t really know as much about your business as you do!

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: Your business IS you-and you need to be intimately involved with the creation of your business  plan . A better strategy, if you think you need professional help, is to hire a coach or mentor-someone who can guide you in what you need to do, not do it for you.

4. Myth: The business  plan  templates I’ve seen have all these complex-sounding sections to them-I guess I need all those?

The only time you need to follow a specific outline is if you are looking for funding.

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: Your business  plan  needs to answer ten basic questions-that’s it! Don’t make things more complicated than necessary.

5. Myth: My business  plan  needs to be perfect before I can start my business.

If you wait for everything to be perfectly detailed, you may never start.

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: If you have at least a first draft that answers those ten basic questions, you are ready to launch your business! Make your business  plan  a living, evolving document. In the startup stages, review and update your  plan  every 2-3 months. As you grow and stabilize, you can slow down the review cycle to every 6-12 months. All business  plans  should be reviewed and updated at least once a year.

6. Myth: I have to do everything I say I’m going to do in my business  plan , or I’m a failure.

Many Solo Entrepreneurs never start because of this myth-which leaves them feeling that the success of their future business suddenly rides on each stroke of the pen or click of the keyboard!

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: Think of your business  plan  as a roadmap for a trip. Expect to take some detours for road construction. Be flexible enough to take some exciting, unplanned side trips. And don’t be surprised if instead of visiting Mount Rushmore, you decide to go to Yellowstone, if that turns out to meet your vacation goals better!

7. Myth: A good business  plan  has a nice cover, is at least 40 pages long, must be typed and double-spaced…

Business  plans  intended for investors, such as a bank or venture capitalist, must meet certain requirements that such investors expect.

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: As a Solo Entrepreneur, your business  plan  need only satisfy YOU. It might be scribbled on a napkin, on stickie notes on your wall, or consist of a collage of pictures and captions. It might be all in one document or scattered among several mediums. As long as you know it in your head and heart without having to look at it, and and it is easily accessible to you when you have doubts, that’s all that is necessary.

8. Myth: I don’t need a loan-so I don’t need a business  plan .

YOU are the investor in your business-and would you invest in the stock of some company without seeing a prospectus?

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: Seeing your  plan  in black and white (or color, if you prefer!), can give a whole new view on the financial viability of your business. If “doing the numbers” seems overwhelming, remember you don’t need fancy spreadsheets. Just lay out a budget that shows where all the money is coming from (and going), and have an accountant review it for additional perspective.

9. Myth: My business  plan  is in my head-that’s good enough.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes can’t remember what I  planned  yesterday to do tomorrow, if I don’t write it down!

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: There is a real power in writing down your  plans . Some schools of thought advocate that the act of writing a  plan  down triggers our subconscious to start working on how to manifest that  plan . And, of course, it’s a lot easier to remember when you have it in front of you. And a lot easier to share and get feedback from your non-mind reading supporters.

10. Myth: Friends and family are the best sources of feedback and advice on my business  plan .

If your brother is an accountant and your best friend is a market research expert, then this might be true.

Solo Entrepreneur Reality: As well meaning as our friends and family can often be, they just aren’t the best way to get honest, objective guidance. Instead, seek out folks that have specific knowledge that will help you, are willing to be candid with you, and that have a genuine interest in helping you succeed. A business coach is one resource to consider!

Stainless Steel Handrail Shapes Available Vs Aluminum Handrail Shapes

When choosing a handrail or balustrade system for a deck, stairs, Juliet balcony or a regular walk-on balcony, the shape of the hand rail can play a crucial part in your choice.

The standard shapes out there are mostly circular sections of varying diameters, starting from 40mm which is comfortable for holding onto on a stair railing, going up in diameter to 55mm-70mm.

The more interesting shapes out there are more intricate and include elliptical shapes of varying sizes and rectangular or square shapes.

Stainless steel handrail shapes are very limited, due to the extremely expensive tooling require to extrude or roll form these shapes the market tends to follow what is existent and very little room is available for architects to influence the shapes of the handrails. Many times architects will choose a stainless steel balustrade system or a stainless steel balcony and will want to have a “special” shape for their project, they will soon find the cost of this to be inhibitory, as well as in many cases unavailable to be done at all.

This is not the case however with aluminum handrails and railings. In fact as opposed to stainless steel balustrades, with aluminum railings the ability to influence the shape by the architects on the project is making these systems the preferred solution. In fact on a recent project I visited, a project in the Docklands in London, I found that the company that made the glass balconies allowed the architects to create three separate handrail shapes for three different areas on the project. One of the handrail was 120mm wide.

There is also a finish out there called “Royal Chrome” which looks virtually like stainless steel but it is actually a special finish on the aluminum and there fore still allows the flexibility of shapes that the aluminum railing systems allow.

In summary stainless steel handrails are more limited in the availability of shapes, whereas aluminum handrail systems allow an inexhaustible possibility of shapes.

Aluminum Balusters For Decks And Your Remodel

We often find ourselves wanting to make certain changes to our homes, and one of the things that could be fun to modernize is the style of the banister on our decks. Most homes that were built over 15 years ago were built with decks made with wooden banisters, and one way to give them a modern look is to replace them with aluminum ones. There are several tools that you will need for a successful deck remodel, specifically epoxy glue, a pair of pliers, a saw, and stair balusters with shoes.

The first thing that you need to do is choose the aluminum for your balusters. You should have a picture or drawing of your deck staircase, so that your designer can see how many balusters there are. This will help your designer quote you a more accurate estimate. This is also when you will choose your preferred color.

Once you have your new aluminum balusters for decks in hand, you can then remove the current balusters that are already on your home. You only cut about 3/4 of the spindle out at first so that you can keep them from falling out completely. Then, take them out piece by piece, and remove the remaining nails with your pliers. Then you can measure where your new aluminum balusters will go. Once you have completed that step, you can cut each of your spindles to the right length.

After the measurements have been completed and the aluminum balusters for decks have been cut properly, you can begin putting your new balusters in place. You will just insert the new ones into the hole where the old one was removed and put the shoe on the bottom of it to help hold it in place. Once you have them where they need to be, you will need to epoxy each one together and nail them in place.

When doing your own baluster remodel, there are definitely some things that you need to consider. First, you need to make sure that you know what is required for your home, as there may be some restrictions on aluminum balusters for decks if your home is over a certain age or if your subdivision has certain regulations. You also need to make sure that you get all the right measurements or all your work will be in vain, and you will need to start the project over from the beginning. This will cost more time and money. Lastly, don’t rush because if you hurry, that is when mistakes are more likely to happen and you will have a project that is incomplete.

Looking For the Perfect Balustrade Manufacturer

The interior of a house is very important as it reflects the taste of the household. It reflects the individuality and the expenses afforded by the owner. Many factors are significant in the decoration of a house. But most important factor is the handrails, which are now being replaced by the balustrades. They contribute massively to the whole construction of the building.

Balustrades are usually made of metal or wood. But, the latest design and architecture are gradually shifting to the use of frameless glass balustrades as they give a whole new look to any home. A frameless glass balustrade can suit with any type of decor and fashion that you have already integrated to your home.

By merely adding this new attribute you can drastically increase the worth of your home. From both artistic and monetary perspectives, it is definitely a valuable investment to consider. Furthermore, frameless glass balustrades can be effortlessly installed to any structure including your home, flat, condo, vacation home, or workplace.

Thus, if you want to place an order for balustrades, the first thing you have to do is to search suppliers that are recognized for supplying high quality products. Furthermore, if the whole structure of the building has been well invested in, then you are left with no choice other than buying top quality balustrades. If you purchase cheap low quality material, then it will reflect on the look of the house.

Insufficiency and lack of proficiency in supplying the ordered balustrades will not be acceptable for an owner. The dealer is supposed to supply anything he had quoted within the decided period of time. If he does not fulfil your demands, the procured material can be returned to the supplier without giving him any further payment. It is the satisfactory dealing of the supplier that is being paid to them.

It is suggested to investigate and compare the prices of balustrades or the packages offered by the suppliers. Furthermore, concession is a means for the customer that is handy afterward as well. You require making it obvious to the supplier in terms of your requirements.

It is usually suggested to get numerous quotes from various manufacturers to assist you to choose which one will offer you the top value for your money. It is also significant to make certain that the manufacturer you select must stringently follow standard regulations to maintain the safety measures of your home.

You may also ask the manufacturer to come to your home and take a look at your home. Discussion with the manufacturer can give you an idea of what will be ideal for your requirements and what will also suit your pocket. They generally have pictures of their goods so you can imagine what the final product will look like once it will be installed in your home. In these days, manufacturers have designs of balustrades that are being used in different parts of the world, so you have a great choice in terms of choosing the right balustrade for your home.

Getting Better Grades With Tutoring

There is nothing harder on a parent than to see their child suffer in any way. We all want our children to succeed and achieve their dreams. We don’t want our children to be ridiculed by their peers. If your child is struggling to succeed in school there is a great opportunity for getting better grades with tutoring. Have you considered that the reason your child uses homework excuses is because he/she can’t handle the stress of working on something he doesn’t understand? If your child is not goofing off in school and has a genuine need and agrees, hiring a tutor is one way to help him/her out.

Finding a tutor for your child should be a decision based on what is best for your child, input from you and your child as well as consultation with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s learning strengths, weaknesses and style. A tutor can not only teach the material, but can also give your child suggested ways to do homework more efficiently, approaches or tricks to test taking, motivation and an assessment of the child’s learning style.

Tutoring Pay Rates

The rates paid to tutors for their services are not regulated, so there is no way to judge what you will have to pay. If the tutor has a high degree of education, they may charge more than a college tutor might charge. Setting yourself a budget and deciding where you can cut corners may be necessary to ensure that you can pay for the tutoring. A professional tutor, because of their experience, will likely be more able to adapt to your child’s learning style/difficulties than a tutor that you hire from a college.

How to Find a Tutor Online

If you search online, you’ll find many sites with a list of tutors in your town or city. These sites will have the tutor’s contact information available for you to use. The site will have somewhat of a biography of the tutor, listing the tutor’s education, grade levels they want to teach, etc.

Another option would be to check your local college or university website to see if they have students available that offer tutoring services. The rates charged by college students may be lower than those charged by professional tutors and there may be an agreement in place between your child’s school and the university or college. Some schools may assist with the payment to the tutor.

There are also companies that specialize in tutoring. They have a big online presence and their sites are full of information on the types of tutoring being offered at their location.

All of the choices above are great to use as a tutor finder and have a lot of information to enable you to make the right decision for you and your child. Imagine your child getting better grades with tutoring because the tutor was able to get through to your child using a different style of teaching. How will that positively impact your child’s and your life?

The Caveman Diet: How to Get Started

There is evidence of human beings as they appear today for the last 200 thousand years. In fact very little has changed about us genetically in this time. These prehistoric men and women lived on a diet which was much different to the diet we currently exist on today. With civilization has come the development of farming, refining and preservation of foods. In particular, in the last century the degree to which most food is refined and processed has increased to a dangerous level. Many consider that this dramatic change in diet over such a short period of time (in terms of evolution) is a major factor in the development of many disease states. The caveman diet (better known as the paleo diet or paleolithic diet) has helped many people to experience remarkable recovery from chronic illnesses, as well as helping them to lose weight, increase body tone and benefit from greatly increased energy levels.

The caveman diet is fundamentally based on eating those foods which you could reasonably expect to hunt and gather from the surrounding countryside. These foods fundamentally include lean meats, fish, fruit and vegetables. However, this list does seem to be too restrictive to live on within today’s lifestyle. Luckily there are many more options for foods and recipes that fit with the nutritional mantra of the caveman diet. Yes, you will need to give up on a number of foods that people currently enjoy today. For the most part this will include processed and junk foods though there are other problem foods that you will need to forego. However, the benefits to your energy levels, body image and health status will be well worth the sacrifice.

So how should you get started? It’s certainly easy enough to find a website listing the foods that you can and can’t eat, but most people will quickly fall away unless they have some proper direction and advice. Remember that you will be trying to change bad habits built up over a lifetime. There are lots of inspirational books, ebooks and even personal coaches that are available to help you to get started. In addition to this you’ll need recipe books, shopping plans, meal planners and lots of day to day support to give the paleo diet its best shot and really reap the benefits. Before you choose your own paleo plan make sure its backed up by lots of consumer reviews and is realistic to follow. Looking at forums and customer testimonials is an excellent way to know if you’re following a good plan.

Once you’re established on the caveman diet, it will begin to become routine and you will even be able to enjoy the odd lapse whilst still enjoying its many benefits. Its getting started that’s always the hard part, so make sure you get all the advice and support that you can.

Common Light Switch Problems

Problems with light switches can be a very common occurrence in the home. Although sometimes the solution can be quite simple, fixing a switch problem often requires a certain comfort level for working with electricity. Without the proper electrical knowledge, performing your own repairs can be quite dangerous. If you have a light switch in need of repair, you should first assess the situation and determine if you have the skill and knowledge to fix it. If not, you should always contact a licensed electrician. Here is a list of some common switch issues which you can use to help troubleshoot your own problem.

Tripped Circuit Breakers and Burned-Out Fuses

A tripped circuit breaker or burned-out fuse could make you erroneously believe that something is wrong with your light switch. Before you automatically head to the store for a replacement switch, you should first take a look at your fuse or circuit breaker box. If this is where the problem lies, resetting the breaker or replacing the fuse should fix the problem. However, if you experience the problem frequently, it is probably a sign that the circuit breaker or fuse has too heavy of a load. If this is the case, you should contact an electrician.

Broken Switches

Just as with any mechanical device, a light switch can simply break. If you notice that flipping the switch up and down has no effect on the light fixture, or if it feels as though the switch does not hold it’s position properly, the switch probably just needs to be replaced. Although replacing a switch might seem to be a simple task, it should not be attempted on your own if you do not have a good comfort level working with electricity. When performed improperly, a simple light switch replacement job could turn into a dangerous situation.

Glowing, Buzzing or Overheating

These highly visible signs of light switch trouble should be dealt with immediately. If you have an ordinary up and down switch installed, it should never glow, buzz or generate a noticeable amount of heat. If it does, it can be a sign of an overloaded breaker or a loose wire, both of which can be dangerous safety hazards. You should call an electrician immediately when these signs of trouble are first noticed. It is important to note that a moderate amount of heat or a slight buzzing could be normal in the case of a dimmer switch. However, if you have any doubt, it is best to be safe rather than sorry, and simply call an electrician to assess the situation.

Flickering Lights

Although it can be easy to simply attribute a flickering light to a loose bulb, it could also be the result of a loose or bare wire. If any flickering is observed, you should immediately try tightening the bulb to see if it fixes the situation. If not, you should have the wiring under the cover or plate inspected so that any problems can be properly dealt with. If allowed to continue, the end result could be a fire.

Reshaping the Prominent Brow Bone With Plastic Surgery

The need to change the shape of the forehead or brow bone is very uncommon. Reshaping the forehead or the brow bone (the bone below the eyebrows) is possible but there are different procedures that can be done based on the shape of the forehead and the brow bone.

The shape of the skull between a male and a female is often quite different. The male forehead often has fullness over the brow bone known as brow bossing or a supraorbital prominence with a flatter forehead above this area. The female forehead, conversely, has a more convex or curved forehead shape and little or no significant supraorbital bossing. Such forehead shapes confer a masculine or a feminine look.

The degree of brow bossing and the forehead shape helps determine what type of surgical recontouring needs to be done. With the exception of one other important consideration…the frontal sinus. The frontal sinus, an air-filled bone cavity, sits right under the brow bone and how developed it is will affect surgical choices. For this reason, any surgical efforts at forehead/brow modification should have a simple skull x-ray (side view) prior to surgery.

In those patients with mild to moderate brow bossing and thick skull bone over the frontal sinus (or are missing a frontal sinus), bone reduction by burring can be done with a nice result. When brow bossing is present but the bone thickness over the frontal sinus is thin, simple bone reduction contouring is impossible without entering the frontal sinus. Many try just a little bone reduction, without entering the sinus, but this does not make enough difference to justify the effort. Removal of only 1 or 2 mms of bone is not enough to make a difference. In these situation, one option is to open the frontal sinus, burr down the edges of the bone and put the ‘outer lid’ back in a more inward contour, thus preserving the frontal sinus. The other option is to obliterate and fill the sinus with a bone substitute material, making a more flatter brow contour with the bone paste or cement. (and not put the outer table of bone back) I have done both and both of them will work. If I can get a good brow contour and still leave the frontal sinus present and functioning, that is my preferred choice.

Any forehead and brow contouring requires an open approach through a scalp or hairline incision. The forehead skin must be ‘peeled back’ to get good access for the surgery. An endoscopic approach or more limited approach is not adequate to do a good job. In most females, the hairline and hair density patterns make an open approach possible. When this procedure is considered in males, the hair issue makes an open scalp approach potentially more problematic.

The most common patient, in my experience, for brow bone reduction is in female feminization surgery (FFS) where reducing the prominence of the brow bone helps in the overall facial conversion of the male to a female appearance. In a few select males with very prominent brow bones, this procedure can make a big difference in softening the more ‘neanderthal’ facial appearance.

Mini Storage Units – Home Storage Away From Home

Self storage warehouses are places away from your home to store your extra belongings. Throughout our life we collect many things that we consider special and do not like to part with. But, these things are not used regularly in our daily life. You may sometimes think that they are simply occupying a lot of space in your home and to create more useful space in your home, you have to discard them, but not anymore!

You can safely put them in a mini storage and enjoy the dual benefit of creating space in your home as well as keeping your belongings safe and secured. These storage units are quite useful for individuals and small business owners. Individuals can store their personal belongings, cars, motor boats, furniture, or any kind of home décor, which are not used frequently. Small business owners face the problem of limited office space and with new stock coming in; they need ample space to store their archived items.

Self storage warehouses offer a plenty of benefits and facilities. Some of these are as follows:

* Self storage facilities come in a wide range of sizes. It allows you to rent a storage unit in a size that works the best for you, depending on how many goods you wish to store and in what size they can actually fit.

* You can choose between a standard, non-air conditioned room and a climate-controlled Self storage, depending on the type of items you want to store. These facilities are heated or cooled according to your requirements.

* Most of these units are provided with proper security features, including a CCTV camera that records all the movements in the area. The keys of your storage unit are only with you. Even the main entrance is secured with an alarm system. Besides, the whole building is properly lit at night to keep burglars away.

* Self storage facilities have regular pest control programs and are kept clean.

* Adequate measures are also taken to protect your personal items from damage caused due to water.

* Client access to rented storage units is allowed 24/7 and you do not need a prior appointment.

* Except a few restrictions, you can practically store anything in these units and complete privacy is maintained.

* Most self storage warehouses are located near residential areas, which provide easy accessibility.

* It is extremely cost effective as you need to pay on a monthly basis for a mini storage and need not enter into a contract.

* These mini storage units are extremely beneficial for college students who have a tendency to purchase a lot of things, which becomes difficult to store, especially during vacations.

* Multi-storey self storage warehouses have the facility of elevators, rolling carts, or moving dollies.

If you plan to use any of these storage facilities, make sure that you to choose a service provider near your area, which will provide you easy and fast access to your belongings. Conduct a thorough research to facilitate the decision-making process.

Smart Buildings Are Looking Smart, Too – Creating Iconic Brands Through Digital Signage

For over 100 years, architectural design and height have been two of the main features that distinguished iconic buildings, buildings familiar to everyone, landmarks where people wanted to work. Whether an old refurbished building in Detroit or the Burj Kalifa in Dubai, the physical aspect of smart buildings contributes greatly to its reputation, desirability and ultimately the income it produces.

Over the last 30-40 years, signage has become a more integral part of a building’s visual impact. For example, consider smart buildings in Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong or Tokyo. In many cases, the digital signage and the lighting have redefined the ‘personality’ of the smart building.

In most cases, the brighter the lights, the closer to the city center you are located. This area remains a dynamic place where people want to be, where the best businesses are located and where the rents are the highest. Speaking of rents, some could argue that the revenues per square foot of digital signage have long surpassed the square footage of a building itself.

Recent years have brought a new generation of digital signage placed on the exterior   facade . It is more elegant, classy, sophisticated and higher definition. The visual aspect is impressive and compelling. This new generation of signage is meant to grab your attention and capture your imagination, keeping your attention longer. It is not simply a screen bolted on a building with non-stop graphic chaos, but rather a very well thought out story that uses the building as its canvas.

Emerging companies now specialize in working with smart building committees to integrate high definition, engaging media productions into the very essence and design of the smart building.

The goal is to make the signage and the building one, and to create a personality for the smart building that is comprised of both the traditional tools of architecture and this new generation of digital technologies. Project owners have one single goal: they want their smart buildings noticed, distinguished and remembered. These iconic buildings in many cases are also defining the energy and scope of the entire skyline and city.

What are the some of most important issues to consider when it comes to a Media  Façade  or a ‘High Definition Building’?

1. Realize the importance of having a content strategy prior to designing or installing a media  facade  (i.e., know exactly what you’re going to use it for).

2. Give due consideration to integration of the media  facade  technology into the smart building’s  facade  (versus hanging a rectangular screen on the side of the building).

3. Be aware of the crucial need for knowledgeable local legal counsel to help lead the way through the minefield of code restrictions and entitlement issues.

4. Understand how media  facades  will impact adjacent properties.

5. Understand LED media  facade  maintenance issues.

Smart buildings today are competing for attention and tenants, and setting a building apart from the competition is more important than ever. No matter where it is–Detroit or New York City, a high definition media experience on the smart building’s exterior is sure to help build a brand and attract tenants.

The Art of Making An Enamel Dial

The manufacturing of an enamel dial begins with a thin metal disk whose edge has been turned up. The metal varies according to the planned value of the finished product. The least expensive version is made of copper. Small, temporary feet are first soldered onto the disk. The disk is then flattened to make sure it is straight and the feet true.

Impurities are removed in an acid (nitric, hydro-chloric, sulfuric) bath. Larger pieces can be burned-off or annealed to remove any protective oil coating before the acid bath. A dirty base plate can crack the enameling or make it por-ous. The pickled base plate must be rinsed well. Acid contamination can make transparent colors cloudy.

Cadrans Donze S.A. receives the enamel powder in big barrels from central Europe. Mr. Vermot-Donze sieves the powder and then washes it in a large glass bowl. As you remember, enamel is glass and using a metal or plastic container or stirring rod would contaminate the enamel with pieces of the container or stirrer. The enamel is washed repeatedly, up to 30 times, until the water remains clear and the enamel in the bowl sparkles. Without washing, the baked enamel could look grainy, cloudy or dirty. Because prolonged exposure to water will cause the ground enamel to deteriorate quicker than normal atmospheric conditions, it is advisable to wash only the amount that is needed for that day.

The next step in the process is to spread an even amount of less pure enamel over the underside of the disk. The enamel powder is dusted on through a sieve and then laid onto an asbestos sheet. The sheet is placed into a preheated oven and left in for a few minutes until the powder has melted and formed a glossy layer. The counter enameling, or backing enamel, is necessary to prevent the finished dial from cracking or the enamel from later peeling off.

The temperature inside the oven is about 850° C (1530° F). Experienced enamellers preheat the oven to a temperature 10°-50° C (18°-90° F) higher than needed, because of the heat loss that occurs when the oven door is opened. The oven temperature can be monitored with a pyrometer, but they can sometimes stick or require re-calibration. Thus the direct obser-vation of the firing and the furnace color is the craftsman’s best monitor. With experience, it never fails.

The final judging of the firing time lies in the mind of the enameller, because it depends on such things as the size or insulation of the oven, inside and outside temperatures of the oven, the size of the enameled piece, as well as on the enamel and the enameller’s work speed when placing items in the oven.

The upper (front) side of the dial black is dusted with a very fine grade enamel powder. This is repeated several times over and the black is fired after every coat. The number of coats depends on the required thickness of the finished dial. The usual minimum is three coats. Too thick a coat can cause the enamel to crack or flake. Too thin a coat will burn.

The watch brand and numerals are printed with a dial printing machine. Its principle is the same as in any dial factory. The image (numerals, logo, name, etc.) is engraved or etched into a steel plate. Black enamel mixed with binding agent (usually an oil) is applied into the etched areas and picked up from them with a soft gelatin cushion. When the cushion is pressed against the dial black, it leaves the image on it. The image must be fired to make it permanent, but the temperature will be about 100° C (180° F) less because a higher temperature would turn the black enamel brown cool watches.

After being fired a few times, the enameled piece may become warped. This can be corrected by rubbing the dial with a flat charcoal brick when the dial comes out of the oven. This stage requires experience, because if the dial is still too hot, rubbing will spoil the still-soft surface. If the dial cools off too much (below 540° C/1000°F), the enam- el may crack when pressed.

The dial is then laid on a template for drilling of the center hole. The hole is made with a fast turning diamond drill, using water as a lubricant. If the hole needs to be enlarged, it can be done by a fine tapered stone and file. Every stroke of the file must be done from the front toward the back of the dial. Otherwise the enamel on the front side will crack and the dial must be rejected.

The dial is then delicately placed on a machine so that it is supported by its center hole. The machine rotates the dial while the grinding disk moves in the opposite direction around the rim of the dial. The grinding is done at a high speed, using water again as a lubricant. The grinding disk centers the outside according to the center hole and cuts off the turned-up edge that held the enamel in place in the beginning. At the same time it reduces the dial to the required diameter. The beveling of the edge can be done at this same stage.

If the dial is fitted with subdials, the holes for them are drilled next. The holes are of the exact size of the subdials. The subdials are made the same way as the main dial. The only difference is the thickness which allows a subdial to be sunk slightly below the surface of the main dial. Mr. Vermot-Donze often makes a series of subdials in different styles for future use. For dials with moon phases, a subdial can be a combination of a partial subdial and a shaped hole.

The outer edges of the drilled subdial holes are beveled with a stone from the front. Then the back of the main dial, and that of each subdial, is beveled to expose the metal plate in the middle of each component. This is necessary, because the parts must be soldered together and solder does not stick to enamel. Since the subdials are beveled to the opposite direction than the main dial, the parts form a v-shaped groove which is filled up with soft solder.

Vermot-Donze spent six long years experimenting with different techniques before he mastered this method. When he inherited the business from his father-in-law (Francis Donze), the art of enameling had died and there was nobody to explain how certain things were done.