Mortgage Options After Bankruptcy

If you are unable to meet your financial obligations due to unforeseen circumstances and you do not expect your financial situation to improve, bankruptcy may allow you the legal option to be discharged from your financial obligations. Many bankruptcies are caused by one-time occurrences, such as: job loss, unexpected excess medical bills, and divorce. There are strict guidelines for mortgage financing after a bankruptcy. Individuals who have had a bankruptcy mistakenly think that they will not be able to qualify for a mortgage or to refinance their current mortgage, but depending on the type of loan, an individual may qualify in as little as one year after filing for bankruptcy. When applying for a mortgage, lenders look at several other factors besides credit scores, these include: down payment, employment history, and debt ratio.

There are 2 types of personal bankruptcies in the United States Bankruptcy Code; they include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. The following is a brief description of each bankruptcy type and the waiting period to qualify for a mortgage.

The most common type of bankruptcy in the United States is Chapter 7. An individual must meet the requirements of the "means test" to be eligible for this type of bankruptcy. This option allows any creditor to repossess any property used as collateral on debt that will be discharged. The bankruptcy trustee may also liquidate any non-exempt property and distribute the proceeds to any unsecured creditors. There are exceptions to what type of debt can be discharged by the courts, these debts include: (1) tax liens, (2) student loans, and (3) spousal and child support. There are also limits (by state), regarding how much property can be exempted in a bankruptcy. This bankruptcy type can only be used by an individual once every 8 years. Depending on the mortgage type used, there are various waiting periods after a bankruptcy. For a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the waiting period is 4 years for a conventional loan, 2 years for an FHA or VA loan, and 3 years for a USDA loan after discharge.

The second most common personal bankruptcy is Chapter 13. This option allows an individual to keep all their possessions and assets, but they must qualify for and accept a payment plan determined by the bankruptcy court to repay their creditors. The repayment amount is based on the individual's income, monthly expenses, value of property, and debt being discharged in the bankruptcy. Most repayment plans are usually for a term of 3 to 5 years. Under this bankruptcy type, monthly payments are made to a trustee who oversees the completion of the bankruptcy and discharge. Unsecured debt and medical bills are not required to be repaid under this bankruptcy option. Depending on the mortgage type used, there are various waiting periods after a bankruptcy. For the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the waiting period for a conventional loan is 2 years after discharge, whereas FHA, VA, and USDA allow financing as soon as the debtor has made 12 months of on-time payments. This is subject to court permission to obtain a mortgage if the bankruptcy has not been discharged.

When you apply for a mortgage after bankruptcy lenders you will look closely at your post-bankruptcy credit history. So, it is important to keep all your payments on-time. Re-establishing credit is one of the most important factors after a bankruptcy. You should be actively involved in re-building your credit. Check your credit and scores on a regular basis, dispute any inaccurate credit, resolve any credit credit, open credit with secure credit cards and / or install loans, and pay your bills on-time. Lenders will require a copy of your bankruptcy schedules and discharge paper; in addition to a thorough letter of explanation documenting the reason for the bankruptcy. Lenders will also require your credit to be reestablished with no derogatory credit since the bankruptcy. Ideally, an individual should have 1 install loan and 2 revolving accounts (credit cards), with at least a 12 month payment history to show the lender that they are able to manage their credit. For the revolving credit, it is in your best interest to keep the balance under 30% of the available credit limit, by doing this you will be maximizing your credit scores. There are other factors that lenders will use to qualify you for a mortgage after bankruptcy. These include down payment, income, employment history, and income stability. For additional information regarding mortgage financing after a bankruptcy, please contact a reputable loan officer.

Interior Vinyl Shutters Complement Your Windows

There are many reasons why you should consider installing interior window shutters in your home. These shutters are of course pleasing to the eye, but they also perform other functions.

Heating and cooling
Shutters can help bring down the cost of heating and cooling your home. Closing the shutters in the winter will prevent cold drafts from entering a room. Closing them against the blazing sun during the summer will prevent that radiant heat from raising the temperature in your home, which will cause your air condition to work overtime.

Then there's the matter of privacy. With the louvered slats that can be adjusted to various angles, you can let in air and sunlight but keep out prying eyes.

Faded furniture fears
Sunlight is the source of all life, but you do not want to let direct sunlight pour into your living room. In the first place it can shine distractingly on your television screen, which is always a bad thing! However, this sunlight also causes the fabric of your furniture and carpet to fade, as well as the painting or posters on your walls and the books in your bookcases. Because it's a slow process, you probably will not notice this fading until it's too late.

So get those shutters now.

The things that shutters are made of
Shutters come in many materials, but it is generally agreed that vinyl is the best material to use. Wooden shutters can warp, crack or swell, depending on the type of room in which they're placed, such as bathrooms or solariums with high humidity. Even the heat rising from a kitchen sink could have an adverse effect on wooden shutters.

Vinyl shutters are low-maintenance. You need only dust them occasionally. If a child has gotten loose with a crayon, you may need to take drastic steps with soap and water. (Try doing that on a wooden shutter!)

It's always possible to mix and match curtains, shutters and drapes. For example you can hang shutters to obscure the bottom of a window, so that you have privacy at eye level, yet when you stand up you'll be able to see over the shutters into the great outdoors.

Installing these shutters yourself is certainly possible, but only do so if you are an experienced DIY-er. You must measure your windows very carefully … and then measure them again. There is nothing worse than paying a non-refundable sum to a store for specifically cut shutters, only to find that they are an inch to short. After you've chosen the shutters you like, make sure you read the directions through completely before even beginning on the project, sorting out all the material and making sure everything that should be there, is there.

Then, carefully, get to work, and soon you'll have a lovely new home accent to please the eye and help with the pocket book.

New Book Offers Inside Look at What Employers Want in Future Employees

In Landing Internships and Your First Job, Jerome Wong offers invaluable career-preparation advice to college students about to enter the workplace. The subtitle, Why Qualifications Are Not Enough, reveals that hiring managers look for more than just academic success and so-called "hard skills" when evaluating candidates.

Wong has spent plenty of years on both sides of the hiring process. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University, has had a career in technology, received another degree from Columbia Business School and then entered the banking world, and eventually, his son's own company, Real World ExpertsTM, to advise students on the entire career-preparation process. Being being interviewed for many times himself, Wong has frequently interviewed prospective employees, participated in campus recruiting teams, and worked with the human resources departments at the firms he worked for to hire the best college talent available. Today, through his company, Wong coaches students on the entire job search process, including interview techniques and proper business etiquette. Now he shares all his experiences, thoughtful insights, and actionable strategies in his new book.

Landing Internships and Your First Job goes far beyond the usual job search books about interviewing techniques and how to write a resume. This book is for students specifically and explains how they can use their academic experience to translate into the key components employers want in their relevant fields. As Wong states in the introduction:

"Unlike experienced professionals who can point to their relevant work experience as qualifications for future success, students have a more challenging task of convincing prospective employers that their academic and extracurricular experiences can translate into professional success. They also have the additional burden of convincing companies that they are really interested and committed to the industry. "

Wong relieves students of a large part of that burden by showing how to give value to their experiences. But this book is much more than how to fluff your resume to look good to an employer or what to say in an interview. Wong talks about all the things students should be doing long before they start looking for a job. He instructions on how to determine what courses to take to establish a qualifying academic profile, how to use your school's career services office to help you, and, most importantly, how to tell your authentic story to convince the company to hire you.

Equally important, Wong asks readers to think about what career is an appropriate fit for them. Students need to determine what their values ​​are and how those will translate into the workplace. It is not enough just to want to make a six-figure salary, and you certainly can not tell prospective employers that's why you want to work for them. You also do not want to take on a job just for the money if it will give you more stress than you can handle or it ethically does not align with your values.

One of the most important chapters in the book is about building your personal brand. Success in the job market begins with personally being a success, and that does not mean just academic achievements but moral success and coming up with your own personal definition of success that will align with your goals, personality, and ethics. You have to brand yourself to reflect in all ways who you are. Wong helps students not only to determine what their brands are but how to communicate those brands effectively to employers so they will "buy into" the brand.

Wong also focuses on the importance of treating the career prep process as a sales process. While in class, you're in a sales situation because you have to cultivate relationships to receive recommendations from professors. Summer internships also should be treated like long and thorough job interviews. In addition, Wong gives advice on interviewing, adding this surprising nugget of truth: "Hiring managers are often more impressed by questions candidates asking them than by their answers to their questions."

There is plenty more invaluable information in this book-advice on networking, attending career fairs, how to have the right attitude, how to be self-confident, and how to have a sales mindset to sell yourself. But despite most important is what Wong has to say about when and how often to prepare for finding a job. Wong states the hard truth by saying:

"Students often tell me they are too busy with their coursework to dedicate time to career prep. Unfortunately, attaining job fairs or on-campus interviews is not necessarily sufficient to find a job; you will need to put in a lot more effort if you you want to maximize your chances of landing a great first job or internship … People often say that searching for a job is a full-time job. consistently set aside time each week for career prep. Ideally, you should start thinking about career prep endeavors as a first-year student, although at this stage, your focus should just be getting familiar with the career services available on campus, exploring your academic interests, and thinking about establishing academic credentials essential to potential employers. "

Hopefully, you are one of the smart ones who is ahead of the game and will read this book early in your college career, but if not, there's still plenty to help set you apart from all the other job applicants. I wish someone had given me this book when I was in college. It will make the perfect gift for high school or college students, anyone about to enter the job market, or even someone who wants to prepare to find a better job.

Getting Your Vitamins and Minerals

My partner went paint balling over the weekend and very stupidly broke her leg. Latermore she then went in for an operation to put metal plates and screws in to make sure that the bone was going to mend properly. She was really worried that the reason why it broke so easily was because she lacked in a good calcium intake. She decided to record how much calcium she took in and it was shocking at the lack of calcium in her body. As I eat the same as her I was not getting the right amount of calcium either.

We determined that we seriously needed to consider taking additional vitamin and mineral tablets to help our body as best as possible.

As my partners immune system was low enough as it is determined that we should get her zinc and vitamin C and D to help build her immune system to help prevent her becoming ill further from picking up a cold or bug. Obviously she needed to take additional calcium supplements and I felt I needed to too.

It's shocking to think that we go on with our lives not thinking about what we're missing in and before you know it you've worked out pretty much everything! I would strongly recommend to anyone reading this to consider what you may need additional help with. As additional support with vitamins and minerals will not hurt you it is always advisable to help strengthen your system as you never know when you will need your immune system as strong as possible.

Treatment Of Acne By Using Castor Oil

Castor oil has amazing properties against acne. It clear up your skin and give the skin its natural glow back. Unlike other natural oils, this natural oil has wonderful and amazing properties of moisturizing and healing the skin.

We can moisturize our skin in a healthy way by using castor oil. We can make soaps from this oil and can use this soap on a daily basis to reduce acne. Sodium hydroxide is mixed with castor oil to start a reaction called saponification through which soaps are formed. In the manufacturing of this soap, castor oil in single should be used as it produce a soft bar so it should be used with the percent of other oils like coconut oil, avocado oil and palm oil to produce an excellent product that moisturizes the skin and keep it soft as well.

It is an ingredient of many excellent natural skin care products that can be made at home and available in the market as well.

We can make a baking soda and castor oil mixture at home. As we all know baking soda is a good exfoliator when mixed with castor oil show amazing properties for the treatment of many skin infections.

Castor oil penetrates deep into the skin and keep your skin hydrated and soft. It has some ingredients that shows good antibacterial and antifungal properties. Due to its antimicrobial action it kills the bacteria present on the skin and due to its moisturizing property it can keep the infected area moisturized.

Many different types of moisturisers are available in the drugstores. These different moisturizers contain harmful and strong chemicals that are not skin friendly and can worsen your acne or other skin infections. So to get rid of these problems you should go for a natural way rather than these harmful chemicals.

Mostly people are fed up of using expensive creams for the treatment of acne. They spend hundreds of dollars on the treatment of acne but minimum results are obtained after spending a lot of time and money. So for the people who are tired of buying these anti-acne creams in local pharmacies should probably try this natural alternative treatment of their skin problems.

Mostly teenagers suffer this problem called acne, which is the very worst condition of skin and one of the most serious problems among teenagers. Out of 20 nearly 17 are victims of this skin problem. This oil provides a natural treatment for acne. Acne is caused due to bacteria, but this oil slips deep into the skin and fight with this acne causing bacteria leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Castor oil is the best remedy for the treatment of acne for people from a young age to old age. It would be good if you start using this oil regularly from your young age.

It is one of the most amazing, beneficial and cheap treatment for acne. So by using its natural skin care products we can avoid expensive and less effective treatments for acne.

Acne is the problem which is developed from inside so treat it like that take healthy food that is full of essential nutrients and along with that use this natural skin care product and enjoy the maximum and quick results.

Every Day Is Taco Tuesday

Unless you live in the Southwest, you may not be familiar with Taco Tuesday, but it’s a tradition among Mexican restaurants, both large and small, to feature tacos at a discount each Tuesday thus generating more business, and allowing families to dine out for less. (Think of them as Mexican happy hours.) And you may not be familiar at all with the most popular taco, namely the fish taco.

Although many people still think of ground beef and shredded lettuce as the filing of choice, the fish taco tops the hit parade in most restaurants, especially in California and other border states, and traditionally contains shredded cabbage, a piece of fried white fish or grilled mahi mahi, white cheese, maybe some avocado slices and topped off with a creamy dressing. There are a lot of variations, of course, which might add salsa fresca or chile peppers, served up with a wedge of fresh lime (an essential). And of course, there are always the designer and gourmet variations, which may include lobster, shrimp, calamari or salmon, with a melange of fillings. There is almost no end to the ingredients (and prices) depending on where you dine.

Tacos de pescado (fish taco) originated in Baja California, Mexico, where they consist of fried or grilled fish, shredded lettuce or cabbage, pico de gallo, and a creamy sauce, all nestled on top of a tortilla (flour or corn). Historians seem to agree that in the U.S. the first tacos, which were housed in a crisp shell, can be attributed to Taco Bell, where they were served to a receptive dining audience, and contained ground beef, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, a bit of cilantro and shredded cheese, but in all likelihood had been served years before in a handful of Mexican restaurants. The hard shell variety is not native to Mexican cuisine but was embraced by Americans as a fun snack or meal, often accompanied by rice and beans, The concept of fish tacos is nothing new. Mexicans have been wrapping fish and other seafood in corn tortillas for centuries but probably didn’t garnish them with pico de gallo or creamy dressing. They ate them in a simple sandwich-style.

And embraced they were. In 2016, Americans ate over 4.5 billion tacos. That’s roughly 490,000 miles of tacos, which would take you to the moon and back or could equal the weight of two Empire State Buildings. Wow, just think of the salsa that would be needed.

There is no question that the king of fish tacos is Ralph Rubio, who as a young college student headed south to San Felipe on the Baja Peninsula each spring break to surf with his college friends, living on beer and the local cuisine, fish tacos. The legend goes that young Ralph could not talk the beach vendor into returning with him to San Diego and opening a taco stand, so he decided to do it himself in the early 80s. California surfers flipped over the tacos, as Ralph’s future was secured. And yes, Rubio’s has Taco Tuesday each week, featuring his original recipe for under $2, packing in hordes of hungry fans.These days, San Diegans consider the fish taco as their official food but may disagree on where to find the best ones. More popular than the ballpark hot dog, you’ll see thousands of baseball fans wolfing them down at Padre games.

Hole-in-the-wall stands can serve up some of the cheapest and tastiest, but many just head for their local Rubio’s knowing they will not be disappointed. Since most Mexican restaurants feature a salsa bar, you can drown your taco of choice with cilantro, several types of salsa, hot sauce and lots of fresh lime juice. Popular chains La Salsa, Chipotle and Baja Fresh have certainly helped spread the fame of soft tacos, along with numerous regional shops.

The carne asada taco, made with shredded beef or pork, also reigns but never quite measures up to the fish version. And of course nothing goes better with any taco than a cold Mexican beer or fresh lime margarita. If you have never tried one, take your first opportunity to enjoy this delicious import from our Southern neighbors.They make for a simple buffet dinner, an easy sports party snack or an inexpensive workplace lunch. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be Tuesday.

Gymnastic Trampolining

Trampolining is a competitive gymnastic sport with the primary purpose focusing on the execution of acrobatics while bouncing on the trampoline. The point system of gymnastic trampolining is relative to the level of difficulty of the jump being performed. There are various kinds of jumps with a few of the basic maneuvers being the tuck, pike or straddle and some of the more complex combinations being backward or forward somersaults and twists. The different categories of competitions consist of Individual Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline and Double Mini-trampoline.

Competitive Trampolining
After World War 2, the first forms of competitive trampolining began in the United States, reaching Europe by the 1950's. Soon after in the late 1950's and early 1960's, teams doing demonstrations traveled to all continents to perform. This spurred the formation of numerous national federations. The International Trampoline Federation (FIT) was formed in 1962 with seven member member federations. Since 1962 the number has increased to 42. In 1964, Annual World Championships were being held and by 1969 European Championships began. The Pan Pacific Championships started in 1981 and was held in alternate years. There are also the European Youth Championships which have taken place every other year since 1972. A great amount of attention was drawn to the sport in 1993 due to the introduction of the World Cup event. Television companies began to broadcast live coverage of the events during the 1993-94 series. Trampolining has now been a World Games sport since 1981. A key chapter in the history of trampolining as a sport was when gymnastic trampolining was incorporated in the Olympic Games in 2000.

Periodic Progression
Over time a competent of cultures have invented devices that send a person into the air, ranging from outstretched animal skins used to throw someone into the air and safely catch them upon their landing, to the devices used in circus acts. At present, the technology incorporated into the development of our modern day trampolines is astounding in retrospect to the earlierventions. Since the prototype apparatus that George Nissen constructed in 1936, the sophistication of the trampoline has undergone significant advances. Today the most modern trampolines are able to shoot an athlete to the heights of 10m high ceilings. With people able to reach heights as great as this, athletes are now capable of performing triple somersaults with no hassle at all.

Do not Jump to Conclusions
Trampoline safety has been scrutinized continuously for a long time without real cause. If the correct safety measures are followed while using trampolines that are of suitable quality, one can reap the benefits of safe trampolining. People trying to master a new gymnastic move can appreciate steel frames with stretched material as features such as these are invaluable when providing safe and efficient trampolining. If parents, guardians, teachers and coaches were all aware that these types of trampolines boast advantages that far overshadow the disadvantages, they might not be so related to allow a promoting gymnast full usage of one.

Some parents and coaches insist that a maturing gymnast becomes more optimistic after learning and perfecting newly accepted moves. At the end of the day training on a gymnastics trampoline buildings confidence and keeps a person in tiptop physical condition.

Chemistry and LDS Online Dating

LDS online dating can be tricky. How do you know if there will be chemistry when you actually meet in person if you feel chemistry already online? Will it be the same? I have had numerous experiences dating online from LDS dating websites (because I am LDS) with this very question. It's scary to meet someone for the first time and you do not want to blow it because you think that there could be definite potential when you mesh so well through emails and talking on the phone. But the attraction, a lot of times, does not follow all the way through to when you actually meet a person face to face for the first time.

First off, make sure you share similar beliefs and values. Being LDS, dating those who share your LDS faith can be a major bonus when trying to connect. Not only will you be able to discuss things with the same intent, but it will make the chemistry easier to maintain without fights over religion. I've dated non-members and it sees the subject always rears its ugly head into the conversation, which historically snuffs out the chemistry that was once there.

It's hard to get a good feel for people over the internet. Being the internet, you can come across the inevitable whack-job, even on LDS dating websites, they always seem to sneak their way in through the cracks. But away from the occasional whack-job, people tend to make them look better on paper, so to speak. So to actually get a good feel for them, you have to meet people in person; there is no other way around it. Sure, you can email and chat all you want, but keep in mind it is easier to write something down because you have more time to analyze and think of just the right thing to say.

Girls tend to always think ahead when it comes to relationships. The handsome husband, the cute house and white picket fence, forty billion of your own kids running down the isle during Sacrament meeting … the Mormon dream. I hate to admit it, but I am notorious for this, day dreaming about some guy I totally mesh with over the Internet. Why do we girls do this? In all honesty, it is fun to think about your future life together, but do not put too much stock into it. Also, if you are clicking with someone you've never met in person and you are already making engagement and wedding plans with them before you've even met, it's not a good idea, do not even go there. The disappointment, if you two do not have chemistry in person, could be very hurtful. My heartfelt advice, just do not do it.

Ok, so what if you have put a lot of time and effort getting to know someone and you finally meet and there is nothing, nada, zilch, not an ounce of chemistry between you two, but you do not want to say anything because you've wasted so much time already with this person? Well, it's not a great idea to pretend; actually it's a bad, bad, idea. Do not pretended to like someone, it only builds buildings but can hurt more feelings in the long run if you do not tell them straight out that the chemistry just is not there. It may be that they are feeling the same way but are just too embarrassed to say something. More than likely, you will be doing both of you a favor if you are honest and up-front about the situation.

My advice is to be aware and accept the fact that there will not always be chemistry when you meet. If you keep this in mind, and there is not chemistry, it will be a disappointment, but will also be much easier to accept and move on. But if you are lucky enough to have amazing chemistry with someone when you finally meet, then go for it.

Online Booking – Hotel or Bed and Breakfast Accommodations

Having to secure your holiday accommodations online has lessened the miseries of traveling for many. With the rise of modernization and social media hype nowdays, it has become a necessity for big hotels and lounges to provide access for their customers to make reservations through the internet. With just a few clicks, their guests can easily roam through their available rooms and services. It is a good strategy for marketing and networking as well.

However for small establishments like country inns or bed and breakfast where surprisingly, you still find modernization less celebrated as they do with old-fashioned styles and strategies, the simple and broadly practical approach of online bookings can play an even more significant and advantageous role in stirring the scale of their publicity.

The internet is a widely used information highway which features well-known establishments and much more in its directory. It can not be emphasized enough how beneficial it is the easy access that it offers. With online bookings, potential clients can get excellent rates, discounts and a wide range of alternatives to choose from. So for a business owner of a quaint bed and breakfast, for example, you have to select very well the directory where you choose to be included in.

For both entrepreneurs and customers, selecting a web directory that is well-known and of a good reputation would ensure to present you with the best choices in the market. Customizing your search to your specific and most basic preferences like location, date, services and amenities could also narrow down the choices that would suit your desired accommodation best.

Price ranges and quotations from different establishments can also be collected as easily. You can optimize your research by choosing the amenities and services you would most likely get hold of during your stay, and then the system could give you an estimate of the equivalent charges for your choices. In this way, you can manage your budget and optimize your itinerary.

It is also advisable to determine if your credit card provider entitles you to certain discounts and promotions. With these types of transactions, make sure that you are making reservations and payments that are secured and trustworthy. Do a careful study of the terms and conditions that applies before committing to any billed agreements.

May it be a city hotel or a countryside bed and breakfast, business establishments would probably enjoy all the great opportunities easy internet access could offer. In this way, both business owners and their loyal customers get more for less.

Top Pet Friendly Timeshare Resorts in the UK

The unique features of owning a timeshare genuinely come into their own when considering that home-from-home feeling you get within your chosen resort. After a few lasts there you can get to know your neighbors, nearby business owners, personnel within the resort – a community gathers up as part of your own holiday haven. Neverheless, if this home-from-home experience involves taking your four-legged friend with you there could be a problem here. Typically, in the past almost all timeshares have not been overly accepting as far as pets are involved but that's gradually changing.

Naturally, one important thing you have to remember when buying a timeshare is that it has to match the requirements of your furry friend. A hyper-active collie, for example will almost certainly want a lot of wide open place where it may run without annoying other vacationers. Traveling needs to be a factor too, as it is quite possible to fly along with your pets today, the entire experience can be traumatic and quite difficult – so vacationing local can alleviate that. For anyone located in the UK who wants their perfect timeshare within easy traveling distance, here are the top pet friendly timeshare resorts for you:

Macdonald Forest Hills Resort

You'll find a good amount of space for your pets to wander while in the 22 acres of parkland that defines the Forest Hills Estate. The resort's wonderful Loch-side setting and individual and luxurious apartments lead to one of many popular timeshare resorts in Scotland. With Edinburgh 1 hr 30mins away and Glasgow below one hour you are near enough to the wilderness without being in the middle of nowhere.

The Kenmore Club

The Kenmore Club Timeshare resort is set in the historic landscapes of Taymouth Castle which peers out across Loch Tay. This pet friendly club was created to sit easilyides Kenmore village without looking out of place, but do not worry, its historic atmosphere does not even surprise that you're getting old facilities!

Auchrannie Country Club

Found on the Isle of Arran, Auchrannie is technically the furthest from UK shores, only just. However the short boat drive to Arran guarantees what plenty label "Europe's most incredible island" and "Scotland in miniature". You will find almost anything you've probably ever need inside of a small area, the country club itself, providing all that timeshare owner might ever wish for.

Canal Time

Departing from the norm, Canal Time timeshares deliver Canal boats rather than fixed lodging. This increased flexibility makes sure that you and the pet can experience the beautiful area of ​​Britain's waterways round the Trent and Mersey Canal. Wherever you moor up for the night will be your backyard and you will have many a local pub or places to eat by the end of the vacation.

So that is that, just remember that you will have to call well ahead of time and inform the resort know that you are bringing along your furry companion, this'll prevent any undue worry when you sign in.

The Truth About Section 8 Housing

The term Section 8 refers to housing vouchers provided to low-income individuals and families by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Some people have the mistaken impression that Section 8 housing refers to certain housing developments, and while HUD may maintain such housing, a person may use this voucher as a real estate allowance at any real estate rental available that accepts these vouchers.

The Federal Government of the United States has always given attention to housing needs as they've become apprehensive. During the Great Depression of the late 1920's and 1930's, the Federal Government began developing programs that would subsidize housing for the poorest citizens, and continued this program in the 1960's as there was an obvious shortage of affordable homes, and that persons were spending a large portion of their income on housing. The Section 8 program of the US Housing Act was created, wherein a tenant will pay 30% of their income for housing rent, and the rest being subsidized by the government.

While it may seem like a good deal for both tenants and landlords to accept these Section 8 vouchers, many landlords refuse to do so. It may be due to the fact that the government will regularly inspect any awards that accept such vouchers. Also, the government will not allow charges above what it deems the fair market value of a rental, and some landlords do not want this amount to be dictated to them. There are also many more legalities in evicting a Section 8 tenant, as the government will provide this tenant with a lawyer free of charge. Landlords realize that they must have quite a lot of detailed documentation to substantiate their complaints in the case of a Section 8 tenant.

In some areas, landlords have enough waiting events that are not included in the Section 8 program so as to not necessitate their accepting such vouchers; the extra paperwork involved makes it not worth their time if they have other tenants that they can choose from. They may also worry that those involved in this program may not maintain the property as they should.

On the pro side, landlords that are willing to accept the government vouchers will never have to worry about not getting the rent. The government pays the rent directly to the landlord each and every month. The landlord will still have to collect the tenants' part of the rent from the tenants themselves.

There is a limited amount of money available for the HUD program and the waiting list for tenants to get on the program is quite long. If a tenant refuses to pay his share of the rent or they are damaging your property in any way, you can report them to the HUD authorities. If the HUD authorities find your claim justified they can remove the tenant from the program for up to five years. Most tenants are not willing to put their HUD status in jeopardy and will comply with all of your rental requirements.

Whether or not a landlord accepts the HUD vouchers, they do still need to abide by Fair Housing standards. This means they are not allowed to refuse a tenant based on nationality, race, religion, marital status, and other such circumstances.

For those landlords who do accept HUD vouchers, they can be assured that there will always be a bank of tenants waiting for housing. It's not unusual for there to be more person with Section 8 vouchers than there is available housing. If you own rental property, you do well to thoroughly investigate all the pros and cons of accepting these vouchers for your own property.

How to Estimate the Cost of a Commercial Construction Project

To gain a commercial construction project it is often important to demonstrate that you are adequately able to estimate the costs involved in the project. This usually requires putting together a detailed tender that shows exactly what needs to be spent and where. Estimating these costs can be quite difficult and a number of factors need to be considered before sending a quote or tender.

Labour Costs

Estimating the cost of labour can be tricky as it requires knowing how many people you need to complete the job and also requires estimations for parts of the work that may not be directly related to construction.

Having experience in the field helps, as it provides prior knowledge, as does having a regular staff of people that you trust to carry out the work.

One of the big issues is estimating the time the project will take, which plays directly into the amount of labour that will be required to complete it. Create a proposed timetable and be realistic about timescales. Try to be as efficient as possible but don’t skimp when it comes to allocating work. If a job would require two people don’t base cost estimates on one person finishing it. Also ensure that you leave some room for error in the estimate.


The cost of materials is also an extremely important factor to take into account. You will need to have a good idea of exactly what is needed to complete the project and where it can be sourced at a price that is satisfactory to all involved.

It is often best to include an architect or other professional at this point to let you know how much of each material that you need. Bear in mind that the cost of said professional will also need to be taken into account.

Having good sources for materials is also a benefit as it means that you can get solid quotes on your estimates. Having to source new suppliers can lead to issues relating to the quote that they provide, which in turn can lead to issues with the eventual estimate.

Use Cost Estimating Software

The industry has recognised how difficult it is to estimate the costs for a construction project and there are currently a number of cost estimating softwares available on the market.

Using one of these can provide you with a structure to base your overall quote around and will ensure you cover every possible base. Bear in mind that the software itself will involve an initial cost, though it isn’t advised to include this in the estimate if you are tendering for a contract.

Many of these programs will allow for a database to be kept relating to each important cost and will also allow for calculations that can incorporate your mark-up on any materials purchased in addition to other important calculations. With proper training such software can streamline the entire process and make it much easier to provide an accurate estimate for any work that needs to be undertaken.

Laser Surveying Equipment

Although surveying equipment has been around since the times of the Egyptians it is only in recent years that the use of lasers has been introduced to make the process of measuring things that much easier and simpler to achieve. In this article we will be taking a closer look at some different pieces of laser surveying equipment many construction companies now use.

1. Laser Levels

There are many different types of laser levels now being used in the construction industry and depending upon the demands of the task to be carried out out will depend on which kind of level is used. But when it comes to choosing a laser level do you choose one that is able to self level itself or one that you have to level manually.

Certainly the largest benefit to be gained from using a level level laser over a manual one is that it can find its own level without the person actually having to do any adjustments to it. Whilst as a manual one would suggest you have to make sure the level is even yourself which can often take some time to achieve.

2. Single or Dual Grade Laser

This kind of laser surveying equipment is used in order to measure as well as define the gradient of a slope. However the disadvantage of the single grade version is that it can only calculate what the gradient is on one particular plane while the dual version can do so using two different planes at once.

3. Rotating and Straight Line Lasers

The rotating laser produces a beam of laser light from a beacon which is able to rotate and so can produce a level plane right across 360 degrees. Whilst the straight line laser when used in surveying puts out either one or more laser beams and is able to perform the function which allows the surveyor to produce a cross or plumb line.

4. Pipe Lasers

This particular piece of surveying equipment is most often used when new pipes, drains or sewers are being laid (installed). Once one section of the pipe has been laid the laser will be placed inside it so the next pipe can be aligned and graduated in line with the one already in place. Using this helps to ensure that the pipes being installed are done so with a great deal more accuracy.

5. Laser Receivers

This particular piece of equipment is often used with the laser level (which we have mentioned above) and is able to cover a much wider area of ​​land that needs measuring. Also it enables the user to use the laser level both outside and when the sun is bright. The receiver works by being able to pick up the beam from the laser level and will adjust its height until such time as the right level has been found. As soon as this is achieved the receiver will emit a constant sound.

But as well as their being laser surveying equipment that the construction industry now constantly use a person is able to buy much more affordable ones they can use at home. In fact some are so small they can fit into a person's pocket and the prices range from around $ 20 and can cost as much as $ 300.

Corded and Cordless Tools, Which One Should You Buy?

Probably the biggest advantage of a cordless tool, regardless of type, is its portability. They can go anywhere you go, whether it be the shop, your garage or your yard, without having to find a place to plug it in or being limited to where you can go by the length of the cord. Most of the cordless tools purchased today come with a two battery power pack. When one is low on power just simply replace it with the fully charged one. They are also very compact and can be stored out of the way easily. When you buy them they come in kits so you can normally get a drill, a circular saw, possibly a pin nailer and a flash light, so you really have multiple tools in one.

Lets compare some different tool uses where one might be better than the other. On power drills, if you are drilling a lot of holes in cement that has been aged, the corded hammer drill would be your best choice. Even though there are cordless hammer drills on the market, you would need the continuous power of a corded drill to get the job done in a reasonable length of time.

If you are using a circular saw, it would depend on what you are cutting as to the choice you should make. If you are cross cutting or ripping a 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 and doing a lot of them, then the power of a corded saw would be helpful. On any other type of cutting, either one would do the job well. The same thing would hold true with the reciprocating saw. It would depend on how big of a job you are doing.

Some disadvantages of the cordless tool are the loss of power if you are using it for a long length of time. The cordless tools are heavier and the additional 5 to 8 pounds of weight can put a strain on the body after using it for hours.

A disadvantage of the corded tool is the cord itself. It seems like it is always in the way. You can trip over them or cut them with a saw. These are both safety hazards. Also as mentioned earlier, you are limited to as far as your cord will reach. You have to find a longer extension cord or find another place to plug it in.

The info in this article is strictly the opinion of the writer. It is not meant to infer which tool is best for you. Hopefully this will give you some insight on things you have to consider when buying a corded or cordless tool. I am a home owner and a do it yourself type of person. I have a workshop and have used tools of different types for a long time. To solve the problem for me as to which one I should buy, I have both the corded and cordless tool. Now I just grab which ever one is best suited for the job at hand. If I could only buy or own just one it would be the cordless tool. For the average home owner that would be sufficient for most jobs he would encounter. Again, this is just my opinion.

Designs For the Perfect Garden Sheds

Gardens are not only for lawns and household play fields, but can also be perfect locations for storage sheds wherein one can just basically stock unused household stuffs in the shed. As part of the entire house exterior, it is only but proper that garden sheds will also look presentable and in-relative to the house's design.

In order not to be a total complete eyesore, garden shed designs should be well-planned. Shed plans should be in harmony with the available space in the garden as well as the design befitting the house's style. Furthermore, garden shed designs should serve its purpose to the owners in general.

The following are some basic tips on how to build your garden shed:

* Space. Before one make his / her own storage building plans, one has already the estimate of the space where the garden shed will be placed. Aside from the space available, decide which part of the garden it will be located. Make sure that it will not be located somewhere near the main road so as to avoid blockage of the pathway in the future.

* Layout. On a piece of paper, have a layout of your garden shed designs. One needs not to be an architect or engineer for this matter; a basic design of the garden shed – such as how it looks like – will do since this will only serve as a guide to the carpenter or designer in building the shed. If one is really very intricate about it, he / she can hire a designer or architect to make the storage shed plan.

* Materials. In the storage building plans, also include the kind of materials which you like for your garden storage shed. Most of which are made out of wood as woods are deemed as perfect materials for a garden storage shed. Aside from the fact that woods are cheaper, it can also blend well in the environment of a garden wherein shades of green and earth colors fill the area. It is advisable, however, to put wood treatments in certain parts of the garden storage shed. This is to prevent pests or house bugs in getting into the woods.

If you can not do it on your own, find someone who is learned and skilled in carpentry and designing storage sheds. Look for highly qualified individuals who can construct your garden storage shed. This does not only entail a sturdy garden storage shed output, but also a saving from time and materials used.

Basic Garden Shed Designs

Common garden shed designs today include the A-frame type and barn-style sheds. There are also many other styles such as pet barns, saltbox greenhouse, playhouses, cottages, pool cabanas, or a miniature version of your own house. Outdoor storage may be fitted with a porch and other accessories. When looking at garden shed designs, check what each manufacturer has to offer.

For a garage shed where you intend to park toy vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, and even cars, there are shed kits that come in various sizes available. In choosing, you would of course have to tally the number of vehicles in the household. Usually, garage sheds are also designed to house auto repair tools, parts, supplies, and cleaning equipment. Since garage sheds are valued for their interior quality, exterior designs are usually minimal and simplistic.

Outdoor garden shed designs for vehicles need to have strong foundation. You may choose from concrete, concrete block, pressure-treated lumber, brick, or plywood sheets to support the entire structure. The roof height must give adequate room for people to move in and out while the doors may be single, double, or roll-ups. Garden shed designs may include windows to encourage proper ventilation inside the shed. Another of the most popular garden shed designs are those for constructing potting or greenhouse sheds. Just like garage sheds, outdoor structures for plants need good ventilation because of sprays, fertilizers, insects, and soil. It is a good idea to erect a potting shed near a water source for better plumbing capabilities and maintenance. Greenhouse sheds may include a work bench, hooks for which hang garden tools, and shelves.

If you are planning a shed to serve as a nursery for seeds and young plants, as well as a greenhouse for orchids and foliage, you might want to look at larger garden shed designs. You can have the roof be made of either plastic or glass. The best flooring for a custom greenhouse is concrete. Hooks may also come in handy for baskets and ladders. Electricity is also a must for potting sheds as well as plumbing fixtures.

Depending on the type of outdoor shed you wish to have, you may opt for accessories to make garden shed designs even more interesting. Items such as skylights, cupolas, alarm systems, motion detectors, and storage units may be bought separately from shed kit manufacturers or your local home and garden store. You may have installed or purchased storage containers to better organize items to be stored.

Garden sheds are very popular among neighbors throughout the nation. In fact the demand for garden sheds has spread fast from coast-to-coast. Today, there are many garden shed designs on the market to decide on; the problem is choosing which one to use.

Finding the right design is important; it may depend more on the landscaping of your backyard, the style of your home, what windows to use, what accessories to add, and the space available to build a garden shed than anything else.

Sheds are used for storing garden tools, lawn movers, gardening supplies, equipment, surplus items, outdoor projects, tillers, and even the children's toys. There are many designs available with step-by-step instructions, videos, and even workshops to assist you in building a shed of your own.

Building a garden shed today is easy once you have chosen a design that meets the needs and desires you are seeking. With a solid design or blue print, you can build a durable shed that will last a lifetime. The key to building a great shed is in the planning. It will also be more cost efficient if you have a solid design that you know you will enjoy.

Many people go to Lowe's or Home Depot, buy their timber, equipment and tools and start building without a plan in place. This may turn into a real catastrophe and end up costing them much more than they anticipated.

The goal is to first understand what kind of soil you are building on to make sure you have a solid foundation to work on. It is wise to check with the city ensure no city or county building ordinances are going to hinder your project.

Next, if you want to have electricity, water, and air-conditioning it is important that you build next to an access point that will allow you this luxury.

The foundation may be constructed of cement if you want a more permanent location but if you think you may move in the future, it is best to build a garden shed that will allow you the flexibility to move it later. With a pre-built shed you are limited to existing choices on design and functionality. However, they are pre-cut and simple to put together if you do not have much knowledge in this field.

Common garden shed designs have domes and windows to improve the air quality and lighting. Today they have wider door entries as well to allow enough space for larger equipment items.

Garden sheds usually have shelves for storing pots. They also have pegs for hanging garden tools and yard tools. Sometimes they even include indoor potting benches. Drawers and bins where you can keep small hand tools, gloves and other small items are also commonly found in garden sheds.

When building your shed, do not rush as this can cause errors. Keep a concise plan and stick to it. Measure twice, cut once. Have a list of all the parts, tools, and equipment you will need to complete the project. Remember that your garden shed design can also be customized with decorations, accessories, and colors to change the mood and look of your shed. There is much to consider when building a shed but you can have the garden shed of your dreams with little time and effort.

Finally, if you do not have the right equipment or experience, make sure you find a neighbor that can assist you that has experience in this field and one that may even have a nail gun, an air hose, an electric saw, and that's good with a hammer.

Building your own shed will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you built something you can be proud of and enjoy for years. Once you have planned ahead and you are ready to build, just get started and enjoy new garden shed designed just for you.

A garden shed is a great idea if you are looking to store extra items or tools. They can also be very useful because not only do you get extra storage space but you can keep all of the things you need to maintain your lawn and garden all in one convenient place. If you check around you will find that there are all kinds of shed designs available that are both easy to construct and budget friendly.

Here are some helpful tips to assist you in choosing which shed design is right for you. First decide if you want to purchase a pre-made shed or if you want to build your own. Pre-made sheds can be more expensive but then you do not have the hassles of constructing your own. Although with a pre-made shed you are somewhat limited to the design and functionality. If you choose to construct you own shed, you get total control over both the design and the functionality.

The next thing to consider is, what you will store in the shed and what kind of function it will serve. Make sure you choose a garden shed design that provides you with the appropriate amount of storage pace you will need. So really think it through before making your choice.

Planning ahead is the best way to achieve success. Choosing a garden shed design that addresses all of your needs really comes down to the actual planning. Be prepared for any problems and challenges that can arise and things will go much smoother. Take your time and do not rush through the project because this can cause mistakes and create more problems. Keep a concise plan and stick to it. A good rule of thumb is "measure twice, cut once". Make sure that you have on hand, a list of all the parts, tools and equipment you will need to complete the project.

Garden shed designs typically incorporated wider doorways to make it easier to push larger equipment, like tillers and mowers in and out. Some designs have one wide door while others have two smaller doors that conveniently open together to make a larger doorway. Aside from wider doors, garden sheds quite often have cupolas and windows for better ventilation and light. The larger the windows the more light you have so you avoid the cost of adding electrical lighting. Garden sheds also usually have shelves for storing pots, garden accessories and other lawn and garden tools. Sometimes they even include indoor potting benches, drawers and bins to keep small hand tools, etc.

Just remember your garden shed design does not have to be plain or boring. There are many ways to customize the look of your shed. Color is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the look and feel of your shed. Adding decorations and accessories is also a good way to spruce up your shed. Although there is a lot to consider when buying or building a garden shed, with a little time and effort you will soon have the garden shed of your dreams.

7 Tips to help you choose the right garden shed design.

1) Decide if you want to build your own shed yourself instead of buying a ready-built shed. Obviously a ready-built shed is faster, but it can cost more, and it limits you to someone else's design. What's great about using your own garden shed plan is that you have control.

2) Work out the volume of what you plan to store in your shed and what you want the space for. Do not skimp on size; you'll only regret it later. The secret to getting what you want is to choose a well-designed garden shed plan. But how good your plan is, expect challenges and problems. Then when they come you wont 'be.

3) Give yourself plenty of time to build your shed and do not rush it. This way, you maker fewer mistakes.

4) Make a list of all of the tools, parts and equipment you need to complete your project. Measure twice, cut ONCE.

5) Remember, follow the shed instructions always. They've already gone to the trouble to troubleshoot all the problems and work out the design.

6) Many garden shed designs show wide doorways, either one large door, but usually two. This makes it great to move items such as mowers in and out. Apart from wide doors, many designs show cupolas and windows for better light and ventilation.

7) Garden sheds usually incorporated shelves for storing pots, garden and yard tools. You can even put in potting benches. Extras such as drawers and bins for storage of small hand tools, gloves, etc are really useful.

Garden shed designs do not have to be boring or unimaginative. It's easy to personalize the final look with a few paint and a few finishing touches. With a little elbow grease, you can build yourself a shed that compliments your home and yard, and enriches the value of your home.

Wooden Garden Shed Designs and Plans – Things to Consider in Building One

Ever feel like there 'simply shortage of space where you can properly store your garden tools and equipment? Brace up, it may be high time for another addition to your yard. I'd suggest you get started looking over some wooden garden shed designs and plans.

If you have an inherent talent for building stuff and tinkering around with your hands, there's no reason why you can not build a garden shed yourself. But I do suggest you use wood as your material because it is a lot easier and cheaper to use wood. Not to mention, it would blend right in your yard with your garden.

If you go over different wooden garden shed designs, you'll find that as well as the construction process, there's a whole lot more that goes into building a shed. That's what we're going to discuss below:


First thing you need to do is to find an ideal location for your shed. An ideal location would have to be somewhere where it's not very obtrusive in your garden. Also, make sure that the area is not somewhere where the water drains. Muddy or wet grounds would make a bad choice for the location of your shed. The soil can easily shift, and once it does, the shed could easily disintegrate as well.

Additionally, make sure that the shed is not built on property lines or you may face some trouble with your neighbor in the future. Above a septic tank is also a bad choice. It would have not provided a solid ground for a shed.

Size and Budget

Another thing you need to consider is the size of the shed you're going to build. How much space you have available in your yard as well as your specific need would have to be kept in mind in deciding on the specific size of your shed.

Additionally, once you've decided on the size of the shed, it is just as important to calculate how much you're going to spend for the project. Paying a visit to your supplier and getting a quote would be a good idea. Of course, you will need a complete list of materials to do this.

Wooden Garden Shed Designs

Aside from functionality, you also have to consider aesthetic value in choosing the right wooden garden shed design. Something that would add character and blend perfectly in your yard would be the perfect shed design.

Obviously, you can only choose the perfect designs once you've gone over several laid designs. And that is something I strongly suggest you do. A garden shed after all does not only serve your purposes, it has to accentuate the beauty of your home as well.

So, if you're in the process of going over wooden garden shed designs, I suggest you check out this really helpful resource here:

Projects for Woodworkers: Garden Shed Designs

Gardens can be filled with colorful flowers and trees or delicious fresh vegetables lovingly grown by you and your family. No matter the style of your garden, it requires tools and equipment to keep them growing and healthy. If you've been building those things in your garage or under the back porch, if may be time for some kind of storage unit to be placed in the garden itself.

If you like to work on outdoor projects, deciding on a garden shed design that can take care of gardening tools and supplies while giving you a space to work can be a dream come true. A shed for your garden is not only a functional solution to a storage problem, but it is a fun project your can do yourself.

Before moving ahead with putting a garden shed on your property, first ask yourself a few questions:

Pre-made shed or build your own? Pre-made sheds are fast and easy, and saves a lot of time; but it is a lot more expensive. Also, you are limited to standard sizes and styles. When you build, you can choose the style, the size, special options and detailing that you want.

What will you be storing in your shed, and what do you plan to use it for other than storage? Choose a garden shed design that gives you enough room for everything you need to do.

What about a plan? Start with a set of blueprints and instructions, and move along step by step. Set out the tools and supplies you need before you start work. That way you will save time by having everything at your fingertips. Make sure you have all the materials, parts, tools and equipment you need before you start.

Doors are a very important element in garden shed design. Choose a wide or double door to allow large equipment, like mowers and tillers, to fit through it without a problem. Cupolas and windows provide ventilation and light. If the windows are large enough, you will not have to add electricity to your shed – though you may want to anyway as it can come in handy. Add some shelving and hooks for yard tools and accessories. Lastly, putting in drawers or bins will give you additional storage for small hand tools and gardening gloves.

A garden shed should reflect the style of your home or garden. Customize it to take care of what you need. Paint it to match the house or leave the wood natural so it blends into the landscape. You are the boss. Although a lot of time and effort goes into building something from scratch, your garden shed can be one you will enjoy for years to come and well worth it.

Garden Shed Designs – Build Your Shed With Step-By-Step Instructions

Here's what you must consider building your own shed:

1. Decide on the type of the shed
Free shed designs can either be made to be permanent or movable. If you think in the future that you might need to move this to another site or you wish to do a landscaping and you need to relocate it, settle for the mobile garden shed.

2. Know what size you need
Garden shed designs are similar to storage building plans; they have their own separate standard sizes. Standard sizes are your basis and determining factor on what size you really need. You can change the size according to your own preference and needs.

3. Decide on your flooring
A simple garden shed design can be a small structure that only needs simple flooring. If you opt to do something that is permanent, you still need to have a good and sturdy foundation but not as elaborate as a free storage shed plans concrete foundation.

4. Decide on your wall
Assemble your walls in a prefabricated style so you can easily attach this on the sides surrounding the floor going all the way up. Make sure that frames and attachments are complete and properly attached.

5. Determine your roof design
After the frames of the walls are attached, you can start attaching the roof. A garden shed usually consists of a simple flat roof slightly leaning to either side to avoid accumulating water during the rainy season.

6. Know your door size
Make sure you have the right door size. Others make the common mistake of building too small doors that prevent larger tools and equipment from being stored inside.

7. Sealing it right
Do not forget to seal especially your roofing. This will prevent leakage during the rainy season. Your woodworking storage should be dry and clean inside to protect the things you store.

Building your own shed is easy. Just follow the steps above and you'll be working like a pro. One of the best things you should consider when getting your own plan plan is its ability to be expanded.

Garden Shed Design – Wood Or Metal?

Are you thinking about getting a garden shed? There are a few things to consider first. First of all, wood or metal. The second thing is, do you buy or build it yourself? You can learn from my mistakes, keep reading and find out the best option for you.

When I first decided to get a new garden shed I made the mistake of ordering a 'build it yourself' premade metal shed. It took me about a day to construct and I knew right from the start it probably was not going to be the shed I wanted.

after I had built it I tried to convince myself that it would do the job. The sliding metal doors made such a horrible noise when closing them and even though I had bolted the whole thing down to the ground it still did not feel very safe.

It was not until a few days later I noticed that some of my tools and equipment were wet. As I looked up at the roof I realized it was damp. Condensation. The whole roof was covered with condensation which did not disappear until late afternoon by which time as soon as the sun had gone down it was already starting to come back.

I put up with it for a couple of months until I finally made the decision to pull it down and get a wooden shed. The original reason I did not get a wooden shed was because of the price. Metal sheds seem to be so much cheaper, I now know why.

Being a keen DIY person there was no way I was gonna buy one. I invested a little bit of money and downloaded a whole load of plans from the Internet. After choosing the right plans I took them to my local lumber yard where theyave me a quote from materials. It was not much more than the original metal shed I had wasted my money on.

A few days later the shed was built and it is now my pride and joy. All my tools are safe and dry and I've got a load of room to spare. The best thing is people can not believe that I made it myself. It's great to show off my DIY skills!

In conclusion, forget about getting a metal shed. They're just a waste of money. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned wooden shed and building it yourself is definitely the way to go.

It's so much fun and you get to show it off to all your neighbors and friends once you have completed it!