If Experience and Training in Distribution Centers Is So Bad: Why Do not Statistics Show It?

A new hotel employee was asked to clean the elevators and report back to the supervisor when the task was completed. When the employee failed to appear at the end of the day the supervisor claimed that like many others he had simply not liked the job and left. However, after four days the supervisor bumped into the new employee. He was cleaning in one of the elevators. "You certainly have not been cleaning these elevators for four days, have you?" asked the supervisor, accusingly. "Yes sir," said the employee, "This is a big job and I've not finished yet – do you realize there are over forty of them, two on each floor, and sometimes they are not even there …"

The story may be familiar to some. Nonetheless the underlining message is proper training in an unfamiliar environment is essential. Warehouses and distribution centers focus a lot of attention on management training that they look for the brightest, talented, and most experienced person available. Yet when it comes to hiring the staff of people who are actually going to do the work they get someone with minimal education and work experience. Most companies hire hourly workers who may have been to several companies in past and assimilate them into their organization immediately and getting familiar with operation as they go along or in some cases not at all.

The problem with this method is that the company gets maybe a few months of productivity from the employee before the effects from a lack of proper training and experience starts to appear. If the situation persists it can result in a lot of challenges from inventory accuracy to audits not to mention a loss of revenue for the company and the cycle reiterated by terminating the employee and making the same mistake again with a new hire.

The majority of new employees in the warehouse come from other organizations or temporary services and after a few days on the job practice former company habits in receiving, storing, picking, and moving products. But all companies are not the same and despite you may want them to perform in a different manner if you have not trained them in your company culture and processes or worst they come with a lack of experience then they usually learn from others which may not be the right way if you want to have a quality workforce.

Deficiency in Training and Experience

Deficient training and experience can have an adverse affect on your organization. In traveling the world I've noted many excuses as to why organizations can not train their hourly workers properly. Some were for example "if I train them they will leave and take the training elsewhere." Or "we do not have the budget for company training." But the question is can you afford not to train them? According to recent statistics the average company experiences a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week (ie reduced production, delays in maintenance, shutdowns, and inaccurate data collection). To put it in a more proper perspective a distribution center with 50 employees who are paid $ 29 per hour ($ 15 per hour salary + $ 14 per hour in benefits) the downtime cost of such a company would be $ 9280 weekly which translates into more than $ 110,000 annually .

This under the assumption that all workers in the company will be forced to stop all production during a downtime scenario which may not happen but just a few key distribution workers on the docks could create a severe impact on the operation. But before you can assess your downtime cost you need to determine its origin. The best way to accomplish this is to do a downtime threat analysis. Some threats that could cause downtime,

1. Internal and external sources

• Technological

• Accidental versus intentional

• Controllable risk or those beyond the organization's control

• Events with prior warning versus those with no warning

• Employee sick leave

• Absenteeism

• Qualified versus non-qualified workers

2. Three questions that should be focused on when doing a threat analysis.

• Identify the relevant compliance issues

• Establish a cost associated with each compliance issue

• Develop processes to reexamine downtime threats on a continuous basis

The Benefits of Training and Experience

Having skilled and dedicated workers at the lower levels is good business practice and makes good sense. Empirical evidence shows significant correlation between experience and compensation (see Robert Willis 1986 and Theresa Devine and Nicholas Kiefer 1991 for surveys). Moreover, on-the-job-training, apprenticeships and internships provide experience at significant costs to both individuals and organizations: Sherwin Rosen (1972: p327) states, "(w) workers demand learning opportunities and are willing to pay for them since their marketable skill or knowledge and consequent income are increased. "

The importance of experience and training your employees can provide more than just compensation it can save time for the organization; workers have a more positive feeling about the organization, they get off to a good start and, they know what they are doing.

Experience and training adds value to your organization and employers know that the values ​​these employees bring translate to;

• Increased profits

• Decreased costs

• Increased quality, and

• Increased customer satisfaction

Heymann and Barrera (2010) exemplified the values ​​of employees in their study where they interviewed employees at all levels, from the lowest paid to those in top management positions including CEOs, CFOs, and COOs in nine different countries. Companies ranged in size from 27 to 126,000 employees and included those in the public and private sector of the automobile, financial services, personal goods, technology hardware and equipment, pharmaceutical, food production, construction materials, and industrial metals industries.

They concluded that companies such as Costco and Great Little Box Company because of the incentives they offered from the lowest level employee to senior management had happier, more productive employees and a lower turnover ratio than their competitors in the same industry. They also found for Costco treating workers well was important it led to increased motivation and a higher quality of service. This combination along with good wages and the knowledge that there were opportunities for advancement were important incentives for employees to work hard. The high quality of service by motivated and engaged employees at Costco, coupled with the low prices, mean that customers returned, and were willing to pay the membership fees.

Great Little Box Company practiced an open-book management strategy (holding monthly meetings discussing the organizations, finances, production, and sales performance with staff members at every level) this brave employees a sense of ownership in the company yet in or to be more effective the organizations leadership incorporated profit sharing. The Great Little Box Company also encouraged employees to come up with cost saving ideas. One such idea explained in cross-departmental use a particular piece of equipment used exclusively in the labeling department but now shared with the department charged with printing folding cartons which is explained in a cost savings of 12% a task sourced out to a printing company in the past.

Ideas and strategies of employee involvement is nothing new we've seen programs like TQM, Quality Circles, and Agile all the stress the same thing but unlike The Great Little Box Company that actually implemented and followed through; it was just another fashionable idea that died out when the next great wave of pop management techniques came along.

The open-book management strategy has served The great Little Box Company well in terms of substantial gains and profits. The last decade their sales have doubled from 17m to 35m and in the past seven years the company's success has enabled it to purchase the assets of six companies.

Zenger, Folkman & Edinger (2010) concluded in their study of companies that were profitable. They identified five areas that were common among the companies with substantial growth.

1. Employee satisfaction / commitment

2. Employee turnover

3. Percent of employees who think about quitting

4. Satisfaction with pay

5. High commitment

Zenger, Folkman & Edinger (2010) study although not inclusive makes a strong case that experience, training, and employee involvement is essential for growth and profitability of a company. Costco and the Great Little Box Company are two good examples of companies succeeding with experience, training, and company involvement at every level but it's not the exact rule of thumb. Incentives and involvement are factors worth knowing but in order to have great ideas to save organizations money there needs to be a certain amount of experience and training among the staff at each level.

Achieving the type of success that Costco and The Great Little Box Company has obtained; Companies need to find what works for them and how it relates to company goals. Do not follow other organizations or emulate their systems of operation because each company is different and does not need to translate into success for your company.


Heymann, J., & Barrera, M. (2010). How Businesses Can Profit From Raising Compensation At The Bottom. Ivey Business Journal Dec 2010.

Rosen, S. (1972). "Learning and Experience in the Labor Market," The Journal of Human Resources, 1972, 7. pp. 326-342.

Zenger, J., Folkman, J., & Edinger, K. (2010). How Extraordinary Leaders Double Profits:

Decoding Leadership Trends to Discover the Patterns.

Trying to Lose Weight? Follow These 10 Easy Tips

Fat that has accumulated over the years will not melt away in a day – that’s the hard truth that every person trying to lose weight should know. It’s universally known that diet and exercise will together help in shedding pounds, and in this post, we bring a list of 10 tips that will make the journey easier.

1. Detox your body. Add half a lemon to a glass of warm water with some honey to make your own detox concoction. Have this as the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to get rid of the toxins and boost the metabolism.

2. Replace your regular water. Instead of filtered water, go for 9.5pH alkaline water, which is effective in many ways and may reduce free radicals in the body. Alkaline water can also boost metabolism and keep your energized throughout the day.

3. Get a smaller plate. Most of the time, people end up eating more food because the mind tells them to do so. Trick your brain by opting for a smaller plate. Portion control makes a huge difference when it comes to weight loss.

4. Take your snacks to office. Anything from seeds, nuts to a granola bar is great for a quick snack. Just make sure that you don’t overindulge in nuts, because these are also high on fat. With easy snacks, you can avoid reaching out for the burgers and chips.

5. Don’t skip exercise. No excuse is good enough. Not feeling like going to the gym? Go for a walk for 30 minutes. Don’t have equipment at home? Find free home workouts online. Workout for at least half an hour each day, no matter what.

6. Shop wisely. Always check what you are confusing. Reading between labels helps considerably in avoiding food items that are high on processed meats, flavors, artificial colors and ingredients.

7. Cook your meals. You never know what goes in each recipe in the restaurant, and even best ‘healthy’ delivery services are not that healthy. Cook your meals at home, and you can save considerable amount of money and unnecessary calories.

8. Stay hydrated. Water helps in flushing toxins out of the body and keeping the body hydrated at all times, which also makes you fuller and eat less. If you don’t like plain water, go for fruit-infused beverages or make lemon water on the go.

9. Avoid sugar and reduce salt. dietitians recommend reducing sugar and salt intake with age. Refined sugar can be avoided, but you can still eat fruits in moderation. As for salt, just reduce the daily consumption by 25%.

10. Include protein. Have more egg whites, salmon, tuna, and chicken for each of your meals. Protein makes you fuller for long, and you can easily reduce the amount of carbs per meal, which eventually helps in fat loss.

Check online now to find more on alkaline water and make sure to have all the cooking essentials at home, so that you don’t order junk food from restaurants.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts Will Create a Merrier Christmas

Those holiday greeting cards make everything look so wonderful. The house is surrounded by snow. Icicles hang from the eaves of the roof. A chimney puffs a wisp of smoke into the calm nigh sky. What they do not show you are the people huddled for warmth, fighting off the cold as they blatantly attempt to warm their hands in front of an underperforming fireplace. Winter comfort requires more than a snowy night and a trip from Santa Claus. You also need heat. Pellet fireplace inserts can provide it.

Pellet fireplace inserts work with your existing fireplace. In fact, they serve to replace that inefficient, smoky wood-burner with a hyper-efficient, full-featured wood pellet stove. The inserts fit right into your existing unit, transforming it into something far superior. That old fireplace will instantly become a powerful wood pellet stove after the easy installation process.

Regular fireplaces just are not efficient. You can dump a full cord of wood into a fireplace on a cold day and still feel the need to wear a heavy sweater in the same room. They do a poor job of circulating heated air and their chimneys allow more than smoke to escape – precious heat goes out the top of your home, too.

Pellet fireplace inserts, on the other hand, provide real heat and comfort. As the name suggests, they are simply on small pellets of wood to generate heat. The process is far more efficient than the old-school alternative; some models operate at ninety percent overall efficiency.

In addition, you still get to enjoy the benefits of your fireplace. Pellet fireplace inserts do not sit a font of the fireplace, they fit right inside. You will still have same mantle and a great place around which everyone can enjoy a glass of eggnog. In fact, you might end up with a better-looking area. Most of the inserts are quite handsome, serving as a handsome upgrade.

Home heating costs are skyrocketing. Fireplaces seem like a good alternative to other fuels until you actually try to use them. Pellet fireplace inserts, on the other hand, really are a great way to keep your bills under control and to stay warm through the entire winter. The little wood pellets these systems used are inexpensive and they pack a real heating punch. When you look at the prices of natural gas, electricity and home heating oil, it is easy to see why pellet fireplace inserts are gaining in popularity so rapidly.

Oh, and if you were wondering … Based on our research, Santa Claus can still visit you even if you have replaced your fireplace with a pellet insert. Apparently, chimneys are optional.

The Most Enjoyed Sauces and Condiments

It’s no secret that people love sauces and condiments. It adds flavour to a dish and gives the meal a bit more moisture so that it’s not so dry. There is an array of sauces out there that can be enjoyed with different meals and here are the most enjoyed options.

Tomato Sauce is the most popular one. There are so many versions of tomato sauce and it is up to you which one tastes the best to you. Tomato sauce is such a versatile sauce that can be used in many dishes. It can be used on French fries, fried chicken, with pies, and with meals. It can also be used as an ingredient in pasta sauces, stews, curries and other food dishes.

Chutney is a deliciously sweet condiment that can be enjoyed with your favourite meals too. It can be enjoyed with French fries, fried chicken, pies, curry, braai meat and much more. It adds a sweet tangy flavour to your meal. So it’s up to your imagination to which meals you want to add it to.

Mayonnaise is a condiment that is either loved or hated. For those who love the flavour of mayonnaise, they know that it can be enjoyed on a chicken burger, a sausage sandwich, with bacon and eggs, and beef sandwiches. It adds a deliciously tangy flavour to salads too. You can opt for the light version if you are trying to cut down on the calories. You can also try mayonnaise with French fries for a different flavour combination.

Hollandaise sauce contains two main ingredients tomato sauce and mayonnaise. You can add other ingredients to it for a different flavour dimension. Hollandaise sauce combines the best of the two worlds to create a unique flavour that can be used in bean salad, with braai dishes and fried foods. It can also be used as a dip for chips and samosas.

Sauces and condiments are enjoyed by many people because it adds a new flavour to a meal. It also adds a bit of moisture to make it easier to swallow the foods. Usually these readymade sauces are packaged in a way that can be kept in storage for long periods. So if you tend to use a lot of these sauces you can get them in bulk at a cash and carry wholesaler. Maybe you prefer to get the large containers to packs of six, the choice is yours.

Libra – Your Partner and the Sake Cup

I'm told of a Japanese custom that sums up the spirit of Libra: If you are dining with a partner in a Japanese restaurant, you are not to fill your sake cup. Instead, your partner fills it for you when it is empty. In turn, you fill his.

You work with the cooperation of others to accomplish your goals. And likewise, you cooperate with others to help them accomplish their goals. And if we all did that there would be no room for aggression and strife: Libra's utopia.

We use Virgo's energy to polish and refine our raw creativity. But then our skills must find an application. We need other people to work with and to work for.

The Sun enters Libra at the autumn equinox, a time when daylight and darkness are perfectly balanced. Balance is the purpose of Libra's symbol, the scales; grace and balance are the goals of Libran people. We keep adding and subtracting from both sides until both sides are equally balanced.

And so, Libra is associated with justice, mediation, and sentences who balance the competing claims of both parties in a legal proceeding.

Balance is critical in our healthy functioning. We do not function well when our bodies are out of balance. We suffer when our lives are out of balance.

When energy is in balance, there is an easy flow. The Tarot is a big fan of balance. There are many cards that speak to the desirability of balance: Temperance, The Lovers, and all of the cards with the numeral two, for examples.

Harmony is the byproduct of balance. And with harmony comes beauty. A fine sense of style, taste, and design is a gift for those in whom Libra's energy is strong. And so you find many Libran designers of all types.

Beauty is nothing more than the harmonious placement of shapes, color, and texture. When we call a person's face beautiful we mean that the face's shape and its features are classical. They blend together. Features are even, neither too large nor too small. Balanced. Beautiful.

Likewise a beautifully decorated room has a pleasant mix of shape and color.

While balance, or more specifically, inner harmony is important for all of us, it is critical to the proper functioning of Libra. Librans use the refinement of outer harmony as a way to generate inner harmony, their ultimate goal.

Libra is a cardinal sign. It initiates action. Like the partner in the Japanese restaurant it does so working through and with others. And so it excels in areas that require excellent people skills such as counseling, teaching, mediation and diplomacy.

Libra often sees itself as one half of the scales, needing another half to give it completion. People with a great deal of Libran energy put a particular value on one-to-one partnerships of all sorts, particularly marriage.

Too often, Libra is so concerned about keeping the peace that it does not properly take care of its own needs. The charming Japanese custom does not work without your guest keeps your sake cup full, too.

If a Libran has too much difficulty getting his own needs met, he may resort to less than pleasing, indirect means. The term passive-aggression was created to describe frustrated Librans.

Sometimes a beautiful façade masks a rotten interior. And, too often, Librans think appearances are everything. But there is a remedy for this. It is called Scorpio.

Your Ultimate Shopping Guru – 5 Reasons Why Online Shopping Is the Best

Internet today have changed many people’s lives. It made their lives easy and comfortable. So comfortable that almost everything can be done online – socialization, work, pay bills and shop without leaving their homes.

Above all, one activity done in the internet which is online shopping is growing tremendously. A recent study in US alone found that nearly half of the population is purchasing online. This is because a lot of people have discovered the advantages of online shopping.


This is one reason why people love to shop online. Shopping on the web allows consumers to shop at the convenience of their own home. People who have disabilities, ill or those who are too busy to go to stores can still purchase what they need online.

Imagine how crowded shopping malls are during holidays or weekends. Shopping online can avoid crowds that make people irritated waiting and falling in line just to pay for the items that they have just bought. And problems finding a parking place can be eliminated.

It is very convenient because consumers can shop anytime of the day without worrying about store hours. Online shopping gives consumers the ability to shop at a time that is convenient to them.

Moreover, shopping online makes it easier to send gifts to relatives, friends and loved ones since most online shopping websites offer fast and reliable shipping options. It’s a great way to surprise loved ones too.


Anyone with an internet access can just log and can look and purchase for items they want no matter where in world they are. No need to waste time and energy to go to stores that are too far just to buy items they want.

Through online shopping, people can shop overseas without even traveling.


Shopping online can save money from traveling expenses, food and impulsive shopping. Used or old stock items can be easily found online which are much cheaper such as books and furniture.

Sometimes is it is even tax free. Those online stores that don’t have a physical store in some state don’t have sales tax.

Best Buy

Easy access to the product’s information gives the consumers better choices. Aside from the information that is available at the online store, consumers can easily search the internet for more information. Moreover, they can look for the product reviews and ratings which are great help to the consumers in making wise decisions.

Aside from the information, product reviews and ratings, online shopping gives consumers wide range of choices. Going to traditional stores usually limit the choices of consumers which force them to buy things that they don’t really like.


There are things people want to buy in private. Items such as adult toys, sexy lingerie etc, through online shopping consumers can do discreet purchases.

Even with these advantages of shopping online, a lot of people still don’t trust online shopping for security reasons. However, there are simple solutions for this problem.

Shop Online Securely

• Find out about a merchant by visiting its website. Look for guarantees, warranties and return information.

• Look for online shops that have symbols like unbroken lock or key, URL that begins with https:// and sites that have SSL or “Secure Socket Layer”, this means that the consumers and the merchants can only view the payment information.

• Look at the privacy statements to know how the consumer’s personal information will be used. Reliable merchants always make this information easily available to the consumers.

• Always pay purchases with a credit card, check card or PayPal.

• Always keep records of transactions. If it is possible, always have them printed.

There are so many advantages of shopping online that attracts consumers to shop online – convenience, accessibility, affordability, best buy and confidentiality. However, there are few consumers who don’t trust online shopping. On the other hand, with these simple tips on how to purchase online securely, consumers can enjoy the wonderful benefits of online shopping and be satisfied.

Home Painting Ideas for the Newlyweds

When you lived with your parents, they primarily decided the colors of the home. When you lived in college dorms, you couldn’t undertake painting adventures on your own. And, when you lived in rented apartments, it had to be neutral colors to suit the landlord’s prerogative. But, now that you are married, the place that you call home should be remarkable and romantic.

Make your Home your Romantic Paradise!

As newlyweds, your home should enable you to live your life comfortably. But, it doesn’t mean you have to undertake massive renovation projects on your property. You can paint the walls with the color of your choice and make it beautiful. It will be inexpensive, easy and quick. But, before dialing the number of a home painter, here are a few home painting ideas to make things easier for you:

· The Purpose of the Room

Painting a home doesn’t mean selecting one color and painting all the rooms with it. It is not as simple as it looks. You have to consider the purpose of each room and then, make a choice. If you have a dining room that you will use for entertaining guests, it is best to go for colors that make the room elegant as well as create an illusion of space. Ask your painter to give a wooden finish to the floor to make it look sophisticated. On the other hand, the bedroom is your personal space. Seek inspiration from things that attract both of you and paint the room in rich hues to make it romantic.

· Not ‘I’, it is ‘Us’

Newlyweds often have arguments about choosing the colors for the home. But, it is important to remember that even though you have agreed to spend your lives together, you are not the same person. Both of you will have different choices. And, if you want the home to be a romantic paradise, you will have to consider each other’s choices.

If your spouse loves the color pink and you like the neutral shades of brown and grey, you can make it work. Ask your painter to provide you with color palettes that include your favorite colors. Usually, a reputed painter has a team of color consultants who work closely with homeowners to solve their dilemmas. You can ask the color consultants about your color choices and make things work.

· Center of Attraction

Painting is not only about giving a fresh look to the walls. You can a have a piece of furniture, a painting or a wall-hanging to be the center of attraction. Don’t just restrict the look of the bedroom with candles, hang a few photo frames to make it more personal. You can put up pictures of your wedding, honeymoon or other events that are special to both of you.

Once you decide on the thing that will be center of attraction for a particular room, you can decide on the color of the walls. Make sure that the color complements the accessories and the furniture of the room.

Painting the home can be your very first adventure that you embark upon as a couple. So, it is essential that you spend adequate time on planning. When it comes to painting, patience is the key. Talk to your painter and ask him to give you suggestions. Research online and discuss with your spouse so that your home brings out both your styles and personalities.

The Benefits of Getting Cosmetic Face Surgery

Nowadays, there are so many cosmetic face surgery procedures in the market that it can be so easy to go in and have a face change without anyone knowing about it. But if you want to have a safe and successful procedure, you will need to consult with a surgeon before progressing on any decisions about getting a procedure done. This is because your surgeon will be in charge of making sure nothing wrong will happen during the surgery. At the same time, the surgeon will also prepare you on the things you need to know prior to the scheduled surgery.

With the many different types of cosmetic face surgery procedures now available, it can be so easy to address just about any deformity or insecurity. With this, there are two main types of surgical procedures known. The surgical procedure you are interested in getting can either be reconstructive or purely for cosmetic purposes only. If it is for cosmetic reasons, the cost of the surgery often varies among different surgeons. It can also be more expensive than getting a reconstructive surgery.

Although there are a lot of different cosmetic face procedures that can be done, the most common among them include brow lifts, cheek implants, eyelid surgery, face lift, neck lift, chin augmentation, spider veins, nose contouring, and facial liposuction.

People who get a cosmetic surgery are those who rely on their looks for money. Also, they can also be those that already have a lot of money and would like to enhance their features. The most common facial surgery procedure being done is the face lit. This surgical procedure lifts the skin that is sagging in the mid face region. As a result, it helps minimize jowls found on the lower face as well as gets rid of the excess skin found below the jaw and chin. A face lift surgery can minimize the signs of aging. It can also improve the tone and the contours on the skin of the face.

While there are so many cosmetic face procedures available nowdays, there are also a lot of people who can now get non-evasive and non-surgical procedures done. Since there are now so many options available, people can easily get their facial features fixed in no time. As a result, their insecurities can be overcome and they can start enjoying a much better and new personality.

5 Rich Benefits of Lassi & a Tasty Lassi Recipe

Lassi is a popular traditional yogurt-based drink from the Indian Subcontinent. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and occasionally fruit. Traditional lassi is a savoury drink, sometimes flavoured with ground and roasted cumin. Sweet lassi, however, carries sugar or fruits, instead of spices.

In Dharmic religions, yogurt sweetened with honey is used while performing religious rituals. Less common is lassi served with milk and topped with a thin layer of clotted cream. Lassis are enjoyed chilled as a hot-weather refreshment, mostly taken with lunch. With a little turmeric powder mixed in, it is also used as a folk remedy for gastroenteritis. It is also sold at most dairy shops selling yogurt and milk, and both the salty and sweet variety is available.

Benefits of Lassi

Improved digestion and appetite

Ginger has its own benefits and perks to health. But being added to such a healthy drink as lassi, it gets even greater. Add a few grated gingers to a well-prepared lassi and see it’s cooling properties gets enhanced. It not only makes the body cool and calm but also improves digestion, body appetite, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

A Doctor to the stomach

Lassi itself is a natural remedy for many of the problems regarding stomach. This list includes problems like bloating of the stomach, stomach disorders, constipation and many more. Drinking a glass of this after you get up in the morning every day, can keep your stomach healthy for the entire day.

Helps to build muscles

One can simply drink lassi which is rich in protein and essential for building muscles. So, lassi is popular with bodybuilders.

Enhances bone health

Advance your bone health and dental health with lassi as well. Since lassi is rich in calcium, it is an excellent way to strengthen the bones.

Beneficial during pregnancy

Milk is a natural source of vitamin B12, calcium, and protein, making it a must-have drink during pregnancy. Milk-based drinks boost your energy. You may drink fresh sweetened yogurt (lassi) or chilled skimmed milk, which are coolants.

Delicious flavoured Lassi in this upcoming hot summer

Banana Walnut Lassi


-1 cup low-fat yogurt

-1/2 banana

-3-4 walnuts (or include hazelnuts, almonds and pine nuts)

-1 tsp seeds (mix of flax seeds and sesame seeds)

-1-2 tsp honey


-In a food processor, pour yogurt, whey powder, flax seed, sesame seeds, -walnuts, honey and bananas.

-Blend it well until smooth and creamy.

-Transfer into a glass and garnish with chopped walnuts before serving.

The Pressure Cooker

The Kitchen-A flashback:

Bright is the kitchen
Below the curling fumes and dark chimney
With the playfulness of
Dancing fires and murmuring vessel-lids.

The Picture Fades:

Among the gossiping utensils
Flourished a cooking vessel
With an ear-breaking prosaic sound:
"The mistress becomes lunatic!
She carries a new machine with her
With a handle and much space inside "

A stainless steel wept;
"We are about to be dismissed
As we dismissed the muddy ones "

Hearing the 'hot news'
The fire place began to melt
And then it declined.

The Machine in Action:

The pressure cooker smiles
Sitting on a gas stove
And imagining herself as a
Climber of the Himalayas.

The new machine started to shrill out;
"I did not mean any menace
Yet you started pin pointing
The deformity in me! "

How an able-bodied damsel like me
Can be criticized so cruelly?

The novice continued '
"Better you go to the attic
And do take rest for a while
As you need to keep away
From my stemy circular body. "

On the attic stand some
Unlucky 'outdates'
Dreaming of the glorious days
But now have been whitewashed.

Peeping through the air holes
The 'relics of the past' sighted;
Why does hides the pressure of man's appetite?
We are not caring for anyone and anything.
We are revolutionaries,
And we react to the fire
And sometimes extinguishing it.

You dull creation of the Continent!
Be reactive and cease whistling.
Your whistling reminds us
The howling of the dead
On the Judgment Day

Incredible Vegetarian Recipes That Will Make You Forget About Meat

Meat is delicious. But too much in your diet can cause a plethora of health symptoms. But when it comes to fresh produce, you can never eat too much! You don’t have to ditch meat altogether, just add more fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. Try these delicious vegetarian recipes – they will make you forget about meat, even for a while!

Soy and Sugar Fried Cauliflower

What you need:

  • 1 large head cauliflower, cut into florets
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 scallions, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup ice water
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour, sifted
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 1/3 cup garlic chilli sauce
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon grated ginger
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • Vegetable oil for frying

Whisk together ice water, flour, cornstarch, baking powder and salt in a bowl to prepare the batter. Heat vegetable oil over medium-high heat in a pan. Working in batches, toss cauliflower in batter and fry for 4 minutes per side. Remove from heat and place in a plate lined with paper towels. Combine chilli sauce, brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger in a bowl. Toss fried cauliflower in the mixture, sprinkle with scallions and sesame seeds then serve.

Brussels Sprouts Macaroni

What you need:

  • 1/4 kilogram Fusili pasta, cooked
  • 3 cups Brussels sprouts, halved
  • 2 1/2 cups whole milk
  • 1 1/2 cups white cheddar
  • 1 cup fontina, shredded
  • 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
  • 3/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese, divided
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

Arrange Brussels sprouts in a baking sheet brushed with olive oil. Season with kosher salt and ground black pepper then bake in a pre-heated oven (375F) for 30 minutes or until tender. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Add flour and milk to the pan and whisk together. Season with salt and pepper then allow to simmer for 5 minutes, or until mixture has thickened. Remove from heat then stir in white cheddar, fontina and 1/2 cup parmesan. Mix until cheeses are well-incorporated in the mixture. Fold in Brussels sprouts and cooked pasta then transfer everything to a baking dish. Combine bread crumbs and remaining parmesan in a small bowl and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle mixture over mixture over pasta. Bake for 30 minutes in an oven (375F).

Forget meat for a while – try these delicious vegetarian recipes!

Finding The Right Colors To Paint Your Home

Nothing adds new life to any home like fresh paint. You can hire house painters to take care of the work for you both inside and out. They have the right equipment, the time, and they can get the job done faster than you would be able to do it on your own. In addition to hiring the right company, you also need to find the right colors.

You want to be happy with the outcome once the house painters are finished with the work. Don’t have regrets at that point about the colors you selected. The shade can make a difference too. For example, some shades of gray can have blues and purples in them. You may have envisioned your home a dark gray color so you don’t want to pull up and see a purple tint!

Finding the right colors for the perfect outcome is very important. While you have the last say, you should consult with your house painters before you move forward. Ask them what their opinion is about a particular color you are interested in. The information they share can influence your decision. Don’t go with just plain white because you are afraid to try colors.

Color Samples

To help you decide what colors you want the house painters to use, obtain color samples. Some providers actually have a packet of colors they share with customers to aid them with such decisions. Typically, this has various shades of colors and just a thumbnail print of what each color looks like. You can also get color samples for free from most home improvement stores.

For exterior painting, take the color samples outside and hold them against your house. Seeing them in the sunlight verses in the lighting of your home can make a difference in the color you ask the house painters to use. If they are painting inside for you, take the color samples into the particular room that given color is being considered for.

This is because you may have different types of lighting in different areas of your home. That is just one of the main factors you need to think about when you are considering a shade of a given color. The last thing you want is the color to cast shadows around the room due to the issues with the lighting.

You can also get real paint in small quantities that use as samples. You can apply it to the room or the exterior. Once it dries, you can see if that may be the color you really want. This gives you a great opportunity to verify it is or to continue to get more samples to try. Don’t rush into making a decision as you want the paint to last and to be happy with it.

Flat or Glossy

The house painters also need to know if you would like them to use flat or glossy paint. Typically, they will use glossy paint for exterior trim purposes. It helps to accent the overall appearance of the home. You can ask them to use glossy paint for the entire exterior if you like. Take the time to discuss with the pros and cons of each option for your particular project.

The painters want to do an outstanding job for you, so make sure you share all the details you can about your paint choices. Ask questions too because they can help you to get answered that will determine your next steps. They should always use high quality paint products regardless if they are flat or glossy.

Average Vs Professional Sales Presentations

Research indicates that most salespeople put 80-90% of their time into presenting and demonstrating and leave only 10-20% of their time for other things. Professional salespeople, however, spend only 40% of their time presenting or demonstrating; not more than 10% prospecting; and about 50% of their time qualifying and planning.

Let's look at these figures one more time. The professionals spend half as much time demonstrating or presenting as the average salesperson does, yet we find that he or she still manages to turn in at least twice the volume. And this is a conservative figure. Actually, the professional partnerships in between four and ten times as much business as the average salesperson will. It's not uncommon for a single salesperson to outsell the entire bottom half of the sales force, and keep on doing it month after month, year after year.

So what is it that the true professional does to stand above the rest? By far the greatest difference lies in his or her attention to and ability at planning sales, at selecting and qualifying the right people to sell to, overcoming objections and closing, and at describing and obtaining referrals.

So as important as presenting and demonstrating is, if you do it with the wrong people because you did not qualify properly, it's all for nothing. If you're working with the right people, but you let their objections beat you because you have not prepared properly, it's all for nothing. And if you have no capability in closing, you're working for nothing. If you can not close, many sales you could and should make will go to the next competitor who comes along because you built the structure for the sale but could not close the door before he or she got there. You have to be a strong presenter or demonstrator to sell consistently. You also have to qualify strictly, handle objections consistently and close strongly.

There are three things you should cover in your presentation:

1. Tell them what you're going to tell them. This is your introduction.

2. Tell them what you're there to tell them. This is your presentation.

3. Tell them what you just told them. This is your summary.

That's the outline of all successful speeches, presentations and demonstrations. In other words, we use repetition. We do not say exactly the same thing three times, of course, As outlined above, we begin by introducing our new ideas, then we cover our points in depth and relate them to our future clients' interests and needs and finally, we draw concluding from our points and indicate the direction that things should take.

Repetition is the mother of learning, yet average salespeople do not like repetition. For one thing, they have used their material so many times that it's stale to them. All too often, average salespeople have gone worse than stale on their presentations and feel it would be better off buried. The professional, on the other hand, never tires of phrases that work, ploys that sell, and ideas that make sense to his or her buyers.

There is no doubt about it, one of the keys to the professional's greater skill at presenting or demonstrating lies in his or her ability and willingness to use repetition effectively to reinvigorate every point. He or she does not mind repeating the sales point because he or she knows it leads to repeated sales to the same type of clientele.

So think in terms of tell, tell, tell and remember: Repetition is the seed of selling.

Mobile Home Water Heaters

Having a mobile home has many benefits, somewhere, where you can escape too, and relax whenever you get the chance.

But what about maintenance?

Mobile homes tend to lack maintenance until something goes wrong, but just like your main home, they should be maintained on a regular basis.

The mobile home water heater never gets looked at till it breaks down, but just like your central heating boiler ay home, it should be serviced annually.

Most of the new mobile homes are now supplied with a full central heating system installed, run by an LPG combination boiler.

Older models were supplied with an LPG water heater, normally fitted in a compartment somewhere.

The most popular heaters were made by Morco and Bosch.

They produced around 5-6 liters of hot water per minute, which for the average family was enough.

Now though, if you need to repair or replace your heater, both Morco and Bosch have ceased production of these models.

Searching the internet you may be able to find a replacement or parts, but these are old stock, and you will pay through the nose for your model.

So what options are there for mobile home water heaters?

If your heater has stopped working, you have two options.

One, try and get it repaired, which could cost you nearly as much as replacing it, or two, replace it with a new model,

A Spanish company now produces a replacement for the Morco and Bosch water heaters.

The make is called Forcali, they produce two models, 6 and 10-liter versions.

Each water heater is supplied with standoff brackets to bring it inline with the existing flue.

It’s best practice though to replace the flue at the same time.

Everything needed for the installation is supplied in the box, even the flue adaptor.

These replacement models have been designed to save on running costs by having no fixed pilot.

The water heater operates automatically as and when there is a call for hot water.

Your old water heater was probably D rated, whereas these new units are A rated and better for the environment.

Like I said at the beginning, mobile homes need regular maintenance to keep them working, but the most important thing is SAFETY.

When you arrange for someone to carry out the maintenance, make sure they are Gas Safe Registered, and that they also registered to work on LPG.

Winter Driving

With the sunset of Christmas time, expect that not a few people are going to take on the streets. Whether you are in the habit of saying "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays," there is something really special about the season's festive air. Suddenly, the last few days of the year turns into a season of increased human activity. Add to that comes after the well-placed success of summer and the holidays.

This early you may have planned both your destination and itinerary, and even primed up your Buick for the long drive ahead. But, as banal as of most human concerns are, weather is another factor that should make it to your holiday considerations. Weather is unpredictable and can strike at the most inauspicious of time. Not only human activity goes up a notch higher during this season, but the number of vehicles requiring assistance as well.

As frost rears its ugly head during this cold weather, antifreeze becomes all the more essential. Most common cause of car breakdowns in this climate is frost damage. It is important that, once you are set for the roads, your Buick is protected with the correct strength of antifreeze and water mix. Neat antifreeze can turn into sludge when very cold and can snarl up the Buick's radiator. A 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water is recommended.

As an added precautionary measure for safeguarding the Buick parts under its bonnet, it will be better if you keep the lubrication level in accordance with what is specified on the manufacturer's manual. On the road, be sure to stay on top of the situation through periodic monitoring of the Buick's oil and water levels.

If you have been skimming on car maintenance this year, but somehow still thinks it is indispensable, now is the time to roll your Buick into the shop. Have its brake system checked by a professional. The same goes for the tires. Examine all four rubbers for signs of uneven wearing and for any cuts or small nicks. You do not want to take a risk and use a bad set of rubbers on wet road.

Also, check that all lights are in good working condition. Remember to clean road grime from all lenses when washing the car. Conduct a safety inspection on the Buick's front and rear fog lights, too. They come in handy especially in cold weather driving. Keep in mind that fog lights should only be used when visibility is reduced to around 100 meters and switched off when visibility improvements.

Make sure that both front and rear wiper blades are not worn out or damaged, as they can be of great use in winter drives. If they are leaving smears across the Buick's windshield, it is time for new blades. Also, keep a can of de-icer and a scraper in the car. De-icer can also be used to defrost doors and petrol filter locks. Carry a few things just in case. Gloves, a blanket, a small shovel, a torch and some cash are essential. Consider carrying a mobile phone with you. Do not forget to have your phone fully charged and with sufficient credit before you set off.

It is unthinkable that there is any one who will let car breakdown make his or her Christmas break come to a head. By following these helpful tips, you can help your Buick perform up to specs this winter. And, in turn, you can spare your holidays from getting spoiled. As they say, it is not so much the end of the journey that counts. But how you actually get there …