Bridge Holidays From the UK – Fun, Friends and Travel in Poland

Bridge or contract bridge is a well-known card game enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Bridge is also the perfect excuse for thousands of people to leave the UK every year and enjoy a holiday package tailor around playing bridge. Traveling with fellow enthusiasts and friends, people spend time simply enjoying different scenery while taking part in endless games of Bridge. A typical internet search will bring up many bridge holiday results for the usual sun soaked locations such as Spain, Greece and even further afield such as Barbados. The average age of Bridge players in the UK is 55 years old and over 60 in the USA. Given the target market for Bridge holidays contains a lot of people who are retired or near retirement it is no wonder that chilled out beach locations are a popular destination option. However, there are a lack of overseas city destinations on offer for Bridge holidays from the UK. No doubt there are hundreds of Bridge players out there who like the idea of ​​a Bridge holiday but are not attracted to the sunny beaches and hot climates traditionally given by specialist travel agents.

There are of course many options within the UK for city / countryside based Bridge holiday locations out there but how about the same options abroad? Would you consider Poland and specifically Zakopane and Krakow as a possible destination for your next Bridge holiday? A combination of time spent between the countryside of Zakopane in Southern Poland and the city of Krakow, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Zakopane is based at the foot of the Tatra Mountains and instead of sand and sea offers Bridge players beautiful scenery of mountains, mountains and forests, a location of growing interest in the winter ski and snowboard holiday market. Krakow is a listed UNESCO world heritage site offering museums, medieval architecture and Gothic cathedrals. If you are the more adventurous type and would be interested in seeing more of the places you are visiting then Poland would offer plenty of scope for a well balanced holiday of playing Bridge, enjoying local traditions, visiting historical sites and creating a truly memorable experience.

The thought of trying a new holiday destination to the more experienced Bridge players may be a slightly worried prospect, there are of course strict rules and regulations to be followed, after this is first and foremost a Bridge holiday. No need to worry, Bridge is played around the world and Poland is no different, there is a Polish Bridge Union (Polski Zwiazek Brydza Sportowego), regular competitions and thousands of members. A Bridge holiday to Krakow and Zakopane would have been professionally organized as a trip to Spain.

Take a look at Poland when considering your next bridge holiday destination and enjoy a wonderful blend of culture and Bridge together.

Titanium Use in Airplane Parts

Titanium is a useful material for constructing airplane parts for many reasons. For one, titanium is an alloy metal that is extremely light. For aircraft, this quality is critical as the aircraft must be light enough to lift from the ground without requiring more powerful (and bigger) engines to propel it. Titanium’s strength is also critical as aircraft experience harsh conditions and high work loads. In all, titanium is just what the doctor ordered for the large majority of fabricated sub-assemblies, which necessitate a low weight, long service life and high strength.

Titanium is able to endure numerous types of damage with little impact on the metal alloy itself. Titanium is able to hold up under heat and chemicals will not cause damage to the external composition of titanium. Environmental exposures do not break down titanium, even over long periods of time. Industrial damage will not affect the external structure. Furthermore, corrosive contaminants are not a concern when it comes to titanium products.

When specifically considering airplane engines, titanium proves to be an invaluable asset. Beginning in the 1980s, internal titanium sub-components have been used in airplane engines successfully. This amazing metal has been applied in the making of many engine parts including impellers, turbine stators, thrust outlet sheaths, typical rotating and static engine parts, compression disks and bearings. This alloy is typically applied in areas that require an exceptionally high strength, significant durability and low weight. These are critical elements, which must be considered when building an aircraft.

Another imperative area that requires great strength combined with light weight is the wing. Wing components are often comprised of titanium. In general, titanium is utilized when fabricating internal sub-assemblies which are capable of accommodating especially high flight loads. Titanium is also often used in the internal structure of the wing, particularly in wing boxes or wing spars related to the variable airfoil designs. In such a case, usual loads connected with static wing configurations are considerably magnified.

It is simple to understand the attraction of the use of titanium when constructing aircraft. Because of the many qualities of titanium, both airplane safety and performance are improved through the use of this magnificent material. Many modern designs feature titanium in the construction, if not overly than within the inner mechanisms of the aircraft itself. Airplane owners and passengers alike benefit, thanks to the strength and light weight factors that titanium possesses that help make aircraft perform better as well as be safer.

Buying a Wall Hung Style of Bathroom Suite

A wall hung style of bathroom suite consists of a wall hung toilet with a cistern that’s concealed either behind a false wall or within a piece of bathroom furniture (either a WC unit or a basin and WC combination unit) and a wall hung basin. The basin may also be a standalone piece of sanitaryware or an inset or countertop basin combined with a wall hung vanity unit. If you choose a bathroom furniture option, your WC unit and vanity unit can be coordinated for a streamlined look.

This look is one that complements contemporary bathrooms well; it’s also very practical for two reasons:

1. Its clean lines and streamlined design makes it easy to clean, plus it does not touch the bathroom floor at any point, which means that the floor is easy to clean, too.

2. The positioning of the bathroom suite allows you to see the whole floor area. This is a big advantage in small bathrooms, as it makes them appear larger than they are.

When you’re choosing your sanitaryware, remember that you will ordinarily need to select your brassware (taps) and waste for your basin separately. It’s also possible that your concealed cistern and wall mounting frame for your wall hung toilet will be sold separately, too. Make sure you buy everything you need: don’t assume that things will be included – check!

You’ll need to select taps which complement your overall bathroom suite aesthetic, whether that be sweeping curves or straight lines and angles. Do remember as well that your basin may be pre-drilled for either a single, monobloc mixer tap, or for a pair of basin taps. Alternatively, it may not be drilled at all: either so that you can decide where the tap should best be situated, or because the basin is designed to be paired with deck or wall mounted taps. Make sure you check what kind of taps you’ll need before you start looking – it will make your choice a lot easier!

When you’re buying your basin waste, there are two basic types to choose from: slotted and unslotted. The former should be used where your basin has an overflow slot; the latter where it does not. You also have a choice of whether to go for a pop up waste or a manual design.

If you are thinking of buying a wall hung style of bathroom suite, the main thing to check before you go ahead is whether your bathroom walls are structurally up to the job of supporting the weight of a bathroom suite and (in the case of the toilet) the weights of the occupants of and visitors to your home, too. The main disadvantage of a wall hung style in cases where the existing walls are not very strong will be the cost of strengthening or replacing them.

White Tableware Dominance?

If you are going to choose china dinnerware, go for plain white. Splashes of color is enjoyable, but not all colors can be matched with other colors. A plain white tableware is, on the other hand, a more sophisticated but flexible addition to any dining table that will stand the test of time.

Most homes usually use plain white tableware when eating meals. There are others who prefer colored porcelain, or those patterned and elaborately designed pieces matching with the theme of the dining room, but most people usually just settle with the plain plain white set when preparing the table.

Children's table ware are of course, different. Given the short attention span of kids, you must allocate a different set of eating utensils that have vibrant patterns. Plastic plates are usually recommended so to minimize break and as much as possible, find ones that feature your kid's favorite cartoon characters to make eating time exciting for them.

For adults though, an elaborate dining set is definitely the center piece of a table, and since you are using it at least three times a day, the importance of finding the right dining place and tableware pieces used everyday is a must. Some families today not only put emphasis on food and its nutritional benefits but also the presentation.

Cooking networks are also a big hit today. More and more cooking experts are getting popular, rarely Gordon Ramset, Heston Blumenthal, and Jamie Oliver – and who could ever forget shows like Masterchef, Iron Chef, and The Great British Bake Off?

As seen on television, most professional food presentations are made on plain while tableware. Doing so will focus the attention more on the food and not on the plate, so the beauty of the food arrangement is elevated. And since most people just jump in the bandwagon, the use of plain white porcelain for serving food spread dramatically.

An additional point to the usefulness of white tableware is also its ability to adapt to any kind of dining room theme or style. White dining pieces will fit in any to both formal and casual eating occasions. Having this kind of dining set will also minimize stress in food preparation since you will not have the additional burdens of what kind of plates would best suit the occasion and just concentrate on preparing the food alone.

Peace, simplicity, and cleanliness – these are the attributes that go with pure white porcelain pieces. People who are using this simple set are growing. And the population that will continue to patronize will continue to increase each year as its reliability and simplicity is consistently broad casted in worldwide media.

And the equally good news is, you do not have to spend a lot to have your own set. With a little diligence to look for high quality white porcelain, you can certainly stumble upon a fine piece which even Gordon Ramset will be thankful for.

A blank canvass is the starting point for a painting masterpiece. A white dinnerware, on the other hand, is the starting point for a great cuisine. Chefs are often included to use white dinnerware more than any other kind of tableware.

What is Fire? – Why Choose a Fire Pit?

Whether fire is our friend or foe depends a lot on the way we treat it and our having a basic knowledge of its causes. This understanding will help us see the practicality and benefits of having a Fire Pit.

What Is Fire?

Although men had been using fire for thousands of years, its true nature was not known until experiments by Antoine Lavoisier and others in the 1700's showed that fire marks a chemical reaction involving oxygen. I am sure that if they had put outdoor fire pits to good use, they could have figured this out way earlier! Anyway, they proved that oxygen is actually added during the burning process, although others before that had thought that fire resulted from the release of an imaginary substance called "phlogiston." Fire is defined as the heat and light that come from burning substances – essential of course for every fire pit.

In describing the basic essentials for fire, many speak of the "fire tetrahedron." In other words, along the original "fire triangle" of fuel, heat and oxygen, they add the fourth essential of chemical reaction. Fire pits use all four!

It is necessary for us to understand the part each of these plays in producing fire so that we can put it to use in either lighting our fire pit and preventing or extinguishing unwanted fires. For example, to put out a grease fire on the stove, turn off the stove (removing the heat) and cover with a lid (removing the oxygen that feeds the fire). This will also benefit those contemplating buying a fire pit, helping them to decide which fire pits are best for them.

So to get a better idea of ​​what causes fire in your fire pit, let's take a look at these four basic elements.

FUEL: Given the right circumstances, most substances will burn or combine with oxygen in combustion, a chemical process that liberates heat. (Remember that fire is the heat and light resulting from combustion.) However, the temperature at which things will burn in fire pits, called the ignition point or kindling point, varies according to the substance. For example, the kindling point of film, nitrocellulose, is only 279 degrees Fahrenheit – not recommended for use in fire pits. For wool it is 401 degrees Fahrenheit – obviously making fire pits hard to light, and for newsprint 446 degrees Fahrenheit – perfect for fire pits. What Fuel should I use in my Fire Pit? Wood or charcoal can be used in most fire pits. Some fire pits run on gas, a great alternative. See Artistic Fire Pits for converting your fire pit to gas.

HEAT: Generally, heat is provided from an outside source, such as a match or spark, and then the fire produces enough of its own heat to be self-supporting. If we reduce the temperature of a burning substance below its kindling point, the fire in all fire pits will go out. Sometimes enough heat is generated within substances, such as in a pile of oily rags, to cause them to burst into flames. This is called spontaneous combustion. Certain bacteria in moist hay can cause the temperature to rise rapidly, causing the hay to burn. These sources of heat can not be ignored when considering fire prevention and safety, and in deciding what to burn in your outdoor fire pit.

OXYGEN: Although there are other chemicals that can combine with fuels to produce heat, oxygen is the most common. The need for oxygen to sustain a fire in all fire pits is shown by the fact that fuels heated in a vacuum will not burn. Sorry there will be no outdoor fire pits in space!

CHEMICAL REACTION: There are certain conditions under which fuels will not produce a flame, even though fuel, heat and oxygen are present. For example, if the percentage of natural gas in air is not between about 4 percent and 15 percent, no flame will be produced; your fire pit will not go!

The burning process can be illustrated by an examination of the flame of a candle. The wax does not burn directly, but, rather, gas given off by the heated wax travels up the wick and burns. Prove this by blowing out a candle that has been burning for some time. Then pass a lighted match through the trail of smoke rising from the wick. A flame will travel down the smoke to the wick and relight the candle.

There are three areas in the flame produced by fire pits: (1) the dark inner area of ​​no combustion and (2) an intermediate layer of incomplete combustion, composed of hydrogen and carbon monoxide that typically work their way to (3) the outside cone of complete combustion.

Why Choose a Fire Pit?

With the moving in mind think of how the flame of your fire pit will strengthen your evening. Yes the rich tones of the patina evoke the colors of a warm blaze making Outdoor Fire Pits a center attraction for any gathering, even on those cooler evenings. In sunlight, the designs, on the sides of Patina Fire Pits [], or the actual design of the Artisanal Fire Bowls themselves, cast intriguing shadows both inside and outside the bowl. When lit, the flickering shadows from fire pits are as vivid as the fire within.

Keeping in mind the essentials for fire, would it not be a good idea to take a look around your home or place of work to see if you may not be giving destructive fire a place to start? And remember – Fire Pits are a great way to control your outdoor fire.

Yes, whether fire is our friend or foe depends a lot on the way we treat it and our having a basic knowledge of its causes. It certainly is the course of wisdom to treat fire with respect, and fire pits are a great way of doing just that!

The 5 Sneaky Fat Loss Tips That the Gyms and So Called Fitness Experts Don’t Want You to Know About!

The 5 sneaky fat loss tips that the gyms and so called fitness experts don’t want you to know about!

Here are 5 awesome fat loss tips you can use today that will have a huge positive impact on your weight loss results.

Ok, so you’re doing everything right, your training hard, doing interval training, lifting weights, cutting out the cr*p as in bread, sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed foods etc.

But why can’t you shift those last few pounds? Or the excess body fat around your stomach? And if you could only shift this then it would reveal that sexy flat stomach you want.

So what can you do to really get you over that last hurdle? You don’t want to quit and why should you? You’ve worked so hard to get to this point, just a little bit refinement and you will have the body you deserve.

Well these 5 sneaky fat loss tips might just be the key to the body you want and keeping it.

So what are these magical tips that the gyms and so called fitness experts don’t want you to know about?

1) Sleep, Yes it’s that simple sleep. Get to bed early enough so you can have at least 8 hours sleep per night. This is extremely beneficial for weight loss as it is just as important as training and diet. When you are sleeping your body releases growth hormone and testosterone, these are vital for your bodies repair and rejuvenation. Testosterone is beneficial in both men and women for muscle tone and fat reducing. Increasing testosterone levels will have a massive impact on reduction of body fat. Therefore the way to do this is to sleep up to 8 hours per night and adopt a regular sleeping pattern.

2) Take sodium Bicarbonate on a morning. Yes sodium bicarbonate the white power used in baking and what your gran used to clean the cooker with. This just might be one of the most important natural supplements you could take. This helps alkaline bloods pH levels, which is massively important. If the human body is too acidic you will experience fatigue and struggle to lose body fat, natural energy will also decrease, and the bodies insulin will not work efficiently meaning you will be storing more fat than you are using as fuel. Alkalising your body first thing on a morning by drinking half a teaspoon of sodium Bicarbonate in water, wait 15minutes then have a healthy breakfast. This will go a long way to decreasing the body’s acidity, help with body fat reduction and give back the body’s natural energy. Just make sure that your diet is a healthy one when using things like this. If your diet is unhealthy you will become ill and it will not work correctly for you.

3) Use flax seeds. Flax seed is the best source of omega 3 fatty acid from a plant source. Omega 3 can help reduce heart disease, strokes and has sensational anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore it is great for joint inflammation. Omega 3 also has a great effect on brain power as it improves blood flow within the brain. Flax seed is essential for vegetarians so they can get their essential fatty acids and omega 3. However as a country we are also very deficient in omega 3 so by using this super food it would benefit everyone. Flax seed is great for mixing into meals and snacks by grinding them down and sprinkling over the top of porridge, put it in smoothies or shakes or mix with a fruit salad. Make sure you drink plenty of water when consuming flax seeds as they are high in fiber. You can by flax in either seed form or already ground down.

4) Never exercise for longer than 45 minutes. After 45 minutes of exercise we are done!! Our body’s testosterone levels have peaked and it is impossible to gain anymore than we have. When working out it is all about intensity, the intensity of the workout and each exercise in that workout. Use the 600 rule. There are 600 muscles in the human body and when we exercise we should hit every one of those in every single session and the most effective way of doing this is by using big muscle exercises. For example squats, push-ups, deadlifts, lunges etc. Leave the gym feeling worked but energised at the same time.

5) Water, As simple as it may seem water is the most important nutrient we can consume as humans. Water make’s up 70% of your bodies, yet we always just seem to focus on the other 30% of the foods we consume, such as fats, carbohydrates, protein and sugar etc. However it should be the water we are looking at sorting first. Approximately 76% of the human brain is made up of water, our blood is 82% water and our muscles are 75% water. So drink 1litre of fresh clean water for every 20kg of your body weight and by fresh I mean clean filtered water out of a Brita filter or specialised filtration set up in your house. Do not drink tap water, it is not safe or clean and is full of chemicals.

There you have it, 5 awesome fat loss tips that are so simple yet so effective. And if you implement these into your current training and diet routine it will go a long way to helping you get the body you really want.

David Wilkinson

The North East Leading Fat Loss Expert

Plan Your Honeymoon Early

With all that you have going on in preparation for your wedding, you could almost forget about planning the honeymoon. Here are a few tips to help things run smoothly.

Just with planning your wedding and choosing a wedding coordinator or wedding planner, consider using a travel agent. Often times they are able to give you better rates and they will save you a lot of time and numerous headaches.

Pick a destination as soon as you can. This will allow you plenty of time to get all of the required paperwork collected, such as passports, visas, and medical clearance for your international trips. Also with this paperwork, you may need to take along a photo copy of your birth certificate, marriage license, credit cards (front and back) and emergency information.

Make a packing list well in advance. There are many websites which can help prepare a list for you, such as packwhiz. Also mark your luggage inside and out, with your name and address.

You should carry with you the name, phone number and confirmation number of every place you're going. This includes your travel agent, airline, car rental, travelers insurance agency, and hotel. Leave a copy of this with a friend or family member, along with a copy of your itinerary.

Do not forget to pick up your travelers checks or credit cards and confirm your plans with your agent a few days before the wedding.

This all may seem like a lot of unnecessary steps, but in the case of an emergency, you will be so glad that you took the extra time to make sure these details were completed. You want your honeymoon to be remembered for the romance, not the ache of a ruined vacation.

Steel Wine Barrels – A Durable And Cost-Saving Storage Alternative

Being easy to clean, hygienic, durable and cost-saving storage alternatives, stainless steel wine barrels are getting popular among the wineries. Comparing with traditional wooden barrels, they are more beneficial with their stable chemical and physical attributes.

Barrels are probably the oldest form for wine storage and still play a vital role in wine production process. Until the advent of stainless steel tanks, fermentation and aging in oak barrels was preferred for the premium wines. But taste and aroma of wine gets affected negatively, so the wineries started to find new alternatives for the oak barrels to store the wine. In this regard, stainless steel barrels appears to be the best alternative being durable and cost effective.

Aging of wine is a significant part of wine making process that can change the taste of the wine. The wineries are now becoming more conscious about the type of barrels the wine is stored in. Being less expensive to maintain and long lasting in use, steel wine barrels have emerged as the most preferred option for wine storage. When comparing with wooden barrels, they do not erode quickly, they are not required to be replaced as often. As the steal is impervious to oxygen, it helps to minimize wine oxidation without changing the taste of the wine. Using stainless steel, the barrels can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and designs, quite difficult to do with wood or cement. Additionally, steel barrels facilitate the dry and cleaning storage and do not affect the wine aroma.

Durability and inertness are the admirable features of stainless steel making it the suitable container for wine. Oak barrels, have a short life span, while the stainless wine barrels can be used for a longer period of time. With steel barrels, there is no need for the coating of paraffin wax, glass or epoxy resin and they can control the temperature smoothly during the fermentation, due to the heat-transfer property. Comparing the cost with oak barrels, steel barrels are more affordable options. The steel is neutral and does not affect the taste and aroma of the wine stored in it. So, they are quite useful for the experimental batches of the wine which need neutral storage containers.

While purchasing the steel barrels for wine production and storage, it is highly required to ensure that the steel has an appropriate level of chromium and nickel content. Chromium oxide provides the anti-corrosive properties to the steel and the nickel facilitates soldering and promoters corrosion resistance. It is also important to avoid the tank that has any scratch on the inner surface. This can keep the remnants of previous wine in the scratches and affect the flavor of the wine currently stored in the barrel. Do remember that the wine barrels should be purchased from a reputable source. Some manufacturers have their websites catering to the needs for all kind of steel wine barrels. Do your homework online and search a reliable manufacturer to purchase the wine containers matching your needs and budget. While selecting the steel wine barrels for your wine production and storage, make sure that they are easy to clean and durable to use.

Write Winning Sales Copy That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

Writing Enticing Sales Copy

In order to get your business up and running in the right direction, writing relevant sales copy is one of the biggest defining factors in the earning potential of most businesses. Writing sales copy is no mystery, but if you don’t have the skills to sell through the written word, your business will suffer as a result of this. You might need to find someone who can do this for you so that you can maximize your income. However, using copy writers will be extremely costly. If you are just starting out, you are not likely to be able to afford this kind of cost at the outset. The problem is, without good relevant sales copy, your business is less likely to reach its full potential.

So, what should you do? Our advice is to learn how to write stunning sales copy yourself! However, before you can write a winning formula, you must identify your market, whilst keeping in mind that there is likely to be some serious competition, unless your product is new and unique. Be sure to describe your product’s uniqueness stating exactly how this will meet the needs of your prospects. Also, there is likely to be some overlap, that is to say, if you are writing sales copy to sell a particular item of clothing, to men, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any interested female parties and or other groups. So you must choose your language with this in mind. Sport is a good example of this as many women are now participating in some sporting activities such as football and rugby, which traditionally have been male orientated activities.

Here, even the colour of your sales copy matters, since, pretty pink sugary copy won’t appeal to most manly men and only some women for example. You could help yourself by seeking out other similar products and checking out the colour and style of their sales copy. Have you noticed how supermarkets make their own brand products to resemble famous brand products? Well this is a tried and tested formula that works. Note how certain colours have become synonymous with particular products. For example cornflakes with red, yellow, green and orange, sugar with blue and white, cleaning products with lemon yellows, purples, blues and reds depending on the ingredients used.

Manufacturers use colour to give an impression of the ingredients used. For example, there are a lot of washing powders and washing up liquids which use extracts of various fruits and flowers and are colour the same as those fruits and flowers to denote their presence in particular products.

The next thing to keep in mind is that, to write killer sales copy which will laser target your customers, the headline and the salutation, should make a genuine claim, a promise to deliver that which ties in with your prospects needs, aspirations and interests. Also, the benefits and solution should run like a motif throughout your sales copy subtlety reminding the reader what is on offer and how they can benefit from it. For example, here the offer is information on how to help you write effective sales copy, the solution being, that you the reader will increase your customer base resulting in a raised volume of sales.

It is important to get this right, as it is no good writing brilliant sales copy which will sell products which are not up to the mark, as this will only result in many customers asking for a refund. If the product has some minor flaws, be up front about this as this will gain your prospects respect and will save you time in the end. If there are things you feel that you need to hide about a product, then you really should consider whether you should be selling or promoting it.

Deliver a Clear Message

You must deliver a clear promise and your sales copy should maintain a clear consistent unmistakable and irresistible offer. Your choice of words should make the reader internalise what is being set out before them. Powerful words take us on a journey and stimulate our desire, but you should only use them if they genuinely describe your product.

Effective words invite us to think carefully about what’s being said. Persuasive/descriptive words create the opportunity for us to make an informed decision without feeling unfairly induced to do so. Writing sales copy is like a type of rhetoric on paper which stirs up emotion and courses people to take action based on what they understand. Here, the action you’re looking for is orders resulting in confirmed sales.

Avoid speaking in jargon

Put simple, if your intended audience can’t understand what is being said, at best they’ll dismiss you. Moreover, they won’t trust you and will not make any purchases at all, nor will they ever recommend you to anyone else. In fact, they are more likely to share a negative opinion about you as opposed to anything else. This is not to say that jargon doesn’t have its place. For example, if the jargon is subject specific as in medicine or law, and you are writing sales copy for these audiences then you should use the expected language to communicate your message. To do anything other than this will look like you don’t know the subject well enough.

How Long Should Your Sales Copy Be

In short, your copy should be as long as it takes you to fully lay out your offer, explaining the good that it will do. In the words of Ted Nicholas “Sales copy can never be too long, only too boring” so keep it interesting because if you bore your prospects you won’t get any sales at all. You need to make sure that you engage them with your first few words or they will be gone forever.

You can often gage how long your copy should be according to the cost of the products or services. You are promoting. For example, if you are selling an item for $5.000, you are going to need to write enough sales copy laying out the attributes of the product or service. This will help convince your prospects of its benefits and the solution it is going to provide to their problem. This will result in sales for your company. Don’t assume that the product will speak for itself; you will need to do the same even if you’re promoting luxury items.

In many industries, generating interested leads is a big part of the business. In cases of services and high end products in particular, your chances of selling directly from a single page sales letter are fairly slim. This is why a well thought out sales process, starting with a prospecting letter to qualify leads, can prove to be a very effective strategy when trying to sell high-end products and services. A good sales letter will draw in qualified prospects that have read your sales copy and understand what your company has to offer. You could of course write a simple sales letter which direct prospects to a website where you have put some more detailed sales copy.

Emphasize the Benefits That the Reader will enjoy

Make sure your sales copy emphasises all the benefits of what you’re selling together with your unique selling point, (USP) without pressing too hard for an immediate transaction. Make sure your offer isn’t sounding too good to be true, or that the cost is not too low as both of these will prevent your reader from making a purchase. Having the ingredients of well written truthful sales copy together with a compelling offer and strong call to action will usually deliver the desired response from prospects as long as the product is as good as you say it is. In fact, the best result s come in when the product or service is even better than you have stated.

Promote New Products or Services

When you are promoting a new product to existing customers, you should keep in mind that these are hot leads, since they are already familiar with your company. For this reason, they require a particular type of sales letter, designed to help you maximize the lifetime value of these customers. The art of the sales promotion letter sent to existing customers is one which should never be over looked. A good technique is to make special offers explaining that this is because they are a valued customer. You should of course always continue to give extra perceived value for money. On this basis, you will continue to hold the attention of your customer with the possibility of further sales.

As well as emphasizing new ways your business can help your prospects, continue to remind your existing customers of what you’re already doing for them. Relate the new benefits of your product launch to the benefits your existing products and services are already giving them. Continue to remind them why they use your company, instead of the competition. You’ll get the best results when your sales copy continues to link and make references to new and existing benefits and how they compliment each other. This will certainly give current customers a concrete idea of how your new offers relate to the reasons why they already buy from you and will encourage new customers to come on board.

Limited Time promotions and offers

If you’re not offering a new product but running a limited-time promotion, or simply reminding the market of your company, be sure to emphasize how taking advantage of your offer requires action within a limited time period. For example, a discount on a gym membership allows customer to enjoy an even better value for money than usual, but this extra special offer will end on a specified date not too far into the future. By doing this, you know that most of the sales you are going to make are likely to be in by the date you have stated. Make it clear in your sales copy that the offer will not last as this is much more likely to course a reader to respond immediately after reading your sales copy, rather than putting your offer aside for later and never returning to it.

This is a useful sales technique, but it must be genuine. Here, we advise that this be a genuine time limited offer and that you should withdraw the offer at the end of your specified time limit. There is nothing to stop you from offering the product or service again in the future. Using a time limit as a way to induce people to make purchases is likely to result in a lot of money back requests and is likely to expose you as running a dishonourable outfit. Even if you do manage to make sales as a result of this, you won’t enjoy any repeat custom or referrals.

Writing Sales copy for an Online Business

When writing sales copy for your business’s website, it is essential that you write sales copy which can easily be found by search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential skill for success in online businesses. If you don’t know how to optimize your copy you will need to learn how to do this. The cost of a professional to do (SEO) will be high, but it is not something you should over look. It could help you beat the opposition, so I’ll give you a brief outline of what you can do to improve your chances in the absence of a professional SEO copywriter. As I’ve already said, SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. SEO is the technique of generating traffic from the search engines, (in particular Google) to your website.

These visitors are interested in your products/services because they have been searching for them using search terms which correspond with your website. Writing sales copy for a website will involve writing copy in such a way that it will achieve two important goals: The first being to get visitors to come to your site via search engines. The second goal is making sure that plenty of qualified visitors who are more likely to become your loyal customers also visit your site. These visitors are more likely to become customers since they are definitely looking for your content as they have arrived via a search of the key words you have used in your sales copy and Meta tags.

I hope that this article will help you in achieving this yourself! One of the main skills of writing sales copy for your website is ensuring your copy uses what are known as long tail keywords which are typically 1 to 3 words long and may form a short phrase or be part of a longer one. E.G. ‘Home grown business’ or ‘Grow your business from grassroots up’ Avoid using single generic terms such a health or gardening as these are unlikely to bring many qualified visitors because they are 2 generic terms. Note, that if you are paying for your traffic using words which are generic terms will bring lots of unqualified visitors costing you unnecessary money. Including long tail keywords at the right percentage of 1% to 5% in your copy is the method which will bring good results.

Carefully written Website Sales Copy

When producing sales copy for your website, using long tail key words of 2 to 3 words will usually maximise your potential to complete sales. This is very important and must be researched carefully. Also make sure your copy has the same keyword as any ads, articles, slides, etc. that you have and produces and relates to the same products/services. Your keyword density, that is your main keywords/ phrases should make up no more than 2% to 5% of your body copy. More than this percentage will course the search engines to become unresponsive ignoring your sales materials all together. Also, for this reason, your key words must relate directly to your products/services.

Title and Description Meta Tags

If your sales copy is for your website, you also have to pay particular attention to your title and description Meta tags. To briefly explain, your meter tags are concealed within the (HTML) hyper text mark-up language at the back of every website. You can see an example of this by going to any website and right clicking anywhere on the main body of the site and choosing ‘view source’ from the dropdown menu. You will find the Meta tags at the top of the source code. These are extremely important for two main reasons. The first is that search engines look at these tags to determine what your web page is about, which will determine where it will appear in terms of index page search engine rankings.

That is, your website could appear in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position on page 1, 2 or 3, etc., the main keyword/keyword phrase for each page on your website should be included in both the Title and Description tags. Clearly, position 1 on page 1 in any search engine ranking is the best of all and is where you should aim to be. The second reason why these tags are so very important is that this is the copy a reader will see when your page comes up in search engine results.

There is a direct correlation between your Meta tags and the key words used in your web sales copy. So, the key words for these Meta tags need to be compelling, as this has the effect of maximizing the number of searchers who actually click through to your site from the search results. Since you can’t have a face-to-face meeting with every prospect or customer, your sales copy must be compelling. It must convey honesty and trust worthiness to the reader and must also lay down your authority in your line of business.

If you have a proven track record, be sure to emphasize this in order to build expectation and trust. You should also make use of genuine testimonials if you have any. If you are promoting someone else’s products as an affiliate, then you can utilize their testimonials.

Trust You Instinct

After a little practice you’ll know if you’re getting it right as your words will create feeling and emotion as you write them. You will begin to experience taste, small, sound etcetera as your words dance and skip on the page in front of you. Of course this all depends on what you are writing about. For example, writing sales copy about a fragrant spa wouldn’t usually create the emotion of a freezing cold rainy day. Similarly writing sales copy about citrus bath oils, gels and soaps may create the emotion and fragrance of walking through a leafy orange grove with its brightly coloured fruit all around you!! Always remember, it is being able put yourself in the role of the reader which will enable you to write winning sales copy which sells products.

Your Sales Copy Should Always Include Every Possible Means of Taking Payment

For example: ‘Please look over the enclosed materials and order form which you may return in our self-addressed, postage-paid envelope. Please make cheques payable to P.J Farnham and sons coach tours & water parks Ltd. We also accept all major credit and debit cards. Please see enclosed order form for full payment details. Alternatively please visit: Insert your (URL) to complete your order online’.

Finally, if you keep the following important components of composing your sales copy in mind you will be successful. You need a clear and compelling offer, an explicit transaction that you are inviting the reader to make. Here’s an example of an offer: “For a one off payment of $37 you can have delivered to your door a complete expert exercise course which will have you toned and buffed inside 8 weeks!!” An attention-grabbing headline, which offers the customer a solution and satisfies their desires, needs wants and aspirations.

A specific and irresistible offer, which is clear and the customer, understands exactly what is being offered. A strong call to action must tell the customer exactly what to do next to reach the solution for their problem and or fulfil their desire. E.G. for further information please visit: your URL. P.S. Your (postscript) should remind the reader why they must take action. End with a further call to action. This is the second most read part of your sales copy after your headline and you should use it to your best advantage.

Here you should show the reader the advantages of taking immediate action which could be, that they receive extra products or services if they act swiftly or by a specified date. Or act immediately to receive a voucher for two to enjoy a free spa at Get fit quick Leisure Centre for example.

Congratulate yourself; you are now able to write high impact sales copy that delivers. Let us sum up with a quote ‘The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement’ so always strive for the next level.

We wish you the very best of Luck in life and also in your business endeavours!!

Faster Product Development – How Customers' Cost Measurement Decisions Impact Your Product Pricing

Knowing which applications will be able to support your product selling price is important in getting your product to market faster. Chemists and engineers need to develop technical solutions for applications where the value of the solution to the customer will support pricing levels needed to develop the product.

In order to determine the value of the product to the customer, it is important to understand how the customer brackets the cost decision. Knowing how your product is of value to the customer and knowing whenever the customer will consider all those factors in the pricing decision can help you decide which opportunities to pursue.

Your product will have value to a customer if it is saving them costs that they are currently incurring. But if those current costs are not factored into the cost equation, then you will not get credit for reducing those costs. This is especially common in larger companies with divided accountability. If the business division at the customer that is making the decision does not get credit on its books for a consequential process improvement, it likely will not include it in its calculations. That will lower the potential value of your solution in the customer's eyes – maybe to the point of no longer making your product competitive.

There are other factors that will impact the value of your product to a customer. Here are just some of those factors: How is the customer calculating substitution cost in making their decision? Are they looking at a direct one-for-one replacement? Are they considering the whole sub-assembly cost? Will additional or less special packaging or handling be needed to use your product? Will extra processing steps be needed or will some processing steps be eliminated? Is there sufficient available floor space in the customer's current production footprint to install your solution? Will there be any additional processing requirements (eg venting) that will be needed or can some be eliminated?

Trench Work is Dangerous – Know Your Rights

If you work in trench and excavation, you know that you’re in a dangerous line of work. It’s one of the riskiest areas in construction, with a fatality rate 112% higher than the rate for general construction. Soil is heavy stuff. A cubic foot of soil, a foot on each side, weighs at least 100 pounds, much more if it’s wet or contains rocks. A cubic yard of soil, 3′ x 3′ x 3′, contains 27 cubic feet, and weighs 2700 pounds, the weight of a mid-size car. A trench wall collapse can easily involve three to five cubic yards of soil. That’s 8000 to 13,500 pounds of soil caving in on a worker at the bottom of the trench.

Soil is held in place by pressure from the soil around it. All excavations carry a degree of risk because excavation removes soil, and removes the pressure the removed soil provided to keep the soil on each side of the excavation in place. Without that counter pressure, soil of trench walls is inherently unstable, and capable of moving. Once a cave-in starts, soil moves very fast. Workers can be buried before they can escape.

Many injuries and deaths in excavations occur because of failures by management to put the proper safety procedures in place and lack of the necessary safeguards to stabilize soil. If contractors and their supervisors fail to follow OSHA standard safety practices, and that failure contributes to a worker’s injury or death in a trench or other excavation, the worker or his survivors may have a claim against them. Trench and excavation workers need to know the OSHA standards so that they can protect themselves before an injury occurs, and if they are injured, to know how to seek compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and other consequences of negligence.

Here are some of OSHA’s basic safety practices for excavations and trenches.

  • Plan before you dig – The safety plan needs to be in place before the digging starts, not made up as the work progresses. Before the digging starts, a person competent in evaluating soil conditions and in planning safety systems needs to study the site and the excavation plan, and lay out a safety plan (setbacks, trench boxes, ladders, etc) for the work.
  • Contact gas, electric, phone, and other utilities – Before anyone lifts a shovel or starts up a backhoe, you need to determine what utility lines and pipelines run through in the excavation area, and have a plan for dealing with them.
  • Plan for traffic control – Study the excavation area’s traffic patterns, and devise a plan for traffic control for the duration of the job
  • Know all structures in the area – Note the location of all structures in the area relative to the excavation. Structures very near or over the excavation site will affect the kinds of safety systems usable.
  • Plan for getting in and out – There needs to be a plan and equipment for safe entry to and fast exit from the excavation area.
  • Test for hazardous gases and fumes in the excavation area – This is especially important in areas of toxic spills, where noxious chemicals may have permeated the soil. Determine whether oxygen levels are adequate in the excavation site. Provide for adequate ventilation in the area or if this is not possible provide respirators for all personnel on site.
  • Get in and get out – Complete the work as promptly as is safely possible, and close the excavation site as soon as the work is completed.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a trench or other excavation accident, you will want to talk as soon as possible with an experienced construction injury lawyer. Investigation into the accident needs to start as soon as possible, before critical evidence is lost or destroyed, and while witnesses’ memories are fresh.

How to Refinish Vintage Brass and Copper Umbrella Stands

Umbrella stands are an important household accessory to organize and store wet umbrellas, and to keep entryways safe by helping to keep floors dry. Umbrella holders can also serve as an attractive decorative accent for the foyer or entryway making an important first impression on visitors. While umbrella holders can be constructed of any material, solid brass and copper umbrella holders have the benefit of excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and beauty. During the 1970s and early 1980s, brass and copper umbrella holders were a popular decorative accent for homeowners with imported brass umbrella holders from England, Italy, and India topping the list. Today, these stands can be found at yard sales, antique stores, and online for a fraction of their original cost. Many of these vintage umbrella holders can be returned to their original beauty using simple techniques.

Is My Umbrella Stand Solid Brass or Plated Brass?

Plated brass or plated copper umbrella holders can be difficult to re-finish because the finish is simply a thin coat of brass or copper applied over steel sheet metal. Once the thin plated finish has rusted or corroded, the underlying steel material is exposed making the finish subject to further corrosion and discoloration. Plated brass or copper plated stands can be easily detected by using a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the stand, it is a plated piece. On the other hand, solid brass or solid copper umbrella stands can be easily re-finished because solid brass or solid copper can be polished indefinitely without further damage or discoloration.

Refinishing your stand.

If your solid brass or solid copper umbrella stand is still bright in appearance, but shows wear due to marks or scratches, it may be coated with a thin lacquer. It will be necessary to remove the lacquer before polishing the stand by using a household paint/lacquer remover. If your umbrella stand already appears tarnished, it is likely that no lacquer exists and the stand can be cleaned and polished without additional preparation. For cleaning and polishing any solid brass or solid copper umbrella stand, a brass or copper polish paste is an excellent solution. From our experience, Wenol Brass Polish is an excellent choice and can be found in many hardware stores or ordered online. Apply the polish to a soft cloth (gloves recommended) and rub the cloth on the umbrella stand starting from the bottom up. Once the stand is polished it can be used “as is” and it will develop a slight patina over time. If you want the stand to remain highly polished it will be necessary to apply a thin coat of clear lacquer. Clear spray lacquer is available at most hardware stores and paint centers. Use care not to spray over fingerprints once the stand is polished as fingerprints can become more obvious once the stand is lacquered.

Bargain Stoves – Heat To Save You Money

Bargain stoves can save you money. There are many companies which produce wood burning stoves. Many of them offer great discounts but the real savings comes from the heating they provide. Here's more details.

A wood burning stove is designed to burn wood or coal and provide heat as well cooking capabilities. There are many places who produce these kinds of products and the prices vary widely.

A stove of this type is normally produced from cast iron and they are very durable and of high quality. Therefore the prices can range from $ 200 to $ 1,000 depending upon construction and features.

The best stoves are sealed and can provide the maximum heating efficiency. This means that they can give off the most amount of heat with the smallest amount of wood necessary.

Many people have purchased these wood burning stoves and used them to heat a portion of their homes. These stoves can provide a great deal of warmth and do not require a lot of wood to do so. The logs burn slowly and emit a great deal of heat over time.

Many of these stoves have an effective blower system and they can heat 1,000 sq ft or more. This means they can heat almost an initial first floor or a typical three bedroom home.

This can result in significant energy savings since the home will require much less assistance from central heaters. So you can keep your home toasty warm all winter with these bargain stoves you can find from a variety of online sources on the Internet.

Self-contained Motorhome or Sleeper Van? Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your New Zealand Holiday

With a myriad of labels used to describe vehicles for the independent traveler, such as Campervan, Camper, Motorhome, Motor Home, Winnebago, RV, Combi, Kombi, Class-A, Class-B and Class-C to name a few, choosing the right kind of vehicle can be confusing from the outside.

The common terms used in New Zealand are Camper or Campervan, Motorhome and Sleeper Van. Campers are vans that have been converted for independent travel and contain similar features to their larger cousin the Motorhome. A Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit style of van is popular for these conversions and the finished product is a modern, easy to drive vehicle.

Motorhomes on the other hand have a cabin built on a van or light truck chassis. Typically constructed from fiber glass, with alluminium skin over plywood traditionally used, the cabin is wider than the chassis base making Motorhomes more spacious. Driving is reasonable straight forward and the models available for rental only require a standard driver's license.

Motorhomes and Campervans are self-contained and support you with the comforts of home, albeit miniaturized. Self-contained vehicles have a sink, hob or cooker, fridge, toilet and shower. The level of self-containment varies but there is a New Zealand Standard (NZS 5465: 2001) developed by the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA), a body that represents private motorhome owners. The rental motorhome companies are starting to take their vehicle although the certification process and it is worth enquiring about this as you research rental options. The essence of the self-containment standard states a vehicle must be designed to completely meet the ablutionary and sanitary needs of the occupants for at least three days, being equipped with water storage tanks for drinking and cooking and have waste water holding tanks.

A Sleeper Van is a Camper that does not meet the self-containment criteria. Beware that this definition is not industry wide and it is not uncommon for a Sleeper Van to be referred to as a Campervan, simply because the vehicle is a van rather than a car. Purpose built Sleeper Vans are frequently constructed from people movers, such as Toyota's offering, and from station wagons. Because of the type of vehicle used in construction it is uncommon to able to stand. Sleeper Vans can have some elements of self-containment, such as a cooker and small refrigerator allowing lunch or a light meal to be made while out on the road. Sleeper vans, like campers, are easy to drive.

What makes for the best independent traveller vehicle comes down to personal preference and a balance between cost, comfort and the type of holiday you're after.

Perhaps the best place to start is deciding where you want to overnight, as this impact on the type of vehicle that will be suitable and also affects the budget. There are four options for overnighting in New Zealand.

1) Native Parks – is a network of rural properties and businesses that welcome travelers. You can stay on these properties free of charge, meets the local people and see a bit of their lives. A great way to see NZ beyond the beautiful scenery and they are not crowded. There's a real mix of people involved from large wineries to small artist plus action and adventure like diving, limestone caving and horse trekking. You do need a self-contained motorhome / campervan. Check out .

2) Campgrounds – there are a large number of campground that follow a traditional format. In recent years the number of campgrounds has been in decline, so they can get very busy in peak season (Christmas they are at capacity through to the end of February), so it is advisable to book ahead. The following sites may help or .

3) DoC Campground (Department of Conservation) – typically have fewer facilities than other campgrounds, so a self-contained motorhome / campervan would make life more comfortable. They are often in very scenic locations and cheaper than privately operated camping grounds. Same situation occurs after Christmas as with other campgrounds. See []

4) Free / Wild / Freedom camping – just parking up wherever. Rarely permitted in much of NZ, though you can get away with it if you're sensible. Rules on freedom camping vary from district to district. The Native Parks guidebook highlights what's permitted in each district. In general terms do not overnight in "No Camping" areas or near established camping ground. It is advisable to be at least 10km from the urban boundary of any town or city. To freedom camp a self-contain motorhome / camper is a must.

If you prefer staying in camping grounds, but do not want the hassle of a tent a Sleeper Van may be a good fit. Do bear in mind that an established camping ground costs between $ 30 – $ 40 NZD per night for a couple, so it is possible for a Sleeper Van to cost more than a self-contained vehicle with the use of some of the options above on the odd night. If you do want to get away from it all, or you're looking for more comfort, a self-contained vehicle will be the way to go.

Past the obvious vehicle rental costs things to consider are wherever extra charges for one-way rentals apply, what are the insurance options and if road road user charges for diesel vehicles are included.

The easiest measure of comfort is size, though it is not the full story. There are many other considerations for comfort and again it comes down to personal preference. Do you need to make up the bed each night? Is there space to have some time out from your traveling companion (s)? Is there an awing to provide shade? How about appliances like microwave and air conditioning (NB power hungry appliances only work when the vehicle is connected to mains power)? These can be found in smaller vehicles so size should not be the only criteria when it comes to measuring comfort. If you are tall do ask about the ceiling height.

So there are a number of things to consider when determining what will be the right vehicle for your holiday. As with any purchase it is worth seeking out a company that backs up their vehicle with service and professionalism. These will not be hard to find, but if you are looking for a starting point there are a few suggestions on the Native Parks website.