Advantages of Using Interlocking Rubber Mats For Your Horse Stables

Using rubber flooring for horse stables is more common these days. This kind of flooring is called interlocking rubber mats that means the pieces interlock together securely for you to form the floor. Using a rolled sheet form provides custom stable flooring alternatives for the reason that it can be cut to form the shape of the space you want to install it on.

With so much pollution and waste doing damage to our planet, companies which manufacture these rubber mats use recycled rubber usually coming from tires. For those want to go eco-friendly, rubber flooring is the responsible choice to make.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using interlocking rubber mats:

  • They are very easy to install. All you should do is roll it out or interlock the mats and you’re on your way. Any kind of adhesive may not be needed. The mat forms a suction seal of its own to stick itself on the area it is covering.
  • An additional good thing about this rubber flooring is being portable. If you have to shift it from a place to another, you may simply take it apart by unlocking the mats.
  • If you’re wondering that you’re going to sacrifice comfort, think again. Most interlocking rubber mats provide padding so they are fantastic for horses that suffer from arthritis.
  • Although interlocking mats can be more expensive than regular rubber stable mats, they are lighter and less difficult to wash.
  • Interlocking rubber mats guarantee durability, since it can endure harsh climate conditions such as the heat of the sun and constant rain. They usually last about 7 years before they begin to crack up at the edges.

Be it your very first time to construct your horse stable or thinking about rebuilding it, employing interlocking rubber mats is certainly the best choice you must make as it is eco-friendly, long lasting, portable, and most especially provides safety and comfort for your horses.

Vapor Steamers: For Super Clean Office Interiors

As working hours at the office continue to extend, more and more employees tend to have their meals and snacks in their office cubicles and on their desks, with their eyes glued to their laptops. As a result, the upholstery, carpets and office chairs quickly turn dull with coffee spills, imprints of oily fingers, smudged chocolates, and food particles. Office upholstery can also get stained with ink. Often, it may not be possible to clean off spills right away in an office. As a result, these dirt buildups penetrate deep into the fibers of the carpets and upholstery, making the removal extremely difficult. Cleaning chemicals may not always help remove tough dirt buildup. For this reason, it would be a great idea to try advanced techniques, such as using steam vacuum cleaners.

For a totally clean office

Vacuuming is a simple way to eliminate dust and other particulate matter from carpets. However, it does not help extract dirt trapped within the carpet fibers or dried food particles on upholstery. It is also ineffective against the dried coffee spills on office chairs. This explains why cleaning experts have bid goodbye to vacuum cleaners and equipped themselves with steam vacuum cleaners to deal with upholstery spot removal.

The hot steam ejected by steamers helps dissolve tough deposits of dirt, grime, and oil in a way that is simply impossible with the best cleaning chemicals. Once the deposits on carpets or upholstery are completely dissolved, the vacuum extraction function of steam vacuum cleaners ensures efficient extraction of the dirt deposits and moisture. Without using any kind of chemicals or spending time on scrubbing away tough deposits, it is possible to clean small areas of carpets and upholstery in offices.

Rugged, versatile versions

New versions of steam vacuum cleaners, available from reputed suppliers, are empowered with advanced cleaning functions that make them capable of accomplishing a range of maintenance applications. For instance, while conventional steam cleaners can not be used on carpets and upholstered surfaces, high-grade vapor steam cleaners available from leading brands help spot clean carpets and upholstery. You must note that steam cleaning equipment does not have the right pressure levels, water flow or technology required to maintain huge rented areas.

If the upholstery or carpeting in your office is of light shade, then ink stains or coffee spills are quite visible and convey a poor impression of your professionalism. The hot steam generated by portable steam cleaners helps clean small spots of oil buildup, beverage spills, dried food and dirt on carpets and upholstery without making the surface extremely wet. Given the low flow rates of these steam cleaners, the cleaned surfaces dry very fast.

Hot steam ejected by vapor steam cleaners also helps eliminate germs and allergens on upholstery, thereby improving the quality of indoor air. Since dirt deposits get completely dissolved and extracted by the steam cleaning equipment, there is absolutely no risk of foul odors within the office.

To ensure that you get to experience all these benefits of steam vacuum cleaners, purchase your portable steam cleaners from reputed suppliers.

Some Shelving Options For Your Apartment

Need some shelving space for your sweet apartment? Get free standing shelving units that you can pack up and move easily from places like Target or DIY furniture stores like Ikea. They’re affordable, really easy to put together, and give you a great spot to store stuff.

If you just want a few shelves for books, DVD’s, or other small items, you should look into mountable single shelf units. Get a few of them and arrange them in a staggered pattern for that unique contemporary decor. It’s like art…or something like art at least.

You might also consider a corner shelving unit if you are looking to house just a few key items. You can buy a corner unit at virtually any big box or DYI furniture store. Some are a little more complex than others, so shop around to find the ones that fit your needs.

You could always try building your own shelves with shelving irons and some strips of ply wood. One really great idea for a room is to put a home made shelf high up on your walls, completely around a room. Then put decoration items and things you’d like to display all along the shelves.

Remember that if you custom build your own shelves though, you will need to remove them and repair any holes in the wall before you move out…if you move out.

In fact, you should never move out. Stay in your apartment forever!

Know any good shelving tips? Visit to let us know and to see more tips on getting the most out of apartment living!

Review of Portable Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

As a Listen Technologies dealer, we might be a little biased but with 20 years of experience, we have used, tested, owned and handled numerous portable interpretation transmitters from several manufacturers which, in our opinion make us the perfect candidate to review the Listen Technologies Tour Guide system. Language interpretation actually uses these units on a regular basis and Atlas Language Services, Inc. uses these as both our in-house interpretation equipment in addition to the rental of these units. As a dealer of Listen Tech equipment; we thought we would provide our feedback and findings for our readers. Before we get into specifics lets cover the frequency differences first.

72 MHz vs. 216 MHz (North America)

While both frequencies work great with the Listen Tech systems, our preference as a Language Service Provider (LSP) is the 72 MHz range. Both the 72 and 216 MHz portable transmitters such as the LT-700 offer up to 150′ of transmission range based on line of sight (LOS) and personally, I have heard the LT-700 broadcast in excess of 150′ but it does tend to pick up static once you exceed that 150′ LOS. However, that is not a statistic that is supported by Listen Tech that we know of, nonetheless, the 72 MHz is our frequency of choice for one simple reason. The 72 MHz frequency can support up to six (6) transmitters broadcasting simultaneously whereas the 216 MHz frequency can only support up to three (3). For exhibition tours that require us to support six (6) tours going on simultaneously, the 72 MHz is our only choice! Every even numbered year, we provide simultaneous interpretation and language support services to a large international company. During that event, we also provide six of the LT-0700-072 transmitters and about 200 of the LR-400-072 receivers. We prefer the LR-400-072 receivers during these exhibit floor tours since we have so many tours going on simultaneously, we need to control the frequencies. So the 72 MHz is numero uno in our book. Now don’t get me wrong the 216 MHz frequency works very well when less than three transmitters are needed, however, if there is ever the chance of needing more than three transmitters/tours going on at once then why not allow yourself the option of supporting multiple tours simultaneously.

Portable transmitters

When it comes to portable transmitters, the Listen Tech LT-700 is one of my favorite portable transmitters. There are other manufacturers who sell portable transmitters as well such as: Williams-Sound T36 and the Gentner Venture-Express which are both good solid units. That said the Williams-Sound T36 is a solid choice and would be my second pick next to the LT-700 and the Gentner Venture -Express coming in third. The Gentner is a solid durable unit as well, however, it is only offered in the 216 MHz range which to me is a shame. The Williams-Sound T36 is a little lighter in weight then the LT-700 and can theoretically broadcast up to eight units simultaneously in the 72 – 76 MHz range, however, from my experience it is a little difficult to quickly change channels and mute. So what separates the LT-700 transmitter, that is the users ease of use. The LT-700 has a nice big red mute switch with flashing light, easy to read LCD display, exceptional battery life and can bounce well when dropped (although, I don’t advise doing so)! It is a very user friendly unit that is very dependable.


Being able to quickly locate the channel of the tour and/or change channels really makes the receiver a critical unit during a tour or interpretation. When it comes to ease of use for attendees, we find that the Listen Tech LR-400 or LR-500 are great options depending upon the usage. The LR-400 has the channel section buttons hidden behind the cover, which is both good and bad in the sense that the attendee will not be able to change channel but during interpretation, it is ideal to keep the attendee from channel hoping. The Listen Tech LR-500 has the channel section accessible on the face of the receiver which for tour groups transitioning from one room to another and having to change channels in order to hear various tours. Personally we like the Listen receivers as they have proven to be very durable, simple to use and easy on battery consumption. The Williams-Sound R37 is a very close second in that it is just as durable and easy to use as the Listen LR-400/LR-500 receivers but is not as cosmetically attractive in my opinion nor as easy to use. I know that is a stretch, and honestly if that is the only thing that separates the Williams-Sound R37 receiver from the Listen Tech LR-400/LR-500 then that speaks for itself.


I am not a huge fan of rechargeable batteries in any of the receivers nor the transmitters. I have not had good luck on a long term basis with rechargeable batteries and as a LSP that rents the equipment, the last thing we need is a couple hundred people rushing to the headset distribution center to say that their unit is dead and having to change out batteries on the spot. That said, I prefer to use Energizer Industrial AA batteries. We replace the batteries after every event, regardless of the amount of time used. Although this is an added cost, it does eliminate the crowds from rushing the headset distribution counter as well as unhappy users who lose time listening to the tour or event. The amount of time the disposable batteries last is about 15 hours give or take.


Let’s face it, a case is pretty much as case… but I do like the Listen Cases as they are custom cut to accommodate the unique shape of the Listen receivers. The downfall is that the Listen cases ( LA-320, LA-311, LA-321, LA-324) do have the outer shell which tends to scratch pretty easily, but when it comes to durability the case does what it is made to do, protect your equipment. The Williams-Sound cases tend to have the same issues, easy to scratch, dent, etc. but durable. The outside might show signs of wear, but once again your equipment inside will be protected.

Conclusion: Overall the Listen Technologies tour guide system is a great choice for tour groups or event language interpretation. Depending upon the number of receivers you need, the system is easy to adapt and upgrade. The transmitters and receivers can take a beating and we have had some in our inventory with hundreds of hours of usage that are still going strong. Since Atlas Language Services, Inc. is an authorized dealer of Listen Technologies, please feel free to contact our sales team for very competitive prices. You will never pay MSRP when you purchase Listen equipment from Atlas Language Services, Inc.

Applications And Types Of Cable Ties And Circuit Breakers

The main application of cable ties is in holding and binding the different types cables utilised in electrical equipments and their appliances all over the world. It’s always important to maintain the wires systematically and efficiently so that they are not a messy, which will result in simplicity in use and identification. From radiation to air craft to computers to lunch boxes to metal binding to simple wire binding, such is the vast application of cable ties which always strive to make the work simpler and look beautiful. Stainless steel ties, tiny ties, tefzel ties, black cable ties, miniature ties are the few types of the cable ties that are used in many industries. The cable ties make the wires look simpler and disciplined so that they are hassle free in their applications.

Circuit breaker is a self operated electrical safety switch, which cuts down power to a circuit when there is a shot circuit or an overload. Thought its function is automatic, resetting can be manual also automatic reset types of breakers are available on the market. Circuit breakers are the efficient safety devices, in modern electric circuits are safe guarded by series of circuit breakers at each and every level, so that if on fails in performing the task very next one takes care of it, thus making the circuit completely protected. In today’s technologically advanced world, it has never easy to purchase quality product, because so much options are available for the customers, from every aspect like technical economical etc. It’s always confusing on part of customers. But circuit breakers are such a prime part so that quality can’t be compromised on these. So it’s always necessary to buy the best quality circuit breakers available in the market. Some of the best reputed makers of these prime electrical circuit parts are ABB, GE, Schneider electric’s, Mitsubishi electric’s etc.

Different Types Of Remortgages

With fluctuations in mortgage interest rates leading to an all time low, remortgaging property is becoming an increasingly popular option among borrowers. Remortgaging helps to lower interest rates and allow using the increased value of the home for needs requiring urgent cash or for alternative investment options. The variety of available remortgage products fall under any one of the following categories.

Standard Variable rate remortgage (SVR) – This kind of mortgage is based on the Bank of England's base rate for lending. Usually all main lenders like banks and other financial institutions set their standard variable rate or SVR at 2% above the Bank of England's base lending rate. This means if 5 is the base rate.25% the lender's SVR would be 7.25%. The SVR follows the base rate as it fluctuates up and down. However by shop around a borrower with a good credit rating is sure to get a better rate for his remortgage.

Discounted variable rate remortgage- In such a mortgage a lender, to lure a borrower, provides a discount on the SVR for a specific period, usually between 2 to 5 years, after which the rate bounces back to the SVR. For example if the SVR is 2% above the base rate, the discounted rate may be just 1.5% or 1.25% for the discount period. The rate would fluctuate with the base rate but borrower will be paying less than the SVR during the set period.

Fixed Rate remortgage- This is a type of mortgage where the interest rate remains fixed for an agreed period before reverting to the SVR. This period generally ranges between 1 to 5 years but could be longer depending on the particular mortgage deal change. The advantage of this type is that the borrower knows exactly what he has to pay as payment every month with no surprises in the store as in the case of other mortgage types. On the downside, it could result in a higher interest rate if market rates go down, as the rate agreed to remains fixed. In addition, an early redemption of the mortgage loan could mean a substantial higher financial penalty.

Capped rate remortgage- Capped rate remortgages are provided to give the best of variable and fixed rate deals with two drawbacks. One, they carry a reliably higher rate of interest and two, they are saddled with a one-time administration fee. This is because they give the borrower a better cushion against rising interest rates. Capping the upper limit ensures that the borrower does not pay more than the capped rate even if the rates cross the capped level also allowing him the benefit of lower interest rates in case interest rates drop.

Flexible Remortgage – These permit the borrower to adjust repayments according to circumstances. If the borrower has extra cash he can save money by paying more for the early clearance of the mortgage. Or, if there is a scarcity of funds

Psychology Of Color For Interior Design And Why We Should Study It

Do you believe that different colors, when used in interior design, have effects on us that we are sometimes not aware of?

We do know that certain colors soothe while others provoke aggressive emotions in us. However, the psychology of color for interior design has only been recently introduced and applied in business, advertising, and personal home design.

In business, colors are used to come up with eye-catching logos and advertisements. In the psychology of color for interior design, colors are carefully analyzed to determine which of them increase workers' productivity and which ones tend to have a detrimental effect to production.

The psychology of color for interior design is also used for restaurants, salons, hospitals, schools, and – believe it or not – even prison cells! Psychologists know that subtitle qualities, such as a room's color, can have a great impact on its occupants. This is why the psychology of color for interior design should not be taken for granted.

They say that the color red – bold and provocative – awakens the senses, stimulates the appetite, and raises the blood pressure. Restaurateurs take advantage of this concept in the psychology of color for interior design by using colors that would tend to attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

Muted colors such as sky blue, on the other hand, evoke feelings of calmness and peace. Researchers studying the psychology of color for interior design several years ago have even gone to the extent of painting prison cells blue to alter a person's moods and temperaments.

In consideration of residences, the psychology of color for interior design is used to determine [] which colors to use depending on the homeowner's needs and objectives. For instance, a person who wants his bedroom to become a sort of haven or refugee after a hard day's work would appreciate cool and calming colors such as celadon or sky blue.

Different Colors For Different Tastes

The wonderful thing about planning your own room design is being able to choose your own colors. The psychology of color for interior design also depends on the how colors have been used in the past and the person's knowledge of these facts.

Dark green, for example, is associated with money and is the color of choice for offices, dens, and game rooms. Dark purple, on the other hand, is the color of royalty. Those who are believers of the psychology of color for interior design know that the interiors of a room play a large part in shaping a person's lifestyle and behavior.

Lavender is a preferred by tweeners because of its cool aura. You could also complement the room's color by using photographed candles that match the room's dominant shade – in this case, you could use lavender-scented aromatherapy candles to establish a prevalent theme.

In the psychology of color for interior design, gray is known to be a color that is anti-productive. It tends to make a person withdraw instead of move forward and is there not recommended for use in offices where action and a lot of energy is desired.

Black is too strong for stand-alone use and is thus only appropriate for accents, according to the psychology of color for interior design. Yellow, too, should be used with caution as it promises to provoke different feelings in various individuals.

Although yellow is used to bring in a bit of sunshine into children's rooms or kitchens, the psychology of color for interior design has also found that it may tend to make people give in to anger quickly.

Inspiration Inside You Breathed by God

When you receive the Seal you become like a little garden, just like when God created the earth. When God was done creating all the flora and fauna of the garden He created the man by inspiration.

First God created the light and separated it from the darkness. Then the first day happened. And on that first day God created the air of the Heaven with waters in the Heavens separate from waters upon the earth.

This air is your own spirit, and the waters of the earth are the Holy Spirit. So upon the earth you become the Holy Spirit abides, and in the air of that earth your own spirit is mixed together with the Holy Spirit.

On the second day Godave the earth some form – He gathered the waters into one place and dry land into other places. The waters are your belly where the Holy Spirit abides. The dry land is your soul where you are sealed.

This was when God created all the flora of the garden growing upon the earth. And this is when you may begin to bear your first fruit in your own little garden you become.

But the garden is not complete and balanced until the rest of the life is created. On the third day God created the greater and lesser lights, the sun and the moon, and he also created the stars.

The light of the sun is the light of Jesus which shines upon you when you believe in Jesus. This is an important element of the life of your garden. All the fluora need the light of Jesus to live and grow.

And the flora need more than just the light of Jesus. They need the air, which is your spirit. They need the soil, which is your soul sanctified by God the Father. And they need the water, which is the Holy Spirit.

On the fourth day God created some fauna to go with the flora. He created the life of the sea by the Holy Spirit. And with the help of your own spirit He created the birds of the air.

On the fifth day God made the rest of the fauna of the garden, and that was when He created man in His own Image. Indeed He made man in the Image of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

On the sixth day God finished up all the work. And there was plenty of work to finish. There were all the details of the earth and the surrounding Heavens to finish – quite a little job.

But despite the most glorious job he did was creating the people. The man was made in the Image of God and reflected much of His glory from the beginning.

And the glory of God is an extreme glory. That is the glory He breathed into the man by inspiration. That is the glory that cave the soul of the man life. And when his soul had life his own little garden lived.

Because Adam, the first man, was sealed. Just like the Prophets. They were sealed. The apostles were sealed too. And just like Jesus. Jesus Christ Himself was sealed.

When you are sealed God will plant a little garden in you. It starts with the creation of the earth when he creates that little garden. And it is complete when He gives the man of the garden life by inspiration. You too will have His Life When you receive the Seal.

Why Would I Want to Filter My Drinking Water?

This is definitely a question I get a lot. People quite often drink tap water, or even water straight from their well. Once you are used to the taste, the question of why bother filtering water comes up. There is a lot of discussion in this area, but it comes down to a few main points. Part one of this discussion covers background on water.

What's so Important about Drinking Clean Water?

Water is essential to every main function in your body. From operating the nervous system, building muscle, hydration, proper organ function – nothing in the body works without an ample supply of water. I recently read a great book by Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj called, "Your Body's Many Cries for Water." In it, he talks about the role that proper hydration plays in your body's key systems.

The discussion covers both mental and physical disease, and how our medical community has spent a lot of time focusing on and prescribing drugs to treat symptoms of dehydration. Cholesterol problems, obesity, blood pressure, asthma, colitis, migraines, back pain, even heartburn can be greatly affected, by proper hydration.

In his book, he goes as far as recommending that people need, on average, ounce of water for every pound of body mass. For example, a 150 pound person (gender does not matter) should be taking in 75 ounces of water, per day. That's about 2 Lit Litres, or about 2/3 of a gallon of water. Yes, that is going to make bathroom trips more-frequent, but try it for a week and see if you do not notice the difference!

Okay, so discussions of the need for water tell us about the VOLUME of water needed, but what about quality? Does not it just make sense that you would want your body to have the highest-quality water? I'm not going to get into all the potential down-sides of chlorine exposure here, but instead of focusing on the negative, what about the positive? I can not find one – I can not think of a single "good thing" that can happen from consuming chlorinated water. Do not get me wrong – for municipal supplies, chlorine is essential for DELIVERING safe water to your home.

Once water leaves the processing plant, it can travel through the miles of pipe to get to the home – and this pipe is not new. In the area we live in, most pipe is around 50 years old. Without chlorine, bacteria and a host of other contaminants would make their way into the water and into our homes. But just like you unwrap foods bought home from the store, we should be "un-wrapping" our water, in other words, removing the chlorine. Once the water makes its way to our home, it has done its job.

If you think about why it is added, it does not just make sense? Its hard to watch any TV shows softly without hearing about pro-biotics and anti-oxidants in pills, yogurt, drinks and all sorts of things we consume. Ok, so let's think about it – we're taking pills and "eating right" to keep beneficial bacteria in our bodies, and to keep oxidants from doing damage (ie. That's what anti-Oxidants do!) We then ingest water that is dosed with chlorine – an OXIDANT.

What does the chlorine do? It kills bacteria (all bacteria, both good and bad) and it oxidizes things. Again, this is WHY it is added to the water. Beyond drinking it, we also bath and shower in it. -did you know your body intakes more chlorine in a 10 minute shower than it does in drinking 10 glasses of chlorinated water? It enters the body through pores in the skin and through the lungs when the water is heated and chlorine gas is created. The same thing happens in the kitchen when you do dishes (either manually or with the dishwasher!)

We take all these steps to improve health, then drink and soak in a chemical whose only function is to reverse the exact things we're trying to promote!

Stay tuned for Part Two, when I discuss treatment options.

How to Choose a Natural Nutritional Supplement

Natural nutritional supplements have gained a vast following in recent years. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of a healthy body, and people are starting to focus on the state of their health more. Surveys conducted in the United States revealed that over half of the population use some form of natural nutritional supplement, such as multivitamins or herbal products. Because of the increasing demand, there has also been a surge in the number of available natural nutritional supplements in the market, with an estimated 10,000 stores collecting over $40 billion a year in sales for these products alone.

The increase in popularity of these supplements can be attributed to the beneficial effects these supplements have been proven to provide. Research has been able to establish that vitamins are able to protect your body from numerous diseases, including birth defects, cataracts and cancer. The latest studies have revealed that using natural nutritional supplement can potentially lower your cholesterol levels and subsequently prevent the development of heart disease. Vitamins and minerals have also been shown to enhance the immune system, which protects your body and helps it fight off diseases. Anti-oxidants, contained in Vitamins A, C and E, have also been shown to inhibit free radicals, which are known to contribute a great deal to the aging process.

Now that you know the benefits of natural nutritional supplements, how do you know which one to get? When choosing for a natural nutritional supplement, there are a few things you have to remember.

First, look into the contents of the supplements. A high-quality supplement will contain a broad spectrum of vitamins, including vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, and K, and minerals, including calcium, copper, iodine, magnesium, iron and zinc. Aside from these, a good quality natural nutritional supplement will also be able to provide other nutrients, such as bioflavanoids, amino acids, L-Carnitine and natural enzymes.

Next, choose the form of the supplement. Supplements come in tablet, capsule, powder and liquid forms. Choose which one would be most convenient for you. Typically, adults choose a tablet or a capsule form. Liquid vitamins, on the other hand, may be more appealing to children and the elderly.

Also, it is important to choose an established brand of natural nutritional supplements. The sheer number of these supplements makes it difficult to monitor each one of them, such that majority of these supplements still remain unregulated. Unregulated products have not been fully researched; thus the exact dosages and chemical contents of the products are unknown, and the products are more likely to cause side effects, especially if not used properly. Choosing an established brand can help you avoid these harmful effects and provide you with the most benefit.

Finally, it is also important to determine if the supplement is natural or not. Synthetic supplements are also available in the market; however, natural supplements still exert more beneficial effects than synthetic ones.

Natural nutritional supplements are not miracle drugs; as the name implies, they are only used to supplement or enhance whatever is lacking in your diet. Natural nutritional supplements cannot work alone. It is just as important to eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle. By combining these three, you have all the ingredients you need to live a fuller, healthier and longer life.

ABSTRACT: Taking natural nutritional supplements can provide you with additional nutrients that your body needs. These natural nutritional supplements help strengthen your body and protect you from a myriad of diseases.

Do Longevity Programs Work? Can Chronic Conditions Like Osteoporosis Be Reversed?

Osteoporosis is one of the chronic conditions that you will never look at in the same way. Do you know why so many experience sore knees and leg muscle cramps when taking calcium supplements? Osteoporosis has been used to sell an unending number of calcium fortified products and supplements that could be causing great harm to those of us who consume them – too much of the wrong kind of calcium can make you feel old and creaky.

Excessive calcification is one of the major causes of premature aging. We are learning this in the latest research.

Calcium supplements in almost every single case cause decalcification of the bones, cause osteoporosis and calcify us in our joint in our muscle tissue and cause us to age prematurely. – David Wolfe

Why Does So Much Of Our Medicine Just Address Symptoms And Not Cause?

There is no question about it that the body needs calcium but if it can not be absorbed and used, then it gathers in places where it is not needed and causes trouble. This is what happens when we just look at symptoms rather than the underlying cause of our conditions. You need to find the natural, absorbable sources of calcium, like green leafy vegetables, that will cure the problem and not just build up in the body and cause other problems.

Ancient Wisdom And The Latest Advances In Science

Do you remember a few years ago when eggs were bad for you, when cholesterol was bad for you? And now we find that things are not so simple. Eggs turn out to be good for you and there are several types of cholesterol – good and bad; it is the same kind of issue with calcium in supplements and calcium in the body: good calcium and bad calcium.

Designer Saree Trends of 2018

Sarees are an all-time favorite for most people. Indian festivals and ceremonies are always occasions to wear a saree and will be incomplete without one. Saree spells grace, elegance and feminity- a rare combination for any outfit. Each and every part or region of India has a saree weave which is unique to that region. Imagine, the diversity that it offers. Just as the weaves from each region differs so does the way in which the saree is draped. Kanjivarams, Benaras, Tussars, Gadwals, Jamdhanis to name a few with amazing color combinations and handwork, the variety and creativity on offer is simply astounding!

Indian art and indigenous designs and crafts is making a comeback be it Madhubhani, Kalamkari or Pattachithra etc., Indian handiwork, handloom and craftsmanship are much appreciated the world over. Now these artworks are being customized by designers and specially made on handwoven sarees making it wearable art. These designer sarees certainly make an extremely eye catching statement piece. For example, Kalamkari art designs are extremely popular and versatile and can be made both on cotton as well as on silk sarees. Kalamkari designs feature mythological figures, nature designs and motifs. The trend this season is Kalamkari sarees with story narrative on raising pallu designs where the story starts only the border and it spreads to the rest of the saree in the form of a narrative, certainly a conversation starter for any occasion.

With the upcoming spring season comes wedding bells and other auspicious events. Can weddings ever be complete without the customary Kanjivarams on display! Bright colours such as lime green, turquoise blue and pastels such as pink, lavender with elegantly woven borders are in this season. Wedding must-have colours such as reds, yellows and greens or a combination of them are always preferred.

Kanjivaram pattus or Kanchipuram silks also come with modern designs and patterns which can be worn even as a daily wear or corporate wear. Partly pallu sarees where the design is different in the pallu of the saree and half and half saree designs are much sought-after this season. Bold nature inspired motifs with animals such as horses, elephants, deers, peacocks and leaves and flowers are also trending this season.

Aari hand embroidery work on silk sarees and delicate cutwork are a delight for saree connoisseurs. The trend this season is to creatively combine two or more techniques like hand painted art and cutwork embroidery, or Aari embroidery on the whole saree with a printed blouse to give a contrast. The idea is to creatively mix and match to create a style which is nothing short of stunning!

Half and half saree are also quite the rage especially with today’s youngsters- a combination of colour or designs which comes together on each half of the saree. Apart from colours, half and half saree have rare combinations such as printed or hand painted designs on one part of the saree combined with embroidery or cutwork on the pallu. This concept is quite popular on Kanjivaram silks. The trend is to customize and bring together two unique designs techniques on one saree.

Solving Sewer Backup Problems

It might start with a suspicious smell with an indeterminate origin; then before you can figure out what's happening, sewage starts to back up into your basement drain or your lower level toilets and even sinks! What do you do? Here are some answers.

In general, there are only two reasons for a sewage line back-up: either there is more water flowing into the system than it can handle or the lines have become obstructed. It is not uncommon for pipes to become clogged with debris inside a home, and if the problem is in a pipe outside the home, it is most likely caused by the growth of tree roots.

So Now What?

Unlike more commonplace clogs, sewage backup partnerships with it a host of dangerous bacteria that is potentially harmful to people and should be avoided at all costs. For this reason, it is essential to call a plumbing contractor immediately and let the professionals handle the mitigation, repair, and cleanup process for you. In the meantime, make sure to keep children and pets away from the sewage to prevent contact with filthy waste, and then watch carefully for any of the signs of sewage exposure:





– Track pain

Sewer Line Backup Prevention Tips

– Do NOT flush sanitary napkins, soiled diapers or other objects down the toilet drain

– Dispose of cooking grease properly: never pour it down the toilet

–Do not plant trees anywhere near your outer sewer line

–If you smell sewage gas or suspect you may have a problem, call a plumber immediately before the trouble gets out of hand

Without the backup is caused by the main sewer line, preventing problems in your home line is a matter of common sense. By following the above prevention tips, you can avoid this most unpleasant of all plumbing emergencies. Remember: dealing with sewage is potentially dangerous business. Your first line of action should always be to call a good Utah plumbing contractor or a plumber in the state where you live.

Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling Projects in Rural Pennsylvania

The production of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale formation is having an effect on people, businesses, the Ecosystem in parts of north central Pennsylvania, like in the rural community of Coudersport, PA. The impact on life in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural gas activities will have major impacts lasting for approximately 50 years. Initially, the local economy in natural gas drilling areas will grow substantially. In addition, the restaurants, hotels, and specialty gifts stores in the underlying areas will greatly benefit and make profits from the many workers needed to extract and transport the natural gas. For instance, in the Pennsylvania area projections estimate over 2,000 wells will be drilled within a year. In the years to follow approximately 40,000 more wells will be drilled.

The amount of people needed to perform these functions will greatly impact the local communities in positive and negative ways. Close to 400 workers of 150 different occupations are needed for each natural gas well. Many of these workers will only be working at the well sites and surrounding locations for a few days, whereas, others will require more time to complete their individual projects. Forecasters of the Marcellus natural gas project predict projects could last for the next fifty years. There will be people working in the gas fields, companies providing resources and services to the workers, development stages where drilling rights are acquired, and closing wells when drilling is completed. There is no doubt local businesses will make profits online and in their store.

Additionally, various companies in Coudersport, PA as well as other rural communities in the surrounding areas will benefit greatly from the influx of people passing through and taking residence in the boroughs. However, there is a price to pay for more profits and more people. With the arrival of more people and activity in the rural regions of Coudersport, PA and similar areas there stands to chance there will be more crime, social difficulties, and other social and environmental aliments. Already, local residents and businesses in Coudersport have witnessed significant increase in traffic and people in the downtown area. Hotels in the area are packed, while more and more people patronized the local restaurants in pursuit of a good meal.

Only time will tell if the Marcellus Shale projects will provide what is necessary relating natural energy. Nonetheless, the lifestyle, businesses, citizens, and ecosystem in the areas involved in this project will be affected in a number of ways. More traffic, crime, and people are expected to infiltrate the passive and tranquil communities. Wildlife and renewable resources will also be affected by the increase of vehicles and populace. We hope all goes well …

Window Tips For Your House

Windows are the most ignored part of the house. We do not know about the benefits of a window and how healthy they make our house by providing us with the light and fresh air. But nowdays it is much more then just a window. Home makers and builders are using their creativity to build custom and ornamental windows which adds beauty to the house and appeal to the viewer.

These are made up of many materials like plastic, iron, copper, glass, aluminum, steel and vinyl. There purpose is not only to give light and air to the house but also to give it an elegant look. These windows are designed externally as well as internally. They can be given many looks. Many colors can be used – some like wooden color, some like a polished look. From out side they can be beautifully decorated by painting on the glass. It is called stain glass and is vastly used in custom windows. Whether they are painted from outside or inside – the paint gives these windows an adorable look.

These can be made in several designs – some can be built like a box jutting out from the wall, some can be built like a half window, some can be made half opened, some may be full opened, some can be made like a shutter etc. These can be made of fiber glass, aluminum or steel etc. These are made with beautiful frames to give them a dramatic look and to it many colors are added.

For outdoor windows one can add stones, rocks, flower pots and plants to make them look natural. One can put lights in between them or maybe a spot light to spot the window. The frame can be of carved wood that will add an elite look to the window. How ever for interior windows one can create extreme designs. He can decorate the window with any color theme that he feels like. He can give his window an ancient and antique look by adding brown and copper color in it.

So many things can be done in order to make custom windows. They are getting popular day by day. It is a good idea to have one or two in your house this will add beauty and charm to the house. Home makers and builders are successfully using them vastly.