6 Top Areas of 3D Scanning Benefits

3D scanning process has proved to be very beneficial in capturing the exact measurements and shape of any given object. It is a technology that has eased production processes in all fields and more people are now embracing the benefits of this sought of scanning where total accuracy of details on an object is needed. It is a process that has actually reduced manufacturing costs and yet offers higher quality parts in the end. Below are some of the top areas the 3D scanning benefits.

1. Prototype

This process can be applied to prototype phase in different kinds of ways, but the major use is to reduce design cycles needed in the prototyping. When 3D scans are used in designing a part, the accurate data makes it possible to utilize precise measurements of the physical product reducing the process by a huge percentage. The scanning is also combined with prototyping so that physical objects are scaled accurately.

2. Design

It is among the areas that have greatly benefited from 3D scanning. They scans are applied starting with physical object and then using this to create a CAD model. Mating parts are also scanned and then incorporated into a given design so the end result is better fitting parts that are consistent. This process is known as reverse engineering or modeling and when utilized, new designs are improved and incorporated for engineering optimization of manufactured part.

3. Production

In production, the scanning is used to capture tooling or parts changes which occur in the production phase. Usually hand tuning is needed in tooling to get the desired finish and look of a given part. When 3D comes into the picture, the optimizations and hand modifications are easy to transfer from tool to tool so all parts manufactured match after the production ends. The scans also help in analyzing and characterizing tool wear during the production; this is very helpful in correcting tool failure or eliminating the same before it is too late. It is actually very possible to recreate optimized part using a 3D scan.

4. Engineering

3D scan data makes it possible for physical objects to be translated into the engineering phase of projects directly. The data offer flexibility in performing FEA, CAE, CFD and other analysis that is necessary in the engineering area on objects manufactured and physically modified. The process offers a simple way of achieving accuracy.

5. Quality control

Using 3D scanning, it has become possible to analyze built condition of parts after manufacturing. This non-contact technology offers a quick way of inspecting overalls size and shape of the parts and detecting issues that could affect performance of the parts. When combined with statistical analysis software, 3D scanning helps maintain and predict the quality of parts in the manufacturing phase.

6. Distribution

It might sound unrealistic, but 3D scanning comes handy in vision systems used in distribution and shipping centers to sort and track packages. The scanning certifies the integrity of products before and after shipping. It is also used to increase packing density and creating support structures and casing.

How to Relieve Constipation Fast

Difficulty in excreting or passing hard stools as well as the discomfort brought upon by irregular bowel movement is such a painful and bothersome experience.

Not to worry as there are remedies on how to relieve constipation. Some are tackled in this article.

First, what causes this difficulty?

Some factors causing this illness are dietary imbalances, medication side-effects and certain medical conditions. When food moves slowly through the gastrointestinal tract, the colon absorbs more water from the food producing hard and dry feces that are difficult to pass.

What are the best remedies for fast relief?

The first most important cure and by far the easiest to do, is drinking lots of water. Warm water does wonders to the digestive system and besides water is essential to a person’s over all well-being. Maintain 6 to 8 glasses of water intake daily. Also, avoid caffeine-rich and alcoholic beverages.

Going for a high fiber diet is also one effective way to relieve constipation. Fiber helps the body form bulky and soft stool which is easily expelled. Increase your intake of beans, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains when constipated and lessen meat, cheese and processed foods as they have little or no amount of fiber.

Fruits like jack fruit, banana and bael are natural laxatives as they tone and clean up the intestine. Equally effective are pear, grapes, guava, figs, spinach, lime and papaya.

Knowing how to relieve constipation is good however prevention is still better than cure. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and balanced diet. Never ignore the urge to go when you feel the need. If you delay going to the toilet, this will cause the stool to lose water making it hard to excrete.

Alpaca Pet – 7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid

You own, or are thinking of owning, an alpaca pet on your farm. Alpacas are gentle creatures that will bring years of pleasure if properly cared for. Below are 7 deadly mistakes that you can avoid so your camelid friend will be with you until old age.

Mistake # 1 – Insufficient fencing

Your alpaca will not challenge a fence. Your fencing should be made to keep predators out. Neighborhood dogs are the #1 killer of alpacas. Be sure and provide a fence that predators can not get over, under, or through. Read more about alpaca fencing.

Mistake # 2 – Not checking for poisonous plants

Your Alpaca is a ruminant. They eat weeds, bark off wood posts, and anything else they want to try. They can not tell if what they are eating is good for them or not. You must do that for them. Your pastures and your yard must be free of plants that are poisonous to alpacas. Many ornamental plants are poisonous to alpacas.

Mistake # 3 – The open gate

Forgetting to close a gate behind you leaves your alpaca open to mistakes number 1 and 2. Without a fence to protect them, all alpacas can do is run from a prey. If they get cornered, they will be killed. A pack of dogs or coyotes can bring an alpaca down quickly. If your alpacas stay inside the fenced area, an open gate allows predators to get inside and kill.

You may have taken the time to be sure your home is free of poisons but your neighbors haven’t. An open gate allows your alpaca to roam and possibly get into your neighbors poisonous ornamental plants.

Mistake # 4 – Improper fencing material

Those wood split rail fences look fantastic. White rail horse fencing looks pristine. Field fencing is cheap. None of these will work for your alpaca pet. Use 2 x 4 wire no climb fencing. Use any of the other fencing and you are taking a chance with your alpacas life. The first two are just too open, allowing predators into your pastures. The holes on field fencing are just too large. An alpaca can stick it’s head through and die. Their heads may not come back through as easily and they will panic and strangle.

Mistake # 5 – Not shearing

Alpacas natural habitat is high in the Andean Mountains where it stays cool. Their fiber is very dense. If you do not shear your alpaca pet in the spring, and you live somewhere that summer temperatures climb, your alpaca can die from heat stress. If your alpaca is having trouble staying in a cush position, breathing with its mouth open, drooling, or walking stiffly, your alpaca is in trouble and needs to be cooled down quickly. Avoid this emergency by shearing before the heat soars.

Mistake # 6 – Feeding pellets

You can feed pellets to get needed supplements to your alpaca pet, but you must be very careful. Your alpaca will be in competition with any other alpaca for the most pellets they can eat and will grab large mouthfuls and swallow without chewing so they can get more. This causes a choking problem. The container you put the pellets in makes a big difference. A small bucket that hangs on the fence is not good. The pellets pile up and your alpaca can gulp a big mouthful and choke. It’s better to have a long trough that you can spread in a thin layer. Placing rocks in buckets or feeders can help. The alpaca must pick around the rocks and can not get large mouthfuls. You force them to eat slower.

Mistake # 7 – Irregular or no worming

Your alpaca pet will eat off the ground. Worms get into their system. There’s no way to avoid it. If you don’t worm your alpaca regularly, your alpaca will eventually die of malnutrition. If you live in an area that has white-tail deer, you might have meningeal worms. If your alpaca gets meningeal worms it will die a horrible death. Check with your veterinarian to see if meningeal worms exist in your area and the proper scheduling and dose of worming medication.

If you avoid these 7 deadly mistakes, your will take big steps to insuring your alpaca pet has a long and happy life. Alpacas can live 20 years or more so you have a long time to enjoy the benefits of owning an alpaca.

Getting Ready for Summer: Choosing a Fence for a New Pool

Getting a new pool means you will be getting a new fence, or repairing an old fence. Whether you have an above ground pool or an in-ground pool, you will need to install fencing that meets your local pool code. Pool safety codes require specific types of fencing and lock mechanisms. Failure to install a fence that is to code for your pool is illegal and may potentially expose you to liability should someone get hurt.

What type of fence do I need for my pool?

We have multiple fence options that satisfy swimming pool safety laws. Your real question is: What type of fence do I want for my pool? You have the luxury of many choices. Think about the type of pool you have or are planning to install. If it's a lagoon-style pool you may want a fence that does not interfere with the natural landscape. Alternately, you may want the fence to match or complete the siding on your home. A pool requires consistent maintenance, but the good news is aluminum and vinyl fences are maintenance-free. A variety of colors and styles allow homeowners to turn their yards into as casual or elegant a retreat as they desire.

When choosing a fence for a pool, keep in mind that pool codes vary by city, town and even subdivisions. Property owners are responsible for ensuring that they have up-to-date code information. You will need to check with your community or homeowner's association in addition to the city or town in which you have to make sure you have all up-to-date pool codes before choosing your fence.

3 steps to check your fence for pool codes:

1. We will help you find your local municipality for you to verify local pool codes

2. We will show you which changes meet your pool codes and you can customize your selection

3. Schedule a simple installation

Since aluminum fines require no maintenance, you will not have to be concerned about corrosion issues like many low-quality fence materials may have, or rotting and insects that may be attracted to wood fines over time. Old unsightly wings take away a home's curve appealing. When you choose an aluminum fence you will not have to worry about long-term issues relating its appearance.

If you are planning to install a pool or if you already enjoy one and need a replacement fence, you already appreciate how upgrades add value to your home. The right type of fence helps to increase your home's value with curb appeal, safety, and security. Not only that, but a maintenance-free fence is an excellent feature when you are ready to sell your home. Installing an aluminum fence is a simple process, unlike other home upgrades that require an inconvenient lengthy process.

Aluminum treasures that meet pool codes have tremendous flexibility in design. We can create custom fence systems and decorative tops to fit your specific taste. Browse samples of our aluminum and vinyl treasures to find one that reflects your home's style and at the same time satisfy pool safety requirements.

Turn Your Basement Into a Virtual Shooting Gallery

An indoor shooting simulator is easy to add on to most projection based home theater systems, and in most cases is an inexpensive way to add hours of entertainment for the whole family. People of all ages enjoy playing the wide range of games that are available for the system, everything from “Baseball Challenge” to “Elephant Hunter” will keep your family and friends entertained. Utilizing a shooting simulator is not only a great way to add excitement to your home theater room; it is also a get way to keep your shooting skills sharp.

System Basics:

There are a few basic requirements for adding a shooting simulator to an existing home theater. The simulator runs on a normal Windows based computer, software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The image is broadcast through a projector to a screen, which most projectors and home theater screens will be suitable for use with this simulator. Now all you need to add is a basic simulator package, which includes a rifle, case, camera and five games. Installation of the simulator will only take about thirty minutes to setup and install the new software and hardware. Now you are ready to start enjoying the very best of simulated shooting. To recap the items you need: computer, projector, screen and a simulator package.

Benefits of Indoor Shooting:

There are many advantages to adding an indoor shooting simulator to you home theater room, these are just a few.

Convenience- having the ability to practice your shooting skills from within your own house, cuts down on drive time to the range and you can fire up your system anytime you want.

Cost Savings- ammunition is expensive! You will save a lot of money practicing your skills using a true to life replica laser firearm verses using live ammo.

Safety- using a laser firearm is a much safer weapon to practice will and it’s a lot better for your hearing.

Shooting Variety- with a shooting simulator you have the ability to practice your skills on a wide range of software titles. You can practice shooting skeet and with just a touch of a button you can switch over to another game and practice your marksmanship on simulated popup targets.

Entertainment- Gather you friends and family, challenge them for the highest score or for bragging rights.

Packages and Software:

With this system, there are many packages of both hardware and software available. Looking for a portable package or maybe a complete package if you don’t have a projector, computer and screen? Those packages and more are available. There are over 35 software titles currently available, which can be purchased separately or in 15 game packages. Software titles are being added, so you will always have the option to buy the latest games on the market. Do you have the best Halloween party on your block? There is a Halloween software package that will insure your party is unforgettable. Do you have a young hunter or marksman that could benefit from “Hunter’s Education” software? It is an option on this simulator. Teach them everything from ethical shooting to animal anatomy, with the hunter’s Ed package. Looking to hone your archery skills? This simulator has packages available for you bow enthusiasts. There are several optional firearms which can be added to the system, to maximize the skill development and enjoyment of the simulator.

Adding a shooting simulator to your theater room is easy and a cost effective way of increasing the entertainment value of your room as well as improve shooting skills. If you would like some more information on the shooting simulators or have any questions please contact me through the website.

How To Trace a Concealed Pipe Leak

How Concealed Leaks affect your Home

Leaking pipes are an issue that must be addressed immediately. Concealed leaks can lead to a wide range of problems including structural damage, mold, and a decreased level of air quality. While leak indicators are often visual, sometimes they aren’t. If you notice a considerable increase in your water bill, this may indicate that you have a concealed pipe leak. In order to stop leaks before they lead to serious damage, you must learn where to look for the leak and what you are looking for.

How To Trace a Concealed Pipe Leak

1. Look for discoloration on the walls in your house. There are several types of discoloration that are caused by concealed pipe leaks, like stains with distinct borders, black streaks or gray streaks. Make sure that you the entire wall over because pipe joints, called fittings, are often placed at the corners of the wall or where the wall borders the floor or ceiling.

2. Make sure that you wear gloves when you inspect your walls for dampness, as some types of mold are harmful to you health. If you want to test an area for dampness, rub the area, with gloves on, and inspect the gloves for any type of glistening to detect dampness. Then rub the tips of your fingers together to see if you feel slickness.

3. Inspect your walls for mold or mildew. This is often a very good sign that you have found an internal leak. Common colors for mold and mildew are black, white, orange or green spots. Make sure to check upper and base cabinets for mildew as well.

4. Smell the air to check for a stale or damp odor, as this is often a good sign that you are close to finding a concealed leak.

5. Leaks can often cause paint to peel or chip off. Also, run your hands across suspicious areas to check for bulging or dips; concealed leaks sometimes cause framing to swell or warp.

6. Use your ears to listen for sounds such as hissing, dripping or gushing, which is a very good indicator of concealed leaks. Tap walls and door trims around the house, a hollow sound can indicate rotting wood, which is also a good sign for possible pipe leaks. If you still unable to find the leak,it may be your best interest to call a plumber in order to detect and repair the leak.

Ski Roof Racks

Skiing is a popular sport and pastime in the winter season. During the winter holidays, it is common for families to go out on skiing trips. Even in the summer months, when it gets too warm, people head northwards to relax in the cool environs of the snow clad peaks. Here too, it is common for people to indulge in the popular sport of skiing. But carrying skiing equipment can be quite a task, especially if you are driving down in your own car. Ski roof racks come to your aid in such a scenario, and help you in carrying your skiing and other winter equipment safely.

Before buying ski roof racks you have to consider a few important things in mind. The first and foremost thing to be checked is that whether your car has a factory installed cross bar or rail system. Depending upon the model and make of your car you will also have to consider buying a set of compatible ski roof rack accessories.

The size of the roof line length and width of the car has to be determined before buying ski roof rack, because this will determine how many skis can be hauled into the roof racks at one time. It is always advisable to opt for models that can be easily installed and removed, so that these ski roof racks can be detached and the car used in its normal condition during the off season.

Ski roof rack [http://www.directcaraccessories.co.uk/catalog/roof-barsboxes-c-3310.html] with added protection for the skis are widely popular in the market. Remember to lock your skis with the racks to protect them from theft. In case you wish to install permanent roof racks or roof boxes onto your car, look for ski roof racks that can also be used as bike racks as well as luggage racks. In order to use these multipurpose racks, one may have to buy a number of multiple universally compatible accessories.

The True Meaning Of Leadership

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership is more than some fancy title. It has little to do with who you are. A leader stands out from the crowd and shines in all they do, from the way the person talks, looks and acts. A great leader lives with integrity; they are congruent in words and in actions, honest, trustworthy, authentic and compassionate. If you want to be a leader others wish to follow, you have to become the leader that you would follow. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind to develop and become the leader others want to follow.

A Leader knows it’s about the people and not about themselves. Lead from the front. It’s important to focus on the people you sponsor and what they desire. Learn to do less telling what to do, and start asking more questions to learn more about them. You can learn a lot about a person by asking questions. Do more listening than talking, to really find the problems, so you can find solutions for the problems, and give solid advice.

A leader inspires trust and action. One of the best things about being a leader is the privilege to share goals and dreams with members on your team. You can lead others with your words and actions, and earn your members trust, and inspire them to build their business and develop their skills. Your own actions inspire your members to believe in themselves and accelerate.

A leader is also out in the trenches doing it every day. When your people see you out actually doing what you’re advising them to do, they will then have more respect and trust in what you have to say. Lead by example, people believe what they see, not what they hear.

A leader offers the team hope and inspiration. Decide today to be the leader that offers a positive experience, and make a great difference in someone’s life. When you do, you will also see a change in your own life. Start today to give hope to those who have no faith, offer encouragement to those who are afraid, inspire others by helping them discover their talents.

A leader helps the team plan for success. It is impossible to know what direction to take, and how to know when you have reached your goals without a plan. A map to see which direction and steps to take is essential to success. You have to decide where you are now in your life, and where you want to be. This is what leaders do for their team. Help them map out a plan for action. Leaders teach the team goal setting techniques, and how to develop a strategic plan for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual plans of action to help the team reach goals faster.

You will reap the financial rewards, and see the profound effect you have that empowers those around you; when you are a leader who strives to help members be the best they can be. You will see your team blossom and shine, and become a true leader others will follow.

The Married Man’s Top 10 Image Killers

Ever wonder why it takes your wife so long to get ready? Does it blow your mind how she tries on six different outfits before she decides on the one she will wear? Well gentlemen, the answer to these age old questions is because she is paying attention to minor details that she knows make a difference. Before she leaves the house she makes sure that all pieces of the image puzzle are in order so she looks her best. Now I’m not saying that you need to spend hours in your closet or the mirror primping but I am saying that you need to understand and correct some of the basic image mistakes that we all are guilty of from time to time.

Let me now take the time to outline the top 10 biggest issues that I see on a daily basis. We will identify the problems and also give you easy to follow and apply solutions in an attempt to prevent you from committing these all too common fashion faux pas.

Image Killer #1

Dressing Your Age

One of the biggest mistakes a man can make in attempt to be fashionable and cool is dressing younger than they are. Nothing is more obvious or embarrassing than a man in his 40’s or 50’s who dresses like he is 20. It may be true that the clothes are indeed cool and extremely stylish, however if they are not age appropriate you will just end up looking like a big cheese ball.

The Solution:

While shopping in a particular store or shop, look around. Are the other patrons dramatically younger than you? Are the associates still in high school? If the answer to these questions are yes, then more than likely the clothes in that store are not for you. Paying attention to these two simple rules will surely point you in the right direction.

Image Killer #2

Ill Fitting Clothing

When I tell you that your clothes should fit you, most of you may be thinking “Duh”. But, give me a chance to explain. A lot of men are wearing clothing that is too large for them or too small for them. A common misconception is that if you are a larger man you should buy larger shirts to minimize your weight. This couldn’t be further from the truth. What happens is that in an attempt to camouflage your weight you only make yourself look heavier and larger than you are. On the flip side, some of you buy clothes that are smaller than you actually are. Just because you can get the pants buttoned doesn’t mean that they fit. You will only look like a sausage if you go out of the house.

The Solution:

If you currently buy shirts that are very loose fitting, go down a size. You will be amazed at the amount of compliments you receive and inquiries asking if you have lost weight. With pants, make sure that you can get your fingers comfortably in between you and your waist band. This may require you to go up a size or even two. Have no fear, you aren’t getting larger, you are now wearing pants that fit.

Image Killer #3

Pleated/Cuffed Pants

Many men are guilty of these fashion no no’s. Most men have a desire to look their best. If your best means you want to look heavier than you are then wear the pleats. But, if you want to appear slimmer and taller then it may be time to ditch the pleats. The goal is to create a nice straight line from the waist down to your shoes. Anything that breaks the visual line will detract from you looking your best. Cuffs on your pants are nothing but extra fabric that breaks the crisp clean line and ultimately giving you the appearance of being shorter than you are.

The Solution

Go and try on a nice pair of flat front non cuffed pants. You will be amazed at how much thinner and taller you will look. This simple change will dramatically enhance your look and image.

Image Killer #4

Wrong Pant Length

Many men are wearing pants that are either too short or too long. Both of these are detrimental to your image. Pants that are too short make you look like you are wearing high waters and quite frankly make you look like a big dork. On the flip side, pants that are too long will only cause them to bunch up at the shoe creating an illusion of being shorter and heavier than you are.

The Solution

Pants should be long enough that they have a break in them. The back of your pant leg should come down to the middle or top of your heal. Remember that depending on the shoe that you are wearing, some pants may be fine with some shoes and not with others. If you wear boots, you may need a slightly longer pant then you wear with dress shoes.

Image Killer #5

Tapered/Out Dated Jeans

Tapered jeans are not just out dated, but hurting your image and style. A tapered leg doesn’t allow for your jean to fit over the top of your shoe. Instead you have a gathering of fabric at the top of you foot, creating a sloppy appearance.

The Solution

If you aren’t sure if your jeans are tapered or not, here is an easy test. Take your jeans and lay them on your bed face up. Take the bottom of the jean and fold the pant leg so that the bottom is lined up with where your knee would be. If the bottom is less wide than the knee then indeed they are tapered and new jeans should be on your to do list. When looking for new jeans, you will notice that there are a few different cuts or styles to choose from. Look for straight leg or even boot cut jeans. The goal is to allow the jean to fall over the top of your shoe creating a nice clean line from your waist to your feet. Bunching of fabric will only make you look short and sloppy. Neither of these are good looks for anyone

Image Killer #6

Floral Print Shirts

Unless you are in the tropics or on a cruise, these shirts are dorky. If you are in the tropics or on a cruise….good for you and wear the shirts.

The Solution

Choose shirts that are a solid color or a small pattern. Don’t buy something that you think is “cute” or “funny”. You won’t look cute but you will look funny.

Image Killer #7

Bad Shoes

Shoes are in my opinion the most important aspect of an outfit. By choosing chunky or bulky shoes, you will only look like a clown. Overly square toes (pilgrim) are also a think of the style past. They were cool a few years ago, but they are now taking a back seat to a sleeker and more stream lined shape and trend. We should also include shoes that are overly worn or scuffed.

The Solution

Take care of your shoes. Once a month take the time to polish your shoes and make sure not to forget about the heal. Spend the money on good quality shoes. If taken care of they will last you for years. Choose shoes that are simple yet stylish. Stay away from overly ornate stitching or overly drastic shapes (square or pointed). Remember, shoes should not draw attention to them selves, but rather tie the package together. Stay away from shoes that are ultra trendy due to the fact that they will be out of style quickly.

Image Killer #8

Sneakers With Everything

Athletic shoes should be worn when exercising. They are not your go to pair of shoes suitable for every activity and occasion.

The Solution

Most of the time men choose to wear sneakers due to a lack of variety or depth of current foot wear. Spend the time and money buying a variety of shoes that are appropriate for a variety of occasions. You need a pair to be worn with shorts (non athletic), casual and professional.

Image Killer #9

Belt and Shoe Mismatch

Black shoes and brown belt is the most obvious, however you need to also consider the style of shoes and belt as well.

The Solution

Dress shoes require a dress belt. This means that if your shoes have a shine, the belt should also have a similar finish. Black is an easy color to match, there is only one black. Brown however is a bit trickier; there are 20 different shades of brown. When trying to pick a belt to match your shoes, wear the shoes into the store. If you try to just wing it from memory, you are bound to be disappointed once you get home.

Image Killer #10

Inappropriate Dress

Have you ever had the feeling that you are underdressed for a specific event or occasion? We have all had this happen to us at one time or another. This is one of the most common blunders one can make.

The Solution

Prior to attending any gathering or event, know what is expected. One good way is to look at your wife and what she is wearing. Is she in jeans and a T-shirt? If not, then this is a good indication that you shouldn’t be either. Remember, it is always better to be over dress as opposed to underdressed.

Remember to pay attention to those minor details, and you will have a killer image… rather than killing your image! alpha m. Image Consulting was launched back in 2006 by founder Aaron Marino. Aaron realized that there was a lack of resources and options for men to receive real world help and advice regarding their image, style and grooming. Our goal is to help the modern man look and feel the best that he can… every day of his life.

Three Elements to Validate Credit Card Debt and Get Rid of It

This is so important that someone has to mention it now!

If you have unmanageable debt and must get rid of it, make sure you know all your options. Consumers are put into the corner due to overwhelming credit card debt. Foreclosure and bankruptcy is at its all time high; there is not enough money around for everybody to pay the big banks and often consumers have to rob Peter to pay Paul. Becoming educated is the only solution that could solve dire situations against ballooning debt.

One option you have is debt validation. If you have already fallen behind and are dealing with third party debt collectors, make them validate the debt and prove that you really owe them money. There are laws that apply to debt validation and it is an excellent weapon against third party debt collectors. Make sure that the third party collection agency has the right to collect money from you first before you pay them.

You might want to ask the debt collectors to provide these three elements to validate the debt:

1. Prove that a contract exists. Ask for proof that the collection agency owns the debt or has been assigned the right to collect the debt. There may be a contract between the collection agency and the original creditor, but that does not mean there is a contract between you and the collection agency. Indeed there is no contract between you and the collection agency and their collection attempts are an effort to get you into a new contract. Once you send them one cent they have a new contract.

2. Provide an account statement. The debt collector should have an account statement that show exactly how the collector has come up with the amount of money it is trying to collect from you. Here is a case law you might want to look at regarding the account statement Fields v. Wilber Law Firm, Donald L. Wilber and Kenneth Wilber, USCA-02-C-0072, 7th Circuit Court, Sept 2004.

3. Provide a signed loan agreement or copy of the original credit card application. this is optional because if the debt collector has provided an account statement from the original creditor then this requirement is fulfilled.

Debt collectors usually get paid a percentage of the amount they have collected. They can also make money by pocketing the difference between the amounts paid to purchase the debt and the amount collected from the debtor this applies to junk debt buyers.

Be aware that if your contract with the original creditor says “debtor agrees to be responsible for payment of this debt to creditor or its assignees” this means you might need to negotiate or to settle the debt for a lesser amount.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) says that it is your rights to validate your debt and that the creditor must show proof that you owe the debt. There has to be actual documented proof and not some kind of a computer printout.

The FDCPA says the creditors are not allowed to collect the debt if they cannot verify that you owe the debt, and they are not allowed to contact you about the debt or to report the debt information on your credit report. If this information is reported on your credit report then it is a violation of another law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and you can sue them for $1,000 in damages due to violations of these laws.

Traditional debt relief programs might not work for every situation. If you are drowning in debt, it is vital that you seek information on debt validation that you can do on your own. There are also professional debt relief help programs that use debt validation or debt forgiveness strategies if you do not want to do it on your own. These are law based programs that can legally get rid of the debt, or even cancel them.

How to Make Gel Candles Bubbleless

Learn how to make gel candles without bubbles, and you will soon be turning out crystal clear creations that garner oohs and aahs from all who see them. This wax always produces bubbles, of course. It is in its nature as surely as it is in the nature of champagne. As champagne without bubbles is just wine, so this wax without bubbles is just mineral oil mixed with a polymer. I know of no one who wants to remove the fizz from champagne, but there are chandlers who want to know how to make gel candles bubbleless.

Some people protest that having a lot of those shining little globules obviously adds to the inner beauty of the wax. They pour their wax in a way that is guaranteed to produce the greatest amount of fizz. Others consider it just as obvious that an abundance of fizz or globules or whatever you want to call them hinders the inner beauty, but…

…how to make gel candles bubbleless? That isn’t so obvious.

My personal search for a solution to the problem produced four very different possibilities. Some seemed easy. Others seemed far beyond my reach. I think you will agree, however, that all four are interesting.

Which way would you choose?

1. Pour the Way a Bartender Pours

This is the most common answer I got to my question of how to make gel candles bubbleless. I was advised that you have to pour the same way a bartender pours beer. Hold your glass container at a 45 degree angle. Gently pour the hot wax down along the inside of the tilted container, making sure it hits the side of the glass and not the bottom. This will avoid a “head” on your luminary. Alright. That reduced the amount of fizz, but it certainly did not give me a definitive answer on how to make gel candles bubbleless.

2. Maintain High Temperatures

Asking a traditionalist how to make gel candles bubbleless, I learned that you can do it by keeping your wax hot for an extended period of time. This will allow a certain number of those pesky little globules to rise to the top and burst. It doesn’t answer the question of how to make gel candles bubbleless, but it does help reduce the number of bubbles you get.

3. Bake Your Creations

One of the largest manufacturers of this type of wax gave me a third idea. Preheat your oven to 65 degrees Celsius (150 degrees Fahrenheit). After pouring at the high temperature of 90 degrees Celsius (200 degrees Fahrenheit), set your creation in the preheated oven – and hope for the best. Well – this, too, failed to answer my question of how to make gel candles bubbleless. Hope does not burst shiny globules, and although you can reduce their density this way, you are not going to eliminate them.

4. De-Air Your Luminaries

A chandler who wanted as badly as I did to know how to make gel candles bubbleless got in touch with a scientist who taught her to de-air her creations with a vacuum device. She explained to me that she adds her dye and fragrance, mixes it in very well, and then puts her very hot wax in a specially-created vacuum device (see caution below). Finally, this was how to make gel candles bubbleless. She had not one bubble!

You can learn how to make gel candles bubbleless. You can learn how to create them with a reduced amount of fizz. Personally, I’ll just forget the struggle, think of those shimmering little globules as though they were in fine champagne – and enjoy them immensely.

CAUTION: Do not try this with a household vacuum cleaner. The chandler’s vacuum was specially designed for her use.

How To Build Trust In Dating, Courtship and Marriage Relationships

Trust is one of the elements of the foundation for joyful relationships. It is fortuitously placed in the fifth position in the hierarchy of pillars to be hoisted before and while building a relationship. Building trust is fundamental to the development, growth and sustenance of a joyful relationship. Many relationships out there lack trust and those involved are dealing with an uphill task. When trust is broken by the indiscretion or untrustworthiness of a partner, it creates serious complication in the relationship.

Here are some techniques you can use with proven guarantee to grow your connectedness by improving the level of trust in your relationship:

• Communicate needs – Convey without fear or restraint your needs to your partner. Do not create room for your spouse or partner to begin to guess what it is you want or expect. Let him or her know and directly from you. Without worrying about being termed selfish, make your claims on the relationship. When you do not get what you want from a relationship – whether or not you asked – it would arouse resentment and ultimately create emotional problems. In addition, failure to affirm your needs may result in your seeking for satisfaction and assurances from elsewhere which might be stifling to the relationship.

• Learn to disagree – Having your partner communicate his or her needs effectively is good for the relationship. However, you do not need to agree with everything. If you are in the habit of saying yes to everything your partner asks for, you lose respect. People erroneously feel that allowing the other partner or being allowed by a partner get everything asked for is a sign of love. One, it is not a sign of love. Two, allowing you to be dominated by the other partner kills trust on both parties. If you do not agree with a proposal, disagree. Both parties to relationship should develop the strength of character to disagree when a request or proposal is not right. Consider the need for this mindset when a partner demands or desires premarital sex. If you give in to such a demand, you lose respect and most often, the relationship.

• Predictability – There is a time for everything. While it praiseworthy for ladies to be mysterious at the onset of a dating relationship, however, as the relationship grows into steady dating, courtship and marriage, predictability becomes superior to surprises. Surprises are good to spice up a relationship such as in giving unexpected gifts. Nevertheless, we need to be consistent and reliable so as to make our relationship to grow. We have to be dependable to be trusted, hence predictability is key here.

• Honesty – Do not keep secrets from your partner. Consider that nothing is hidden under heaven. It will eventually be out in the open sooner than later. Secrets are destructive to trust in a relationship. Secrets are like lies, it requires a lie to cover a lie and if you start covering, each lie would require another to cover it. That would be a vicious circle. The time and energy you need to keep a secret if invested in building the relationship would give it power to produce joy and peace for you. Honesty is the best policy any day.

• Harmonize message – Make certain that your words and their meaning are in harmony. Hearing your words harmonizing with your body language is reassuring to your partner. You should not be frowning when you say that you are happy. Like children, your partner hears what you say with their eyes. Remember the saying what you are doing is so loud I cannot hear what you are saying. Your partner should not need an interpreter to trust your words. Your face and tone should match with words you speak. Trust is built in a relationship when you say what you mean and mean what you say.

Trophies For Sports and Other Events

Trophy can be in the shape of a cup or feature a figurine on top of a column with the sport or activity. Youth sports through professional level athletics offer trophies. Trophies are usually crafted out of metal, plastic, acrylic, glass, or other materials. In most cases, trophies and awards are engraved with the name of the recipient, year, and type of achievement.

The trophy is a cherished reminder of achievement and is usually displayed in a trophy case. Many schools and organizations proudly display trophies will through the years in glass trophy cases along with other memorabilia. Medals, Plaques and Ribbons are other forms of awards that are often presented.

Famous sports trophies presented through the world include:

  • The Stanley Cup: Hockey Trophy
  • Heisman Trophy: College Football Trophy
  • FIFA World Cup: Soccer Trophy
  • Vince Lombardi Trophy: Football Trophy
  • Commissioner's Trophy: Major League Baseball Trophy
  • Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy: Basketball Trophy

Other trophies and award presented for TV and film include – Academy Awards, Grammys, Emmys, etc.

Trophy are also given virtuously in video games. The Super Smash Bros. Series from Nintendo has been giving trophies since 2001. A character who has been given a trophy can be revived by having a living person touch their trophy stand.

In hunting and fishing, sometimes traditional sporting trophies are presented. But, the trophies can also be the head or other part of the hunted animal that is preserved and / or mounted.

There are many uses for trophies and new awards presentations are always being organized. People will always love winning trophies!

Sports and Hobbies in Portugal

Called The Beautiful Game, the Portuguese are ardent futebol fans. From club matches to the national team, everyone has a favorite player and team that they follow with great devotion.


The game requires speed, dexterity, endurance and strategy. Portugal’s Cristiano Renaldo is arguably the best player in the world and José Marinho is widely recognized as a gifted manager.

For pro players, making the national team is the pinnacle of success. Many professional footballers play internationally for other teams; for example Renaldo plays for Real Madrid. As qualifying for the quadrennial World Cup approaches, players are named for the national team. Below the national team is club play. Premeira Liga, with 14 teams, is the premier league and the Segunda Ligafields 22 teams.

Every town and region has a host of amateur leagues, as well as college and school teams ranging from five-a-side to full teams. Naturally you can find a group of kids (or adults) kicking the ball around wherever there’s a bit of open space.


Futsal, 5-a-side indoor football, is played on a hard surface. There are several leagues divided into divisions. 1a Divisão is the top league.

All the rest

  • Athletics: Portugal has a number of top long-distance runners and has done well at recent Olympic Games in London and Beijing; there are also a number of top cross-country runners from Portugal
  • Canoeing: Portugal has many top Olympians in this sport; kayaking and canoeing are popular sports for tourists and locals alike
  • Cycling: Volta a Portugal is the annual professional long-distance race; cycling tours and mountain bike trails are widely available in all regions
  • Martial arts: Jogo do Pau is a traditional stick fighting martial art dating from the Middle Ages (fencing and judo are also popular)
  • Motorsports: Rallying, motorcycle racing and A1 Grand Prix are popular spectator sports with some races (Rally Madeira and Lisboa-Dakar) receiving international attention
  • Bullfights: Portuguese bullfights differ in style from the Spanish customs, notably the bull is not killed in the ring; running with the bulls, as in Pamplona, Spain, is popular in the Azores
  • Golf: the Algarve has great courses and many of Portugal’s top pros play in the region
  • Airsoft: known as paint ball in the U.S., the game is popular around the country
  • Watersports: surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing are all popular, especially in the Algarve
  • Portugal is considered to have some of the best waves in Europe, most notably around the central coastal town of Peniche. Recently, the largest wave ever surfed was recorded in Nazaré, about 30 minutes north of Peniche.



Portugal’s traditional needlework and fiber arts began in nunneries and as cottage industries. The fine linens, rugs, lacework provided a livelihood for many families and grew to be celebrated for craftsmanship. Portuguese textiles are well known the world over.

  • Embroidery: Portuguese embroidery is highly sought after with its intricate stiches and rich colors; styles vary by region, with the best known examples coming from Madeira and Castelo Branco; white embroidery (white thread on white cloth) is also popular with modern needle workers
  • Rug making/tapestry: Arraiolos in southern Portugal is famous for its pure wool carpets; designs are similar in motif and style to Persian rugs; Portalegre is well known for its finely detailed tapestry with as many as 25,000 stitches per square meter
  • Knitting: Portuguese knitting is popular with knitters everywhere; also known as continental knitting
  • Crocheting/lacemaking: fine thread crochet lace and bobbin lace making developed as another way to make ends meet in poorer families; well known styles include secret, love secret and Loulé lace
  • Weaving: the region of Serra da Estrela is well known for its thick, dense waterproof blankets (mantas); 100% wool, the blankets are dye and chemical free

Folk dancing

Traditional Portuguese folk dances, typically slower-paced than those of their Spanish neighbors, reflect the courtship and marriage customs of their native regions. Well-known dances include: fandango, vira, corrinhdo, chula and viranda. To dance well, time, practice, stamina and instruction are needed.

The Definition of Green

The word “Green” is not the omni-term for anything environmental although there is the tendency to substitute the word “Green” for “Environmental.” Environmentalism is to grand topic that has several subdivisions. Under this grand topic o environmentalism, we will find Green, Sustainable, Pollution, and Conservation. Each one of these subdivisions are immense subject on their own.

In the mash-up of words and concepts, we have lost the fundamental meaning of Green. Environmental, Green, or Sustainable now blur into that ugly green color that we made in kindergarten when we slurred all the colors into one big blob. We cannot progress when confusion reigns, and every science starts out with a definition of terms.

The best definition of Green refers to the health impact of what we do on living things. So Green is primarily a health-related issue. This is seen in the fact that cleaning products were the early Green issues. In fact, indoor air quality is a big factor in Green buildings. Sick building syndrome was the result of poor indoor air quality, which is the antithesis of Green.

Sustainability is also badly morphed into many applications, but essentially deals with the management of our resources. This is a complimentary issue to Green, so it a Green and Sustainable business means that the company considers the health of the workplace as well as the material demands of the business.

The health of the workplace can be impacted by cleaning products, building materials, furniture, as well as paint and carpeting. “Outgassing” is a well documented concern. The installation of new carpet, new furniture, new paint, and new wood leave residual fumes as these items continue to dry out. Your senses will betray you because we think that anything new is clean and healthy, but that is a huge mistake. The varnishes and additives to paint, carpet glue, and wood fall under the category of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are not good for you. If your health is comprised, these fumes can worsen your condition and hasten disease. If you are healthy, the long term exposure will wear you down in time.

Think of the dust that is recirculated that contains bacteria, virus, dust mite feces and scales, carbon from the copies, and so much more. It is a wonder that we aren’t sick all the time except that we are generally healthy and able to live in hostile environments for a long time.

The people who are supposed to help clean our facilities and protect our health through sanitizing processes are the janitors, but clean does not mean healthy. The ammonia in the window spray is harmful, the zinc in the floor finish is bad for humans, the numerous chemicals in the cleansers add to a worsening situation.

Mold is a persistent problem for many buildings. The mold spores are never good for the workers, and can become a crisis concern if untreated. Latent issues remain the in the HVAC system as well. It is fair to say that the air of any building is a kind of “Ground Zero” for any office or business. If the employees are negatively impacted, productivity will fall. Afternoon headache, occasional nausea, and lethargy can be signs of an unhealthy indoor air quality. So, while your building may be energy efficient, and you may be conserving water as well as recycling your trash (sustainability issues), the building may be very un-Green because it is unhealthy.

The Green Business League believes that a Green office starts with an understanding of the healthy office and a serious look at the components that compromise indoor air quality. Consider using a Green certified janitorial service that also uses Green cleaning products, microfiber cloths, and HEPA vacuums. Do not let mold go untreated. Be mindful of all paint, carpet, and furniture used in the facility because they introduce a large volume of gases into the air.

Green is a primarily a health-related issue that blends into the other topics of sustainability, pollution control, and conservation. By dividing out the topics properly, the plan of attack seem much more clear. To attack the issue in a methodic manner, businesses should considering “Going Green” first then moving into the sustainable issues. The early disdain for the word Green comes from the anti-business attitudes of ultra-conservationists that needed a target for their vitriol. Green is not an anti-business concept when properly understood. A Green business is one that is a good place for living things in the workplace, in the community, and in the world.