Sedona Method Six Steps – What The Sedona Method Is

Lester Levenson purported that there were Six Steps involved in attaining the goal of the Sedona Method – freedom and impeturbability. By following the guideline of these six steps, the achievement of goals generally using the Sedona Method becomes easier and more effortless because the correct order of the steps to the Method are in place.

Step 1: You’ve got to want freedom more than you want the three basic wants.

The three basic wants are what are learned in training on how to use the Method. So they won’t be listed here. But what can be said is that they are the root of all problems. They are the “master programs” that have been installed as pro-survival but are in fact anti-survival. The awareness of this can be understood intellectually (or else the Method could not be taught) however, it’s usefulness comes from it’s application and understanding through experience (“taking it for checking” and proving it out for oneself).

Step 2: Decide that you can release and have the goal

In other words, decide you can let go in this moment and have what you want. You know from releasing that by releasing you can have your goal drop in to your awareness effortlessly – you don’t have to “do” anything – you just need to release and let go in order for it to come in. This is a way to explain the “BUTT” method that Larry Crane teaches. You don’t “do” anything – you release and let it come to you. Seemingly contradictingly, that doesn’t mean you don’t take action – but it means that the action, if you need to take any – flows effortlessly – it comes naturally and intuitively from your knowingness – or you simply just “be”.

Step 3: Let go of the wants that underlie your feelings

Releasing the aforementioned three wants means you are getting rid of the root causes of limitation and problems. You therefore become freer, lighter and happier. You become free enough to “have” without having to “do” and your goal comes in for you. No problem.

Step 4: Release continuously – with others and without others

Make releasing contestant – let go in the morning, in the evening, whatever you’re doing. It can be helpful to set aside time to release so that there is dedicated releasing time and you can focus on the goal and releasing the feelings that have been stopping you from having the goal.

Step 5: When encountering stuckness or resistance, let go of wanting to control or change it so that you naturally let go of it.

By letting go of wanting to change the stuckness that may come about you can cut through that resistance. This is very freeing because the next feeling can come up and you can let go of the underlying want.

Step 6: Each time that you release and let go, you will feel lighter, happier and freer.

These steps are “The Method” that Lester Levenson taught his students. By letting go using the steps, the Method tends to make a lot more sense. Again, it is not about intellectual getting, it’s about putting it in to practice and proving it out for yourself. Kind of like a very pleasant and positive experiment.

Negotiating Rates and Fares With Travel Agents

A whole generation of travelers, it seems, are so conditioned to use the Internet for travel booking that they’re not even sure how a travel agent operates. These travelers use the hunt-and-pick method to find the best rates and fares online. And if that method doesn’t reveal an affordable price, they might start wondering if a travel agent—a real, live person—could whip up a price reduction. Many an agent has received an anonymous phone call from a would-be traveler who wants to negotiate fares and rates.

While agents do have access to unpublished discounts and pre-negotiated travel fares, most do not have the ability to negotiate pricing. Agents do not set travel fares; they quote them. When they find a better price, it usually isn’t because they lowered the fare to get your business; it’s because they literally found a lower price.

There are exceptions, of course. Every agency has different policies, and some agencies allow their agents to make a case for offering discounted fares in certain situations. To get the lower fares approved, the agent would probably have to present a competing bid that’s lower and make a strong argument for why the fare should be discounted. To be clear, this type of discount comes out of the agent’s and the agency’s commission. So the agent and agency would need a very good reason for even considering it. At a minimum, the standard commission on the vacation in question needs to be sizeable and the customer must be strategically important in some way.

In other words, a $29 hotel rate is not negotiable.

When you ask an agent to negotiate, you are essentially asking the agent to subsidize your vacation—the same way a newly engaged couple might ask the groom’s dad to fund part of the honeymoon. Many agents will respond to these requests by saying, “I’ll see what I can do.” And then the agent will search, often successfully, for a lower fare.

Real stories from the trenches

Every agent has her own set of stories involving customers who misunderstand how travel agents operate. Here are a few of ours:

  1. Customer finds a below-market rate for a hotel room during an event weekend through our online travel agency. The customer books the room online, but does not select the right room type. The customer calls the week before the event and asks to switch the reservation to a larger room at the same room rate. Unfortunately, the hotel did not have any larger rooms left. We could not remedy the lack of rooms at the first hotel, but we did locate another room at a different hotel.
  2. Customer calls and asks for a discounted rate on a hotel in Cabo. The dates and hotel choice were not flexible. We find the discounted rate, at a prepay rate. The customer says great, he’ll take the rate, but not a prepay basis. Hotels, like airlines, do offer discounted rates for prepaying customers. Generally, an agent can’t book a prepay rate for payment-on-arrival.
  3. Customer calls and says she’s found a travel agent rate at a resort and would like us to book her vacation at that rate. Travel agent rates are for agents traveling; anyone booking under such a rate would have to show agent identification to the hotel or resort upon check-in. An agent cannot book a travel agent rate under someone else’s name, nor can an agent buy the room at that rate and then resell it to a customer.

The gist of it is this: agents can save you money on your vacations and business travel, but sometimes there are limitations to what they can accomplish.

Parallel, Synchronized Randomness

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein

My daughter Lauren and I were in my car on our way to Halifax where she was to have an appointment with an eye specialist to see if there was anything to be done for her blocked tear duct.

It was snowing, the roads were snow packed and slippery, and we had 350 kilometres to drive there and 350 to return. While I was not looking forward to 700 kilometres of white knuckle driving for a 15 minute appointment, I was really looking forward to spending the time with her. She has this natural and instinctive way to not only make you feel good about yourself, no matter how you are feeling, but she is a master at dragging you from your worries and focusing you on what is really right with the world.

As we were driving along, weaving in between bare spots on the road that weren’t snow covered, counting the cars that had slid into the ditch and in between changing CD’s in the stereo from “Alexis on Fire” to something else, she blurted out, “Dad, you know what my favourite saying is?”

“What is it?” I asked, dragging my attention from driving to her words.

“Parallel Synchronized Randomness” she said.

“Parallel Syncho what? What is that” I asked.

“It’s when the random occurrences of your life line up to look like they were planned that way and that they were supposed to happen.” She replied. “Do you know what I mean?”

Boy, did I ever know what she meant. One of my favourite sayings is “There are no coincidences in life.” There are just way too many things that happen to me that make me say “Hmmm.”

For example as I have been trying to connect with people about my ebook, I am finding people whom I have never met before, but I feel like I have known them all my life. I learned from Bob delBuono, an old mentor and friend, 15 years ago that when life randomly gives you an opportunity to meet someone that you can learn from about your current situation, you had better take the time to connect with that person right then and there, because it will not happen a second time. Those “stars” may never align again and you would have missed an opportunity to gain clarity or direction on what you needed to know.

Take, for example, how I met Tom Voccola.

Three weeks ago, I didn’t know him from Adam, but ‘m sure that I was supposed to. In case you haven’t heard of Tom, who I’m sure you will soon, he is the author of a book called The Accidental CEO – A leader’s journey from ego to purpose. I came to meet him through a business networking site similar to Facebook called Linkedin. I was looking through my 3rd level of contacts, I don’t know what for, when I saw his name. My fingers were obviously more in tune to the universe than my mind was and they clicked on his profile and presto, three weeks later, we have shared emails back and forth, Tom has written a testimonial for my ebook, we have chatted on the phone, and we are eagerly trying to see how we can support each other in business. Parallel Synchronized Randomness.

The person you happen to meet on the sidewalk who knows a person you should meet. The phone rings, it’s someone dialing a wrong number but somehow you get to speaking and she knows all about the answers that you are seeking. You get a flat tire driving to work and someone pulls over to help you and it just happens that this person knows someone that you have been trying to meet and makes the introduction. The book that just magically appears on your desk one morning that no one knows how it got there, but carries within it the secrets that you have been searching for.

Life is as big a miracle as you want it to be.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point.

When we set out each morning, if we can become open to these experiences, it is amazing just where we could arrive in life, but we must be in tune with the “music” that is playing. If we’re always plugged into our “I” pods, we will miss and sometimes walk right by the “you” pods that are out there all around us, just waiting to be discovered.

This week, please take the time to listen to what is going on around you. Be curious. Take no random happening at face value and be in tune to the circumstances in life in which you find yourself. Dare to discipline yourself to look behind the randomness of them and you may find answers to the life challenges in which you have been searching. But you must be open to take a chance and see where it will take you.

Make this your best week ever.


Western Australia Rental Agreement Contract

In order for you to rent out your property in Western Australia you will need to have a Western Australia rental agreement contract in place. This agreement contract is governed by the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 and Residential Tenancies Act 1987. In the Act it will outline the responsibilities of the landlords and the tenants. The Act has a broad coverage of the rental agreement including new rental, renewal, extended, assigned or transferred the lease contract to some one else, Residential Parks rental (Long-stay Tenants) Act 2006, hotels and motels rental, holiday homes, age care facilities including hospitals and nursing homes.

Most landlords when they want to rent out their property they normally engage the services of an agency to do it for them. The agency will assign a property manager on the specify property and the will deal with all aspect property rental. However in some cases certain landlord would like to manage the property themselves.

If you would like to rent out the property yourself then here are a few steps you can follow to get started.

1. Before the tenant can starts moving into your property make sure that your property is properly insured. Although this is not require by the Act but it will save you a lot of headache and $$$ down the track if you have choose the wrong evil tenant whom manage to cause lots of damages to your property.

Download and print out 3 copies of the property condition report. The property condition report should contains a very detail description of the property, for example it should describe the state of the oven, the stove, the doors, the ceiling, any damages that already exist before the tenant moves in and etc.

All of the below mention forms are require by law so make sure the tenant have all the require forms.

2. Download the Form 24B – Periodic Agreement OR Form 24A – Fixed Term Agreement and have it signed by you and your tenant. The form only contains general terms however if you want to put any additional conditions to the contract then put into in the addendum form. The addendum forms allow you to put in terms such as routine inspections, water consumption, carpet cleaning, pets, furnished properties, vacation – repairs and cleaning, keys and many other things that you can think of.

3. Download the Schedule 2 – Information for Tenant form and give it to your tenant.

4. Download the Form 1 and 8 – Lodgement of Security Bond Money.

5. Record water and electrical water meter reading before tenants move in (There is no form for this, you just needed to write the meter reading down to a piece and store it safe somewhere so that when the tenant move out you can work out how much to charge them).

You don’t have to part with your hard earn money to get these forms. Just simply download it for free at Free Western Australia rental agreement.

Using Powder Fire Extinguishers

Powder fire extinguishers are some of the most versatile fire control options. They work not only for class A and class B fires (normal fires and flammable liquids), but also on class C fires, which involves gases like butane and propane. They’re also safe to use on electrical fires because the dry powder contained in these extinguishers is non conductive. Powder expelled from these extinguishers work to knock down flames. Flammable liquids and gases are particularly susceptible to being put out by this method.

These fire extinguishers come in a number of types, but they are all filled with powder and pressurized using nitrogen. The jet can travel four to seven metres, and a full discharge takes between six and twenty seconds. How long your fire extinguisher will take to discharge and how far the jet will go depends on the exact type of extinguisher you’re using. Some have control devices and controlled discharge, which help with maintenance. Here are a few of the types of powder fire extinguishers you might encounter.

BC extinguishers are rated for liquids and gases, but not for other types of fires. These are filled with potassium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate, and leave a sediment behind. This material should be cleaned off immediately, as it’s mildly corrosive, and can damage materials that it’s in contact with for long periods. ABC dry powder fire extinguishers work on class A fires as well, and are filled with monoammonium phosphate. This yellow powder also leaves a residue, and can damage electrical equipment. Avoid using it around this kind of equipment.

It’s important to read the instructions on a fire extinguisher and familiarize yourself with its use. Don’t allow it to sit until you have a fire. To use a powder fire extinguisher, pull the pin, aim the extinguisher, and squeeze the trigger. Be sure that the jet of powder is aimed at the base of the flames, then sweep it from side to side, covering the fire. If the fire is in a container, or is burning spilled liquid, aim the powder jet at the near side of the fire, then use it to propel the fire away from you until it goes out.

Flowing liquid which is on fire should be treated differently. Aim the jet at the base of the flames, then move it upward. If you need to use a powder fire extinguisher on an electrical fire, and there are no other options, turn the current off first. Once the fire looks like it has gone out, wait a while to make sure the air is clear, and investigate the site of the burning. Some fires may reignite, so be ready to discharge the extinguisher again.

Powder fire extinguishers should be located in an obvious and easy to get to position. They can be identified by the blue band or label on the outside of the red extinguisher. Older powder fire extinguishers may be entirely blue. If you have one of these, it’s important to make certain that it’s still in working condition. Make sure you maintain yours once a month, and have them serviced yearly. After a number of years, have a powder fire extinguisher pressure tested to be sure that the cylinder remains safe. When you buy new extinguishers, look for the kitemark of approval, which says that the extinguisher has been tested. All sizes of extinguishers, from tiny 1 kg models to large, wheeled, 100 kg models, should be kitemarked.

Keep powder fire extinguishers around the home or workplace in any location where a fire may start. Since these extinguishers work well on liquids and gases, they may be stored by stoves and furnaces, in garages, or in any other place where a non-electrical fire is a hazard. Be careful when using them, and always learn how to operate an extinguisher in advance of an emergency. Remember that you’re not obligated to fight a fire. If you’re unsure of what to do, or the extinguisher runs out before the fire is out, be willing to leave. Never allow the fire to get between you and an exit, and don’t stand in a location where smoke or fumes might be a danger.

Sales Letter Example That Sells

Sales Letter Example That Sells, No Matter The Industry

A sales letter is the page designed to sell your product. You can have a fantastic product, but you won’t earn a nickel if your sales letter lacks sizzle.

Your sales letter should grab a visitor’s attention, prove you provide a solution, remove risk, state a call to action, and hopefully (if done well) generate a sale.

Here is an example of how we write a sales letter…

All great sales letters include the following:

1. Catchy Headers and Subheaders

2. Unique Selling Proposition

3. Stated Product Benefits

4. Testimonials

5. Special Offers

6. Digital Covers

7. Video Demos

8. Exceptional Guarantees

9. Trust Building Techniques

10. Bonuses

11. Follow-Ups

12. P.S.

Catchy Headers and Subheaders

Your main header, also referred to as a H1 tag, can:

o Target a pain point. “Are You Losing Your Hair?”

o Highlight a benefit. “Now You Can Re-grow Your Hair… Without Chemicals!”

o Invoke curiosity. “Can Broccoli Prevent Hair Loss?”

o Include keywords.

Your subheaders will follow the same format as your header. These two work best when they attack the reader from two different angles. Your headline could invoke curiosity, while the sub-headline makes a bold claim like this “Now You Can Re-grow Your Hair… Without Chemicals!”

Example Headlines for a Sales Letter

o Who Else Wants _______?

o The Secret of _________

o Here’s How You Can (benefit) Without (problem)…

o Little Known Ways to _____________

o Get Rid of ________________ Once And For All!

o WARNING: This Letter Is For Serious __________ Only.

o Are You Still Suffering From _________?

o Are You Making These Same Mistakes?

o At Last! The (credibility indicator like “Bestselling” or “As seen on Oprah”) System That Is Revolutionizing ___________

o Save Yourself 30% on _________ By Following This Simple Steps

o How I Went From (loser) to (winner) in Just 2 Weeks!

o How To (Cook Thai Food) Like The (Locals)

o 56 Ways ____________Saves You Time, Work and Money

Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition

This is where you subtly demonstrate to your reader that your competition sucks. To do this, examine your competitor’s sales letters, noting the benefits they offer- and more importantly, those they lack. Even if the two of you are selling the same product, you can position your offer in very different ways. Are they offering a money back guarantee? Do they fail to cover a specific topic that your explain in detail? Discover your competitor’s weaknesses and demonstrate them to your prospects… Chances are, your prospects will shop around before committing, and it pays to plant the seeds of doubt in their minds about your competitors. Remember that subtlety is the key; you don’t want to smear yourself as well!

Focus on Benefits, Not Features

Don’t rattle off the features of your product; explain to your prospect how they will benefit from it. For example, if you’re selling air conditioners, people aren’t interested in the features (e.g. voltage, wattage, what type of plastic it’s made of, etc.) they want to keep cool during summer!

To ensure you’re listing benefits instead of features, ask yourself “How does this feature help my prospect?” List your features, then add the word “which” after it: whatever follows is a benefit. For example:

o Low power requirements, which lowers your energy bill.

o New polymer plastic casing, which cools your house faster than traditional models.

o Timer setting, which saves you the hassle of getting up in the middle of the night to turn it off.

I’ve heard this phrase so many times I practically recite it in my sleep, and yet, so many people forget this simple law of copywriting. Bullet points tend to work best in sales letters, as they are easily scanned by readers. Keep in mind that your prospects aren’t interested in every single benefit your product offers, just the ones that apply to them. By listing off dozens of benefits, you are increasing the likelihood your prospects will come across one or two main benefits they are most interested in, and buy your product.

Include Testimonials

My wife and I were on Ko Phi Phi Island in Thailand (where the movie “The Beach” was filmed) getting ready to grab a bite. While looking at a map, a couple of guys came up to us and recommended a restaurant saying, “This is the best restaurant we’ve been to on the island. You should check it out.”

Guess where we went for dinner?

We didn’t personally know these guys, yet we trusted them. This demonstrates what is known as social proof – people making decisions based on someone else’s experience. If you’re interested in something and you see that it has worked for others, you are more likely to trust them and-case in point- buy it. Testimonials are a great way to demonstrate social proof to your prospects; they can see for themselves that your product works and provides value to real people without you forcing it down there throats. Rather than singing your own praises, why not let your satisfied customers do it for you?

Here’s two ways to gather testimonials:

1. When you’re first testing your product (that is, the product you haven’t created yet) ask people you know personally if they can provide testimonials citing your expertise in a specific area applicable to your product.

2. Once you create and sell your product, follow up with the customer via email and ask for a testimonial. Here’s what I use:

Dear ,

Thanks for taking our free course on . Many others have written to tell us how this course has helped , and I sincerely hope you feel the same way.

I’d like to ask a favor. We’re always trying to improve our course, and would greatly appreciate your feedback. If it’s OK with you, please take a moment and jot down your thoughts in the box below. I promise not to include any personal information other than your name and city.

Feel free to say whatever you feel. If you have some ideas on how to improve our course, we’re all ears.

Thanks , and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Testimonial Box

I understand that has the right to use these comments in their marketing material. I also understand will NOT use any personal information with the exception of my name and city.


Make sure to include a personal email address you check frequently in order to stay on top of testimonials as they come in.

Some people recommend offering an incentive in exchange for a testimonial such as a free report, though I’ve never had any trouble securing them with this form. Besides, if your free course isn’t good enough to warrant praise, you probably need to reconsider your product offer.

As the testimonials start to roll in, put them on your sales page as examples your product works!

People Don’t Buy Products… They Buy Offers

You may have the single greatest product in the history of humanity, guaranteed to cure a wide variety of ailments, train your dog to stop barking and initiate world peace, but without compiling it into a dynamite offer your product will fall flatter than a soufflé in a snowstorm.

Think of it this way: when you go to a fine dining restaurant, you’re not just paying for the flavor of the food; you’re also paying for the presentation. Your offer is the presentation; if your prospects don’t like the presentation they won’t even try your product. This is why creating a solid offer is imperative for your system’s success.

So what makes a good offer? Here are the key components you of a dynamite offer:

Have Quality Digital Cover

If you’re creating an information product that includes several downloadable CDs, create a professional looking digital CD cover for each disc. If you have an e-book or special report, create covers for those as well. Be sure to include screenshots of the content as well, which should be professionally formatted.

Include Video Demos

Videos are a great tool for marketing your product and should be used where possible- I’ve used video demos for several products with great success. The process is simple: use Camtasia to record you demonstrating your product while explaining its benefits, then upload the video to YouTube and embed the code they give you onto your website. We’ll talk about video marketing more in a bit.

Offer an Exceptional Guarantee

The main function of a guarantee is to remove all risk for your prospect. You want to make a guarantee so strong they’d feel like a fool for not buying your product. For example, you could offer a 60 day money back guarantee, and allow them to keep all the bonuses even if they decide to cancel. Another method is to allow your prospect to download your product for one dollar, and then charge their credit card the remainder seven days later if they don’t cancel.

Build Trust

When I receive emails from people asking me “Is this for real?” I know it’s time to build a higher level of trust with our prospects. Be sure to include links to your privacy policy, contact information and a brief bio about yourself.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy should go something like this:

: Privacy Policy

is committed to protecting the privacy and security of individuals that have contacted us. It is with that purpose in mind that we have formed our privacy guarantee. We realize that the concerns you bring to us are highly personal in nature. We assure you that all information shared will be managed within legal and ethical considerations.

Security of Information

We restrict access to personal information to employees who have a specific business purpose in utilizing your data. Our employees are trained in the importance of maintaining confidentiality and member privacy.

Accuracy of Information

We strive to ensure that our records contain accurate information. If there are any changes to your contact information (e.g. phone number, email, etc.), please email . We will promptly make any necessary changes to update your records.

Changes to Our Guarantee

We reserve the right to revise our privacy guarantee as our business needs change or as the law requires. If we revise our policy, we will provide you with the new policy at that time.

Web Links to Other Web Sites

Links to third party sites may be available from ‘’. Sites outside the ‘’ domain are NOT maintained by and is NOT responsible for the content or availability of linked sites. Recommended links are NOT an endorsement or guarantee of other sites or organizations and are simply provided for reference. The privacy and security policies of linked sites likely differ from and users are encouraged to review the privacy and security policies of these sites.

Contact Information

Buy a P.O. Box at your local post office and use that as your mailing address. Forty bucks a year provides peace of mind; you don’t want your home address advertised to hundreds of thousands of people, right?

It’s always better to include a phone number as well. You can leave your personal number, or get a redirect line through Skype or Vonage. If you receive lot of calls, consider signing up with a call center that will take messages and accept payments (there’s a list of them at the end of this book).


Including a bio is a great opportunity for you to sell yourself and build trust amongst readers, many of whom want to know a little about a person before doing business with them. Bios typically include the following elements:

o Educational Background

o Professional Background

o Experience with Current Business/Product

o Special Achievements

o Personal Information (e.g. city of residence and family information)

o Picture

All of these are completely optional and depend on your comfort level with sharing information online. internet. There is a fine line between highlighting your knowledge, skills, and achievements and coming off as a blowhard. Remember: the point is to build trust, hopefully to the point of getting a sale.

Offer Bonuses

Once you’ve demonstrated your product provides value and removed risk with a strong guarantee, push your prospects off the fence with a few value packed bonuses. The bonus is all about perceived value; many people in fact buy products for the bonuses themselves! If you’re offering an e-book on Cajun cooking, offer a video that demonstrates how to make roux, and several other Cajun sauces. How about recipes for cocktails that are famous in the South? A list of the best restaurants in New Orleans? All of these are easy to create and dramatically improve the value of your product.


Let’s say your prospects sign up for a free two week course on southern cooking. They are then presented with an offer to buy the full product. If they haven’t purchased it, they receive another e-mail, but with a twist: this could be a reduced price, an added bonus, or the chance to pay in installments.

State a P.S.

Believe it or not, many people will scroll to the bottom of a sales page first. I do it all the time… once I know I’m on a sales page, the first question that comes to mind is “How much?”

This is precisely why you shouldn’t list your price at the bottom of your sales letter. Instead, use a P.S., or just another headline that reinforces your value proposition. Rather than asking “How much?” they’ll scroll up to learn more about your offer.

This sales letter example should help you craft a profitable sales letter in as little as a week. Write a draft and sit on it for a few days so you can see it with fresh eyes.

What is the Difference Between an Air Cooler and an Air Conditioner?

Laymen tend to confuse the different types of equipment used for cooling homes. Many people do not know which one to buy that will suit their budget and cooling requirements at the same time. There is a world of difference between an air-conditioner and an evaporative cooler (EC), although both are used for cooling purposes. They are designed to cater for different requirements.

Here is a summary of the major differences between these two types of cooling machines.

An evaporative cooler employs hot air and water to cool your room. The hotter and dryer it is outside, the better an evaporative cooler works. Apart from cooling the room, the evaporative cooler also adds moisture to the air. So there are uses of this machine in the winter season too as it works as a humidifier.

The EC is much less costly when it comes to the electricity bills. Basically it works in a more natural way of cooling the room but will not usually be able to achieve the same level of cooling as an AC, and is of minimal benefit in humid climates. The EC does not use hazardous gases that damage the environment unlike the air conditioner.

The air-conditioner works more like a refrigerator, employing a compressor to generate the cooling process.

The air-conditioner functions smoothly in all weather conditions and can maintain a constant level of cooling. The technology used in the AC gives a homogenous level of cooling throughout the room, unlike the EC. The AC has to have an outdoor unit, as it throws the hot air outside, but evaporative coolers come in different shapes and sizes apart from the window EC. The AC performs the sole function of cooling and is of no benefit in the winter season.

Cheap Entry Level High Quality Subwoofer – JL Audio 8W0-4 Review

Most consumers are not fanatics. This means that you’re probably looking for a product that gets you by with value, quality, and performance. You may not necessarily require your product to be the best of the best or the highest performing one on the market. If you’re a car audio fan but not necessarily an enthusiast, you probably want a subwoofer that could produce bass, enough to make your car rumble or enhance the deep low level frequencies of your sound system.

If this is you, then the JL Audio 8W0-4 is your subwoofer of choice. It’s an 8″ subwoofer that packs quite a punch. It is capable of putting out 150 watts of maximum power and 75 watts of RMS continuous power. At first sight, the 8″ may not be the most intimidating subwoofer cosmetically, however, it could indeed produce excellent quality bass outputs thanks to its design.

The woofer is composed of a polypropylene cone with a sealed polypropylene dust cap, a standard car subwoofer and speaker cone composition that ensures rigidity as well as consistency in any ambient environment. The cone is surrounded by a large foam edge that allows the subwoofer to maintain excellent centering while performing at high excursions. Underneath the cone lies the wide progressive roll flat spider that allows the 8W0-4 to ensure a superior mechanical control and placement.

For structural integrity support, the JL Audio 8W0-4 features a vented reinforcement collar, or VRC which acts like a pillar under a bridge acting as support while absorbing performance-related energy. The last feature that must be pointed out is the 6-layer voice coil wiring on a former that is known in the car industry world as Kapton. The result of this feature is the ability for the subwoofer to handle massive thermal energy without losing performance or damaging itself during the energy transfer.

Another nice thing about the 8W0-4 is the fact that its compact size does not typically require a sealed box volume larger than 0.375 cubic feet or a ported box volume larger than 0.75 cubic feet. This means that the JL Car Audio8W0-4 is excellent for small space installations like compact cars or hatchbacks.

With features like this and its incredibly affordable low price at less than $40, how could any car audio beginners pass up a car subwoofer deal like this?

Simple Accounting For The Small Business – Bookkeeping Using A Simple Spreadsheet Template

Starting a small business out of your home, offering products or services like business consulting, photography, selling on the web or a MLM? You are now faced with tracking all your expenses and revenues for your business and you certainly don’t have the money yet to engage a bookkeeper or accountant. If your business is a sole proprietorship, whether it be a Canadian Proprietorship or a US-based Proprietorship, you do not require an accountant to submit your company financials (books) to the IRS (USA) or Revenue Canada). Your business revenue and losses are reported as part of your annual personal income tax. For this small business start-up, you won’t need to buy fancy accounting software, like Quick Books or AccPac to track your business.

Only as part of incorporating Bizfare Enterprise Inc in 2005 was it a requirement to engage an accountant. My accountant did insist on using Quick Books software for my business accounting. Up until then using a simple spreadsheet template served my business accounting needs for over ten years. This simple spreadsheet accounting stood the test of multiple audits by Revenue Canada (CRA and Revenue Canada Goods and Services Tax. Both the hardcopy columnar pad and an electronic spreadsheet version of my financial books were accepted by Revenue Canada. (BTW the audits disclosed more ways for me to claim back additional taxes for the previous three years! Now that’s my type of audit!)

In your new start-up business venture, you likely will generate somewhere between 10 to 30 accounting transactions per month. These transactions would be items like Expense, Revenue (sales), Liability (Loan) type transactions and Sales Tax (Federal + State/Provincial) Collection/Deductions. These transactions are further broken down into various Business Accounts. All the Accounts you set up for your business is called a Chart of Accounts. Recording your business financial transactions (Journal Entries) can be executed with pen and ink on an accounting columnar pad or electronically with your computer using a spreadsheet program (MS Excel, Open Office, Star Office).

Whether you employ electronic or hardcopy media, you need to develop a simple Journal template to create your Business Synoptic Journal. This Synoptic Journal format has the advantage of allowing you a complete view of all your individual journal entry transactions against all your various Business Accounts. Creating this Synoptic Journal is easier to do than you think and requires no prior accounting or bookkeeping knowledge.

TIP #1: You could further reduce the accounting line items (Journal Entries) by consolidating like items such as ‘all the Sales for the month’ and ‘all parking receipts for the month’ into one totaled line item for the month.

Where do you start to identify the various Business Accounts required for your Synoptic Journal?

If you currently work for a company or government, secure of one of their employee expense forms. Look at each of the areas identified as expenses – meals, mileage, hotel accommodations, taxi, car rental, telephone & cell phone, air fare, office supplies, etc. This is an excellent place to identify the various Business Expense Accounts you need to set up for your business accounting books. To complete your business Chart of Accounts, include a Business Bank Account, Sales, COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), Sales Tax Collection, Marketing Expense and others as required. Each of these Accounts will be a listed as a title across the top of each column of your Synoptic Journal. Each row (line item) will be the individual journal transactions entered by you. The journal transactions are grouped and summarized for each business month; usually, January through December.

So your Synoptic Journal would look something like this Sample Synoptic Journal at

The column headings might be in this order (from left to right):


TIP #2: Unless your business is Incorporated or an LLC, you don’t need to go through the expense of opening a business account with your bank. Usually Business accounts charge a higher monthly fee, charge for printing checks (cheques) and don’t offer any interest on your monthly account balance. Instead, open a separate personal bank account (maybe savings). This will show the ‘taxman’ that you are keeping the business separate from your personal banking. Remember you are a sole proprietor and all your business income (and losses) are to be applied directly to your personal income tax submission ( a s per IRS and CRA).

To save you time and make is very simple, I have already created a simple spreadsheet Synoptic Journal template that performs all the calculations for each month and rolls up the 12 business months so it can easily be included in your annual personal income tax preparation. This Synoptic Journal template has Debit/Credit checks and balances, tracks sales taxes, mileage and totals each account for your entire fiscal year. If you want this FREE Bookkeeping template, you can get it at Communicate Innovate. With a few key strokes, which will help identify yourself, I will gladly send you this FREE Synoptic Journal Template and also any future Small Business Tips.

TIP #3: One Rule of Accounting is that every time you record a journal entry (line item which applies the transaction against the appropriate business accounts) the Debits and Credits MUST REMAIN EQUAL at ALL Times. This Debit Equals Credit calculator is built into this FREE Bookkeeping Template. When you have completed entering a line item (journal transaction), check to ensure that the amount the the Debit cell equals the amount in the Credit cell. If they are not equal, you have not entered the amounts properly in your journal transaction. Correct the problem before entering your next journal entry.

You are now equipped to capture your business financial books with some simple accounting software. Happy bookkeeping! And Happy Selling!

Damaged Trampoline Springs Needs Immediate Replacement

The first priority of any trampoline owner should be to maintain safety. It is vital that trampoline owners replace damaged springs immediately to decrease the risk of accidents occurring. Damaged springs include springs that are broken, overstretched, or even missing from the trampoline. Having even just one damaged spring on a trampoline or one spring missing from the trampoline, can have costly effects as well as increase the possibility of an accident occurring.

The problem that occurs if you do not have good, tight springs installed everywhere required by the frame is that the trampoline components are not tensioned correctly. If the parts are not tensioned correctly this affects the entire trampoline. Damaged springs cause your mat to be pulled in one direction more than other directions, which can cause your mat to tear. It can also loosen your perimeter hardware, resulting in springs popping off of the trampoline mat. If the mat is not tensioned properly excessive stress is placed upon other springs, causing them to overstretch or break.

Uneven tension also causes abundant stress on your trampoline frame, which can warp the shape of your frame. For rectangular frames it may cause a bow inward or outward on the frame, depending on where the springs are missing. Round trampoline frames can be altered much easier than rectangular frames since they are usually composed of lighter steel. Replacing damaged springs will save you money over time because it can help prevent replacement of frame parts or other trampoline components.

To replace your trampoline springs you will need to know the length of your trampoline springs. To determine the length of the spring you should remove it from the trampoline so that it is in the relaxed state. After removing the spring from the trampoline you should measure from one end to the opposite end including the hooks at each end of the spring. If you are measuring a spring that is damaged in any way, you should measure more than one to be sure you are getting an accurate measurement. It is important to measure the tightest spring you can find on your trampoline for accuracy.

If all of your springs are damaged and you are unable to determine the exact number of springs for trampoline, you can call to the supplier for help. After providing specific measurements of your trampoline mat and frame you will be able to place the order for the correct size and number of springs for your trampoline.

Cleaning Up Protein Shake Stains on the Carpet

Building a strong and fit body is surely one thing that many men and women desire. It is not easy to accomplish though as you would need to constantly work out as well as eat the right kinds of foods to help you achieve this goal. One drink which many people try to help them get the muscles that they want is protein shakes. It is really healthy and provides the body with a high amount of protein which helps in the muscle’s development and growth.

While protein shakes can be very helpful in giving us the right nutrients for staying fit and healthy, it can also bring about some problems when it comes to cleaning your home. There are many instances when people accidentally drop or spill the protein shake that they are drinking on their carpets which in turn results in a very ugly stain that affects the way that their carpeting looks.

Knowing how to clean up this mess is vital if you want to get your carpet back to normal. If you are facing this type of predicament at home, follow the great tips below to guide you in solving this carpet cleaning problem.

• Scooping up the spilled protein shake on the carpet is something that you should do right away. Don’t let too much time pass before doing this as it could mean that the liquid would be able to penetrate the padding of your carpet.

• Use a medicine dropper and add a couple of drops of water on the stain which is left behind on your carpet. This is going to help dilute the stain and make it a lot more manageable to remove. Use a paper towel to blot the area for a minute or so before going to the next step.

• Mix ¾ cup of white vinegar with ½ cup of warm water into a small container. This will serve as the cleaning solution which will help break down the ugly stain that is left on your carpet. After you have mixed these two ingredients, pour some of it on the stained area of the carpet and then let it stand for five minutes.

• Gradually blot the protein shake stain on the carpet using a clean white cloth. Make your way from the outer portion of the stain moving inwards. Continue to perform this until you are able to remove all of the stain.

• Flush out the residue that could be left behind on your carpet by rinsing it with a glass of water. Dry the carpet using clean rags and then you’re done cleaning up the protein shake stain on your carpet completely.

Important Dining Room Decorative Ideas To Give Your Dining Room A Modern Appearance

Beautifying your dining room to give it a fresh appearance is just really easy. You do not have to change everything. There are a lot of ornamental objects like canvas wall art, rugs, centerpiece, and other materials that you can add to give your dining room that particular new appearance that you desired. Here you can find some awesome ideas of decorating that you can use for your dining room decoration.

Redecorate your wall with wall canvas art or wall art painting. This is an awesome way to make an elegant and sophisticated focal point on the wall. Original fine art pieces can be overpriced but you can also find low-priced original pieces of artwork over the internet and in any art shows. You can demand for proof of authenticity if you want to be 100% certain that your artwork piece is really authentic.

Be certain that the artwork piece you have chosen is in harmony with the theme and the interior design of your dining area. The size and design of the canvas should be significant enough to make an impression but it should not overwhelm the space in your wall.

Use brand-new light fixture like chandelier, standing lamps, candle wall sconces, and candlestick. Chandeliers look exquisite above the dining the table. Lamps can add more light to corners. Candles give gently illumination to furniture, oil painting art, and glass objects in the dining area. They can give an unagitated and soothing effect to the room.

An area rug is another way to produce an appealing appearance in your dining room. Position a big rug underneath the table. It should be large enough to include the chairs even though they are pulled out but not too much that it extends the entire floor. The color and design of the rugs has to complement the room interiors, furniture, and framed canvas artwork. One of the best things about area rug is that you can replace it easily should you plan to change the design and color.

Use centerpiece in the dining table so it will not appear dull and uninviting. You can position a fresh bunch of flowers on the center or even faux flowers. Fruits and vegetables centerpiece is also a wonderful alternative for table centerpiece. You can also set the dining table with deluxe tableware and tablecloth to give the room a finish look.

Beautifying with no matter artwork piece, light fixture, rug, and centerpiece are only some of the many amazing and fantastic decorating ideas to give dining room a fresh look. Creativity is the key to have the desired look of your dining area.

Facts About The Black Carpet Beetle

Beetles are not just crawling in your garden. They could also be present in your home, namely in your carpet or clothes. The beetle that normally invades homes and causes damage to carpets and clothes is the infamous black carpet beetle. Generally, this beetle tends to invade homes during spring and lives off woolen clothes, carpets and pet food.

You will be able to identify this beetle by knowing some facts about it. It is around 3 to 5 millimeters long, with an oval and elongated body. It has the ability to fly and that is how it gets into homes. The beetle is typically black in color and has minute hair on the body. However, there are some species of the carpet beetle that can be reddish brown in color instead of black.

The larvae of the black carpet beetle are around 12.5 to 13 millimeters in length. They are shaped like a carrot and are golden brown in color. However, the one characteristic feature that can help you identify the black carpet beetle larvae is the gold tuff of hair at the tapering end of the body. The larvae consume all items derived from animals, like hair of your pet, meat, leather, and wool. The larvae generally tend to invade kitchen cabinets and cupboards where winter clothes are kept.

Once mating finishes in spring, the female beetle will fly into a house and look for an appropriate place to lay her eggs. The eggs are whitish and small in size and the female will look to lay it close to a food source. After 6 to 11 days, if the temperature is warm, the eggs hatch and the larvae emerge. The larval stage lasts for around 258 to 639 days. After that, the adult black carpet beetle emerges and it can have a lifespan ranging from just a few weeks to many months.

Although the black carpet beetle does not bite or sting, it can cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to allergens. More than that, the damage the beetle can wreak is quite high and hence, it is often viewed as a pest. Rather than using chemicals to get rid of the black carpet beetle, it is prudent to adopt eco-friendly measures. Put on a pair of gloves and pick up the beetles and dispose off them. You can even use your vacuum cleaner to pick up the beetles from the carpet or clothes. Drown the beetles in soap water to eliminate them. Then sprinkle diatomaceous earth or silica gel in the places where the black carpet beetles were found. This will kill any more beetles that you missed.

Importance of Screen Printing Services

Any successful commercial printer needs to provide intelligent marketing solutions to her customers and inspire them to demand innovative driven print. It is important to note that the future of imaging is dependent the ability of commercial screen printers to lead, excite and invigorate the marketplace.

Screen printing can be defined as a printing technique where a woven mesh is used to support ink-blocking stencil. The stencils are designed to transfer ink and other printable materials that are pressed over the mesh onto the substrate. After that a roller is then moved over the screen stencil, pumping or forcing ink through the woven mesh threads in the open areas.

Screen printing can be done on T-shirts and many other garments to celebrate and reflect vivid senses, sense of fun, sense of spirit and sense of colors. A number of client responses have been made over the years. This has made this service to motivate many prospects and can be evidenced by a large number of orders placed.

It is important to note that screen printing is a cheap and easy cost set-up which rarely needs any technical arrangement. Most companies that offer these services print effectively copies of screen designs on different garments. Both professional and amateur printers normally use widely a screen printing press. One of the common examples is the industrial-grade-automatic printers. Such type of machines needs minimal manual labor with increased production.

The following are some of the key benefits that are associated with the process of screen printing:

Good results

With good printers it is possible to have high quality. This is so because they are free Lint free and Ultra-low fiber. This also makes it easy to release and maintain clean surface areas.

High Absorption

There is a need for a high absorption for capability and removing of the paste. The paste is usually made of aluminum, silver, and copper among others.

Mesh Pattern

The wipers widely used have an amazing and unique mesh pattern. This ensures there is an excellent paste removal.

Cost Effective

This is in comparison to the common digital printers that are used in the market. This is also because they create big holes around the pockets.


It is a good idea to use materials which can be reused and revived. Therefore eco-friendly and biodegradable screen printers should be used and use 100% natural cotton. This is because our environment is quite important and means our prosperity.

Chiropractic Marketing With a Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume

Chiropractic marketing should be unique and dynamic. A giant spine parade and event costume creates excitement and attracts attention for a Chiropractor in their community.

Publicity is important for any business. The giant parade spine will attract tremendous attention because of its size and uniqueness. When used properly, the giant spine will be the hit of the parade and result in priceless advertising value. People will talk about it for a long time.

“If your business is not worth being advertised, then advertise it for sale.” – BJ Palmer, developer of the chiropractic profession.

To make your own giant spine costume you will need special quality foam for each vertebra, extra-wide Velcro for each vertebra, and a specialized highly durable sprayable contact adhesive. Foam and Velcro are petroleum product so the price is high. Total estimated material cost per vertebra is $139.00 as of 08/2013 plus shipping of these supplies (approx $30.00) plus tax.

For tools you will need several razor blade knives, scissors, a pen, a yard stick, and a wooden, flat cutting surface that is at least 6 foot by 3 foot (an old wooden door works best).

The vertebrae are best created in a well ventilated area because of the fumes from the adhesive. Do not attempt it indoors. You will need a large open area to lay out the pieces for cutting and then drying after glue is applied.

It’s best to make just one type of vertebrae for ease of production. Also, the public does not know or care about the specifics of spinal anatomy.

Arrange a clear space in a well ventilated area with approximately 10 foot by 10 foot of working space. I placed my wooden cutting surface (an old door) on 2 construction horses to eliminate the bending over while working.

Start by laying the foam sheet flat, then trace the templates ( available below) of each piece as specified. Carefully cut the foam using a razor blade knife. The knife will dull quite easily and begin to tear the foam instead of cutting it, so watch for that and change blades/knives frequently. It’s best to take your time and get a smooth, straight cut. But don’t worry about imperfections because the spectators won’t notice, and no vertebra is perfectly symmetrical or similar either.

With the pieces cut (4 transverse pieces, 2 spinous pieces, 2 fastener pieces, and the body), cut the Velcro with a scissor for each appropriate piece and trace the Velcro’s outline on the foam so you’ll know where to apply the glue. Even if the Velcro has adhesive already on it, you will still need to apply the glue to both pieces (the Velcro and the foam). You must let the glue become tacky before joining the Velcro to the foam, and then allow to dry for at least 48 hours. Apply the glue at the narrow ends of both the transverse and spinous pieces last (each transverse and spinous piece is made of 2 foam pieces glued at the ends about 4 inches wide).

You will need 16 total pieces of Velcro for each vertebra: 6 pieces on the outside of vertebral body, 4 on the connecting tabs on the inside of the vertebral body, 2 pieces on the inside of the spinous, 2 pieces on the inside of the transverses (4 total), and 2 pieces on each fastener tab. Velcro is two part, one part has hooks (male), the other part has loops (female). Make sure you place the correct part on the pieces you want to join.) Don’t try to save money by skimping on the velco. Using shorter and narrower pieces is tempting, but in a wind the pieces will not hold together.

The giant spine can be used anywhere you wish to gain attention for your office. It works great as a parade float, but it can also be used (single vertebra) at a screening event, office promotion or a sporting event.

You will need one person for each vertebra, 2 people to carry the banner at the front of the giant spine, 1 person to drive the vehicle at the back of the giant spine, and at least 2 people on each side of the giant spine handing out candy/promo items (it’s better if you have 4 on each side). This totals 19-23 people assuming you have 12 vertebrae as I always did. Organizing this many people for a summer holiday can be quite taxing. After the first year that I used the giant parade spine, I called my local high school and spoke to an administrator who directed me to one of the sports team coordinators. The team (tennis team) was happy to assist me especially when I told them I would like to make a donation to their team in gratitude for their help. The following year the football team helped me. Always arrange or ask for more help than you think you will need because it’s likely a few will not show up. If you do use your staff or perhaps even some patients, reward them. When office staff and patients are used, it adds the benefits of teamwork, camaraderie, and unity of purpose.

– Ignore some peoples’ initial comments of “Oh, look at the little airplanes or the little white sharks” – they will figure it out when they see your chiropractic signage.

-The landmark designation on the signs is important because people will remember that easier than an address (I used across from South Shore YMCA).

Consider adding music and have a “dancing spine”.

-Give candy to the kids and the promo items to the adults. Give each person carrying a vertebra a small bottle of water to carry with them. Distributing coupons to the crowd for a complimentary exam is a great idea.

-Most people don’t know how many vertebrae are in the human spine, nor do they know that each is shaped differently, that’s why the number and imperfections do not matter.

-Expect to have some overspray/application of glue, and some scuff marks, and perhaps even some errors in your cutting of the foam. These flaws will not be noticed by the parade crowds, so don’t worry about it. For dirt smudges like fingerprints, use a sprayable cleaner and towel.

-Store the collapsed and stacked spine in a flat dry space surrounded with plastic wrap.

-Palmer College rents out their giant parade spine but it is difficult to obtain on the holidays. Last time I checked the rent was $600/day. Also, their vertebrae do not dismantle and lay flat so you must rent a large truck to transport Palmer’s spine, substantially adding to the cost.

-The vertebra are quite light (less than ten pounds), but most parades are slow and about 1-2 miles in length so make sure those you recruit/invite can walk that far.

-Extra attention can be gained by making a vertebra for a dog and walking it at the back of the giant spine – the tailbone!

Using the giant parade spine can be one of the best chiropractic marketing events for your practice if you use it correctly. The key is to let the crowds know who you are and where to find you. This is accomplished in two major ways: 1) have your name/address and a landmark close to your office clearly visible in the front of the spine (using a 3 foot by 6 foot(minimal) banner carried parallel to the roadway), and large banners (at least 6 foot by 6 foot) on both sides of the vehicle at the back of the giant spine. 2) hand out items with your office name/address/phone to the crowds as you pass by (I handed out coupons, bent pens, and jar openers). The crowds love to see the main doctor at the front of the display smiling and waving. This is your chance to ham it up, doc!