Auto Accident Involvement – What to Do and to Avoid

The law for an appropriate reimbursements guarantees an injury-causing auto accident involvement in Los Angeles, California due other individual's negligence. However, many accident victims have been losing their cases because they fail to exercise a list of things that they should have accomplished immediately after the incident. It is important therefore to know what to do and to avoid in case an auto accident happened in order to have a good chance in recovering damages from the liable party.

Take note of the details that transpired in the accident

Your testimony about what had happened is important in judging your case. It is your duty then to be credible with your statements by giving all the exact information about the incident. You can only do this by writing down all the facts that you can acquire from the accident scene. These include:

  • The other driver's name, address, contact information and insurance company
  • The other vehicle's licensed plate number and model
  • The time and place where the accident occurs
  • The names, addresses and contact number of possible witnesses
  • The description of the area (road and weather conditions, traffic situation, etc.)

Report the accident to the authorities as soon as possible

Any emergencies should be informed to the police and the paramedics for proper actions. They are the people who have the knowledge to handle such situations. The police will accomplish a report of the scene and determine who is at fault while the paramedics will take care of those who have sustained any injuries.

Discuss the accident only with the police

Never tell any accounts of the accident to any one and have a limited discussion of it with the police authority. You should know that anything that you will say in the discussion will be included in the report and may be used against you.

Do not accept any fault or liability on the incident

Many accident victims have been very impulsive in admitting their mistakes but after consulting an auto accident lawyer, they would realize that they are actually eligible in collecting damages. Always remember that your acceptance of any fault would certainly prevent you from filing charges in the future.

Seek an advice from a competent auto accident lawyer

Before you forget some of the vital information about the accident, it would be a wise act to meet a lawyer to discuss your case. He will then explain your rights and what legal actions you should undertake to obtain justice.

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