Auto Safety Hammer

Have you ever woke up in the morning and said to yourself, "Self, what is an auto safety hammer?" If that is you; you need to hear what I have to say about the auto safety hammer. I will explain its usage and why it's a good idea to own one.

What you use an Auto Safety Hammer for:

· When you find yourself in the dark the super bright LED flashlight will come in handy to help you find or negotiate your way.
· When you are able to unfasten your seat belt the razor sharp seat belt cutter will do the trick quickly.
· When your airbag goes off; but does not deflate all the way the hideaway air bag spear with facilitate your escape.
· If you find yourself on the side of the road at night and need to let other motorists know you are there the flashing red LED's will warn them up to a mile away.
· In the unfortunate event you drive into a lake with your windows up the emergency window hammer will make fast work of shattering the glass for your swim to freedom.
· When you need to be heard the emergency whistle will get the job done.
· This 6 in 1 auto safety hammer comes with a magnetic mount.
· It measures 8 "tall, at its widest 3" and 1 "thick.
· Operates on 2 – 3 volt Lithium CR232 batteries. Batteries included.

Why you should own one:

· With the odds of being in a car crash at 1 out of four in your life time and chances of dying in a car crash 1 out of 140 it makes since take every precaution to protect you and your loved ones.

· Whether you are in a crash yourself or are witness to one; having the ability to help you, a loved one, a friend, or stranger to escape from the car can be monumental. Having that small inexpensive tool could possibly be the difference between life and death.

· No one expects that they will end up in a river or lake with their automobile; even being prepared would not hurt.

· Most modern cars have self locking doors; in the unofficial event you should come across someone unconscious in their car you would be able to shatter the window and attend to the person.

· Should you come across a dog or a child left in a locked car in the heat of the day you would be able to free them.


The Auto Safety Hammer is a unique, compact emergency safety tool no one should be without. Why take the risk when you can be prepared. My wife and I have never had to use ours; but should the occasion a rise we are prepared. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self defense is before something happens.