Automated Storage

How to optimise your storage space and increase picking efficiency.

A big problem for a lot of companies is storage space. Large quantities of different sized goods stored on racks or static shelving takes up valuable floor space, and increases operator picking times. In addition a disorganised stores area can lead to errors in picking and poor stock management.

One solution to all the problems above is for companies to invest in Automated storage equipment. Machines such as Storage Carousels and Vertical Lift modules (VLM’s), utilize the height of a building to store goods therefore saving on valuable floor space. As building are sold or rented according to the amount of floor space, this makes financial sense.

Storage Carousels

Vertical Carousels are a storage machine that rotates in a vertical plane. Vertical carousels resemble a ferris wheel in dynamics, the individual shelving modules are kept horizontal as they rotate, demonstrating the principle of “goods to the operator” in a perfect manner

Vertical carousels are suited for consolidating the storage of like sized small parts in a small footprint and lead to high density storage and high accuracy picking.

Vertical Lift Modules

A Storage Lift or VLM (Vertical Lift Module) is a computer or keypad controlled automated vertical lift providing a storage and retrieval system for goods and materials.

Stock within the VLM remains stationery on front and rear tray locations; on request a tray is brought from its location to an access point where an operator picks or replenishes stock and the tray is returned. Both easy to use and efficient, the VLM offers variable tray sizes and loads, which can be fully customised to utilize the available space within your workplace, across multiple floors if necessary.

An innovative solution with the capability for multiple access points combining high speed response and integrated warehouse management software, the VLM can dramatically increase the efficiency of the picking process. The key benefits are:

  • High Speed picking
  • High volume storage
  • Suits products of different sizes
  • The ability to improve the picking process further with multiple software applications

These machines have been in use for over 30 years from a variety of manufacturers including Kardex, Megamat, Hanel and Electroclass.