Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

The purpose of this review is to compare two similar pool cleaners. I would like to start with the Baracuda and Kreepy Krauly. The brands mentioned come in several different models and are of the suction type pool cleaners.

I have been in the pool service business for 30 years. I personally own 60 pool cleaners. I know what you are thinking, why would I own so many cleaners? Well it is like this, I place the cleaner in my customer’s pool to keep the pool as clean as possible. When I arrive to service the pool there is less work and I can service more pools in any given day. So as you can see I have a lot of experience with pool cleaners.

Now back to the review, the Baracuda and Kreepy, both work by being connected to the skimmer or a dedicated line. The best thing about them is that they only have one moving part so if anything breaks it is usually the part that moves.

The Kreepy uses a flapper or hammer as its moving part. When suction is applied the flapper starts moving back and forth in a chamber. The hammer action propels the Kreepy forward. It does make some noise as the flapper moves back and forth. The suction also vacuums up the dirt and small leaves.

The Baracuda has a diaphragm, as the water passes through the diaphragm it expands and contracts. This is what causes the cleaner to move across the bottom of the pool. The diaphragm makes no noise as it works which is something to be considered. The suction also vacuums up the dirt and small leaves as the sweep moves across the pool.

Having one part makes the two cleaners cheap to operate. Although the rubber disk and foot pad will at some point wear out. These are great cleaners if you understand they are not a perfect solution, one must still perform some maintenance on the pool.

Some of the problems with these cleaners is they can get stuck. You have to work with them to solve the problem. Some of the solutions are shorting the hose or weights can be added to the hose. One problem with the Kreepy is it can get stuck on the antivortex drains that are on the bottom of in ground pools. They do make a device that can be placed around the drain and the Kreepy passes over it with out any problems. The Baracuda can become stuck on the drain but this seldom happens.

The best solution for these problems is a steering device that hooks into the automatic pool cleaner hose. The name of the device is called the Twister. This is a great little device that rotates and turns the automatic pool cleaner in different directions. This helps the cleaner to become free if stuck.

The Twister is powered by the constant flow of water through the pool cleaner hose. A paddle wheel spins inside the Twister and transfers drive to the pool hose, counter-rotating the hose about 3 times per hour.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to purchase a pool cleaner, then buy the Baracuda Wahoo. This is a very low priced automatic pool cleaner. In fact it is meant for above ground pools but can be used with in ground pools. I have put it in several in ground pools that have a lot of leaves and dirt and it does a great job. In fact I have several that have worked trouble free for over a year. There is one draw back if the manufacturer finds out that it is used for an in ground pool the warranty is void. Like I said I have had no problems with any of the cleaners. The Wahoo and Twister make a great cleaning system and for the money they cannot be beat. For the price the Baracuda and Kreepy are excellent cleaners and should be placed on your list of possible buys.