Autumn Fashion Essentials For Men

As much as we may hate to admit it, summer is waving a firm goodbye which means that the days will now begin to get colder and shorter, not to mention darker. This expected yet unwanted change will naturally mean that it’s time to wave goodbye to the t-shirts, shorts and khaki prints and in its place embrace autumn fashion.

I know what you’re thinking; autumn fashion is boring right? After-all what could be fun and stylish about far too many shades of brown and having to wear so many layers that you wouldn’t feel a wrecking ball hit you? Autumn is definitely different and for many, having to let go of summer makes the transition quite difficult but is it really as bad as it may seem?

Maybe it’s not as fun and bright in Autumn but there is no reason why your fashion choices can’t ooze style, whatever the weather. With the world currently lost in Fashion Week it is exciting to see some of the worlds big name designers showcase what they have to offer and for men, autumn fashion has never looked so good!

From shirts, to coats to trousers; whether you’re a men’s designer brands fan or a lover of all things high street there is an endless amount of the latest styles and designs all on offer. However, whether you hate shopping or not, knowing what to choose is difficult as the endless options can make it all a little confusing and very overwhelming.

I’ve scoured the web to find out what’s hot and what’s not and picked out my favourite bits that you have to include in your wardrobe this autumn…

  • Crew Neck Jumper- Simple, versatile and not to mention comfortable, every man needs a crew neck in his wardrobe. Whether for a smart or casual look; the right colour, style and fit can work in every scenario and in the right shade it can have the potential to literally work with anything.
  • Trench/Mac- A quality trench coat/mac is a must have in the autumn. Light enough to ensure that you are comfortable and aren’t over-heated, particularly if you are wearing a few layers but just enough to protect you against the changing temperature. A standard clean fit trench/mac will look simple, classic and stylish.
  • Boots- It’s a given that when the cooler temperature arrive, you’ll need to invest in a good pair of boots. Suede boots are a must have this season and are easily available from a range of mens designer clothing labels and high street retailers. A quality pair will work for both smart and casual occasions, protect against the elements and comfortably last several years. Consider them an investment if you will but either way, this autumn you need to make them a wardrobe staple.
  • Jeans- We all need jeans in our life and this autumn is no different. A quality pair of jeans is and always will be an essential but this season try to stick to the straight leg. Whatever shade and whether paired with a shirt or jumper, boots or trainers; make a straight pair of jeans on your must have list this season.

The cold weather is never fun but there is no reason why the season can’t be stylish. Think beyond the boring layers and the tedious browns and expand your horizon to embrace some quality, eye-catching items that are sure to spruce up even the dullest autumn wardrobe!