Avoid Lazy Speech Habits – 1-Minute Quick Tips to Sounding Crisp

Do people ask you to repeat yourself because they didn’t quite catch what you were saying? Every time you speak to a single person or a group of people, they need to hear clearly the words that you say. So often, we are tired, or it is the umpteenth time that you’ve repeated the same speech, or you never move your lips or jaw when you speak.

The solution to fixing this is to tune-up your articulators. The articulators are those parts of your body that make your speech distinct and clear. They are your lips, teeth, tongue, and a relaxed jaw. So if you are lazy or inactive with these parts of your body, then it is time to start doing these simple exercises to perk them up. If you do these each day, especially, before you have to give a speech, then you will not only be crisp and clear; but you’ll also, feel perky and better about yourself.

Here are 10 essential Quick Tips that you can do about a 1 minute:

1.   Loosen your facial muscles by scrunching up your face

2.   Stick your tongue out of your mouth, stretch it to touch your nose, then your chin, then from side to side 3.   Flip your tongue up inside your mouth, then under, then sideways from ear to ear

4.   Loosen your jaw by letting it drop and move it around

5.   Loosen those lips by blowing air just as if you are blowing out your birthday candles

6.   Repeat these tongue twisters 3 times quickly, or any others you know that use the lips and tongue:

a.    a big black bug bit a big black bear

b.    red leather; yellow leather

7.   Do these actions 3 times: give a kiss mid-air and then smile

8.   Repeat this pattern 3 times: “oo- ee”

9.   With your fingers give your face a gentle massage

10.  End by saying with enthusiasm and a sharp attack on the beginning and end of each word:

“Speak with the lips, the teeth, and the tip of the tongue!”   Now, you are all tuned-up to give your speech to one or many. Use this quick warm-up every day just after you brush your teeth in the morning, and it will be a sure kick-start to energize your day. By Brenda C. Smith