Awnings – Rain Or Shine

In the past, awnings were manufactured by a commercial awnings company but were not rated by wind tolerance. However in today’s modern society, awnings or canopies in fact comes in two basic types, either motorized or manually-operated models. The latter is actually operated by hand while the former is powered by electricity. Either way, both types have their own advantages. For a start, these contraptions offer affordability and easy maintenance not to mention the ease of adaptability to almost any deck or patio. This is because the support arms can in fact be angled back against the house itself or better yet, set vertically on the deck or floor of the patio. At the same time, the arms provide the necessary extra support and stability especially for owners who live in places that are very windy. Both types of awnings are also very versatile as attachment of certain accessories is now obtainable.

Aside from the power source, motorized awnings differ from the manually-operated awnings as they have no vertical supports but instead have retracting lateral arms thus fashioning an area with an unobstructed shade. In addition, these awnings are basically operated by an electric motor that is in fact generally hidden inside the roller bar of the awning. The arms themselves essentially open and close the awning easily with just a touch of a switch mounted on a wall making motorized awnings extremely convenient not to mention very classic, simple and beautiful. Retractable awnings are now considerably very trendy with the modern household and building particularly with the increasingly high energy costs. Most owners now prefer to decrease or go without air conditioning and simply make use of awnings and canopies.

At the present, with the many breakthroughs in manufacturing, the modern awning or canopy can now be constructed with a wide array of coverings such as fabric, aluminum, corrugated fiberglass and corrugated polycarbonate. For the reason that strong and high winds can damage an extended awning, there are now improvements with the latest designs. For instance, awning manufacturers incorporated a gadget called a wind sensor to allow the awning to automatically retract in certain weather conditions. Some of today’s awnings and canopies offer a wide variety of accessories that not only improves versatility but also increases the usefulness particularly for owners with decks and patios. For instance, awnings can add screen protection and transform your outdoor area into a room that is practically free from pesky bugs. Side screening also cuts down on wind and mist that are coming from the sides of your awnings while patio lights will certainly let you and your guests enjoy the decks during evenings and special occasions. Awnings and canopies have really undergone a transformation and luckily for us, with just a call to an awnings company you can certainly order one that would fit your style and specifications.

With the advent of global climate change there is nothing quite like a canopy, shutter or awning to protect your windows and outdoor areas. Not only are they energy-efficient but they are also considered to be a practical way to stay cool during summer especially if you have a garden with trees about or a pool where you can devise an awning to cover it. If you have a house that has a lot of windows facing the sun, consider a wide awning that retracts when not in use. So when it comes to canopies and awnings, you are now able to acquire one for your home and business, one that not only fits your needs but can also add elegance to the structure. The patterns and colors are much simple yet with a decidedly modern feel and reach out to the homeowner or customer. In the process, those garish and circus-like stripes have definitely been trimmed down and given a mix of conventional yet interesting modern touches.