Aye! Pirate Birthday Party Invitations Wording Ideas To Get Landlubbers Excited About Your Party

Ahoy Matey! A pirate’s life for me! Pirate birthday parties are a favorite of hearty sea dogs whether they be girls or boys, young or old. A great pirate party invitation is a must to let all your swashbuckling friends know they won’t want to miss your party. It’s fun to get creative and think in pirate lingo when wording your invitations. Here are a few of our favorites that will get guests in the mood:

  • Aye, me Hearties! Ye be invited to chart yer course for Captain Jack’s Buccaneer Bash
  • Beware, me buckos, “X” marks the spot where fun will be found, so chart yer course and bring her around to Captain Jack’s Buccaneer Bash
  • Shiver me timbers and blow me down, Captain Jack’s birthday is where all the swashbuckling fun can be found
  • Yo-ho-ho, thar be smooth sailing and fair winds blowing When to Captain Jack’s Treasure Island ye be rowing
  • Grub and grog will be yours, me Hearties, When to Captain Jack’s birthday ye swashbucklers come to party
  • Ye be walking the plank and swabbing the deck if yer not in attendance for Captain Jack’s Birthday crew check
  • Come batten down the hatches and host the Jolly Roger with me, Cause it’s my 8th Birthday and I want to party with thee
  • Ye wenches an’ salty dogs, pillage an’ plunder await! Join us to celebrate but you’ll walk the plank if ye be late!
  • Ye be invited to join Captain Jack’s crew, He’d like to celebrate his eighth birthday with you! Ahoy there landlubbers!
  • Ye all be invited to join the fray at Captain Alison’s 6th Birthday

Your landlubber guests will love pirate invitations featuring things associated with a pirate’s life: a Caribbean island, pirate eye patches, bare bones left on a deserted island, peg leg pirate captains, pirate’s gold and treasure chests, buccaneer ships, parrots, skull and cross bones, pirate costumes, or pirate treasure map invitations. If you want your guests to arrive in costume, don’t forget to add that information to your invitation. You can also provide pirate hats, eye patches or pirate earrings for your guests to wear to get in the spirit of a hale and hearty time when pirates sailed the seas.