Baby Boomers

Although most sources name the years for Baby Boomers 1946 to 1964, it is documented that some Baby Boomers started as early as 1942 and ended as early as 1953. This generation was also known as "Generation Me."

There is a book named Generation, authored by Jean M. Twenge, where he states that "Generation Me is someone who was born in the 70's through 80's, or even 90's." This book gives a description of how some people feel that the "self" is first .. The book goes on to say that Baby Boomers, for a short time, were thought of as the "Me" Generation during the 1970's "This is because Their "self" was not figured out until they became adults .. They did everything in groups, even as adults

Putting duty before "self" was not known by the "Me" Generation. They did not believe this as selfish because in growing up, they were taught to believe in themselves and to love themselves before loving another.

A question one might have is, "What do these children think of our world? Are their societal norms reflective of generations to come or of generations, past? It appears that this generation is more optimistic than Gen Y and Gen X. No other generation Has ever been more influential on their parent's than generations of the past. They seem to be growing up earlier, but entering adulthood later than ever before. They think more of how they relate to the world, and how the world tries to define them. They tend to want to set their own social norms – and they can, since technology empowers young people in a way that's never happened before.

But they were not immune from the norms that the rest of the world sets – for instance, we're all making the transition to adulthood at a later age than ever before.

Baby Boomers were goal-oriented having been given educational and financial opportunities from previous generations. While older generations were taught "not to speak out." Baby boomers were able to speak out as in the Viet Nam Protests. The world was going to change and every generation, prior to the one they were born into, had to "keep up" and seek to understand future generations. Young males came home from the war and bought a large number of births that turned out to shoe a dramatic increase in population numbers of new born babies. The Baby Boom was here to stay.