Baby Bottle Mania

If you are a first time parent, one of the first things you will receive at your baby shower is a baby bottle. Everyone knows and accepts that babies would need a bottle very soon, even if you plan on breastfeeding at the start. Baby bottles come in different sizes, shapes, and bottle oz (ounces).

Before you or your friends start shopping for the cutest, Disney-character imprinted baby bottles you can find, you will need to familiarize yourselves with the appropriate bottle oz for your baby at every phase. You might be thinking that it would not matter since you can control how much milk you put in anyway; however, it is very easy to go beyond the ounces that your baby can drink. Besides, bottle oz also determines how big the bottle is; your baby would have a hard time holding a baby bottle with a large capacity for milk.

A newborn baby would most likely be breast fed. On the other hand, if you are a working mother and would like to go back to the office right after, you might be looking for ways to store your milk for the baby. A bottle of 2 ounces is perfect for this as your precious baby would need 2 oz of milk every 3 to 4 hours. For babies that are already a month old, a bottle of 4 ounces is needed every 4 hours.

As your baby grows a bit older, the bottle you will need would also grow. However, the feedings would be about 6 to 7 times in a day instead of every three or four hours. To make sure that your baby is getting the right amount of milk, consult your pediatrician. Each baby is unique and the amount of milk it would need is based on its weight. You can also check online resources to get a basic idea of required milk consumption for your baby.

If you have a stack of baby bottles with different bottle oz, you just have to choose which bottle you will be using as your baby grows up. All bottles should be washed and sterilized after each use and at some point; you will have to change the teat or the whole bottle itself. Be ready for your baby’s needs and start hoarding those bottles from your baby shower and your own personal shopping now.