Baby Safety Gate Information To Ensure Your Child Is Safe

A baby safety gate keeps small children from accessing some parts of your household that is considered unsafe. There are areas in your home that can pose a great threat in the safety of your child like the staircases, or doorways. So, you should take certain measures in avoiding accidents from taking place.

What are the types of baby safety gate?

There are two basic types of safety gates:

The more common of the two is pressure mounted gates. It uses opposite forces of tensile pressure to maintain its position. Meaning, you extend the gate wide enough that it will fit in a doorway so that the pieces will press against the wall. While it is very affordable and portable, there’s a chance that an older child can push it off the wall as it is not bolted into anything. Also, since it is tall, it needs to be removed in case an adult passes through. However, this would be perfect for doorways, but it is not quite advisable for the stairs.

The hardware mounted baby safe gate is basically mounted to the wall with bolts and screws. Even as this model can’t be easily removed by heavier children, the attachment of this gate is permanent, and it is not portable as the other kind.

In terms of security, what you should be looking for in a baby safety gate is the assurance that the gate will only be opened by adults. Most gates are usually effective for up to 2 years old.

Are there other types of baby gates?

Yes, you can find a retractable stair gate. This is an excellent alternative for pressure-mounted gate for stairs, and needs to be bolted. Also, balcony and banister gates which surpasses the banister and balcony heights will prevent small kids from putting parts of their bodies in between the rails. In that way, kids will never be entrapped between the bars.

Even as you have added baby safety gates, there is still a possibility that accidents may occur. So, it is recommended that you avoid a number of actions. Here are some tips in ensuring your child’s security:

– Never allow your child to see anybody climbing over the gate.Children are fond of imitating adults and will most probably mimic an adult climbing over the gate.

– Having a gate that swings open is a great alternative to prevent this kind of situation. If you already have one, make it a habit to close the gate after you even without your child around.

– Furthermore, you should check regularly for the lock mechanism.

A baby safety gate is an essential tool in keeping your child from injury. Children are naturally curious and tend to explore their surroundings.

Therefore, you need to take these essential measures in keeping them away from harm. Pick out a gate that can be securely mounted against the wall. Since it varies in size, type, material and composition, you should always check to see if it is beneficial for your home. You should also be looking for a type that carries a seal from JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) or if it meets the organization’s standards.