Baby Safety Gates – Parent's Top Choice For Childproofing the Home

Nowadays, having a house or an apartment that has more than one floor is very common. But once the baby arrives in the family, making sure that the baby does not attempt to climb the stairs is very important. Babies are adventurous by nature. They like to wander and explore since they are still unmindful of the perils that lay before them. Therefore, being certain that the baby is safe is a parent's top priority.

What are the uses of baby safety gates?

For two-storey houses, installing baby safety gates is the top choice of parents. You can be assured of the safety of your kid even if you let him or her wander through the house while you rush to the kitchen to prevent something from burning.

Even if your home is just a flat, baby gates can be of a lot of help, too. You can place gates in areas where you would not want your baby to get in. For instance, you would not want them to crawl or stroll around the kitchen especially when you are busy cooking something because they may touch something hot or sharp. Accidents usually happen in the kitchen; you would not want your precious little baby around the area when it happens.

You can also place gates on the door to your office. If there are important and valuable items that you place in your office and must not be played with, gates would prevent your child from coming in and playing with any of your important possessions.

How effective are these gates?

Gates are very useful if your kid is 36 inches and below. If your baby reaches more than that, gates are no longer as useful. Your baby might even think of climbing over the safety gate, which would ever cause a fall.

A safety gate is very effective when installed properly. Babies would usually lean over the gate, trying to reach for something, trying to climb over the gate or just looking through the slats. If the gate is installed poorly and on poor foundation, it can cause accidents.

How can gates be installed?

There are two options when installing gates: permanent and temporary. If you want a permanent set-up for your baby gates, these must be latched or attached to either a banister or a wall. Hardware mounted gates is necessary if you want to place a gate at the top of the stairs.

If you opt for a temporary installation of a safety gate, you can purchase the portable safety gate or the pressure mounted safety gate. These are durable yet can easily be removed once your child has grown old enough that the use of baby safety gates is no longer needed. You should not use this type for the top of the stairs. Temporary safety gates are ideal to keep your kid inside a room.