Baby Strollers – A Brief Overview

Baby strollers are helpful to get an infant, toddler or child from one place to another without having to hold them all the time. If you are shopping or sightseeing, there are times when you need to keep your hands free. If you are trying to carry a baby, a handbag, parcels and perhaps a diaper bag.

The purpose of a stroller for your child is to make transportation for the youngster easier and making everything easier for you. The stroller will have pockets and holders in which to tuck all the needed paraphernalia that a baby requires. Your hands are free to push the stroller or to check out the quality of a potential purchase.

When choosing a stroller, you should look for durability. The metal or plastic parts will receive a lot of wear. The weight of the child is increasing. The child also has an increasing range of movement. The larger and more active child will try to crawl out of the stroller. There are parts that move such as the wheels and the sunshade, if any. The parts that move must be able to withstand repeated positional changes.

Strollers come in various styles. There are light weight versions that are easily folded up and put into a car. Some strollers are designed to be used in very rough terrain. A stroller might have a tricycle style with three wheels, It is more common to have four wheels.

The stroller design allows enough room to hold a growing child. The upper portion usually has a shade that can be raised or lowered at will. The design might be convertible so that the basket portion can be used as a baby carrier or a car seat. There are strollers that are designed with a bar handle for pushing and others are lighter weight so as to be steered rather than pushed.

Various parts on the stroller are adjustable. They usually fold somewhat flat for storage or transport. There may be a hood or bonnet that can be moved to provide shade as required for the baby. Some strollers are designed so that the back can be moved into a reclining position so that the child can nap.

Baby strollers are an almost essential piece of baby paraphernalia. Temperature control is easier when the baby is not held next to the body at all times, especially in warmer climates. A stroller provides a way to include a toddler in outings without carrying or holding him constantly.