Baby Strollers – Baby's First Mode of Transit

Baby's First Vehicle
There is nothing like a baby stroller for convenience. They are compact in size, light-weight and made of sturdy materials to protect baby. Baby strollers are available in various styles and colors to suit most preferences. Many are so lightweight that they simply fold away when not in use. This is a great feature in crowded shopping malls or buildings with escalators or elevator access. Baby will love being mobile in a comfortable stroller. There are strollers for the lucky parents of multiples, twins and triplets and baby's sibling nearest in age.

You have Come A Long Way – Baby Strollers
Gone are the heavy, chrome baby strollers of the early 1930's and '40's. Baby's new mode of transit is streamlined for Mom and Dads convenience and baby's too. The first strollers were not exactly convenient. Most took up a lot of room and had only minimal ability to fold away. Someone had Mom and Dad in mind when the first generation of totally mobile strollers made the scene in the late 1970's. These strollers larger lighter and lighter in weight while each new generation of babies enjoyed their ride.

This Is The Way To Travel
The latest generation of baby strollers feature things like a sunshade for bright sunlit days and insect screens to protect the precious cargo from those nasty flying creatures during their daytime or late afternoon stroller trips. There are several models that even have a compartment at the back of the handle for Moms shopping stuff. What could be handier?

Check Before You Buy
One important feature to check before purchasing a baby stroller is compatibility with baby's weight. Too lightweight and baby's safety from tip overs may be compromised. This is especially true of older babies and toddlers who prefer the stroller to trying to navigate a shopping mall. Make sure stroller wheels are strong enough to hold baby's weight appropriately and that the seat is adjustable for baby's future growth. The stroller should have a strong seat belt as well to hold a squirming toddler in place and to avoid frontal tipping.