Backhoe Attachments – Select the Right One According to Purpose

The general purpose bucket is used for digging and scooping sand, gravel and soil. This is the attachment that you see most often at construction sites. Rock buckets are kind of backhoe attachments that are used to scoop larger rocks, dig ditches and excavating below the frost line. The cemetery bucket is used in cemeteries because it is able to cut 90-degree corners, and is available in many widths.

High capacity sand buckets are also backhoe attachments that are used most specifically in gravel, sand, light soil, ash, loam, and anywhere light materials need to be moved. The lightweight, yet strong, alloy steel makes it easier for the backhoe operator to use all the power of the machine. Then there is the pavement removal bucket. These are the only backhoe attachments that are specifically designed to demolish and destroy asphalt and concrete. The design allows for easier cradling and loading heavy, uneven materials.

A ‘V’ ditching backhoe attachments are able to cut ditches with just one pass. Different slope angles and bottom sizes are available. The rock/frost ripper attachment is equipped with single or triple rippers. This is the best and most efficient attachment for breaking up shale, limestone, rock, frost, and caliche. The teeth are replaceable when they get worn.

A bucket ripper attachment mounts instantly to the front of an existing bucket and is used to tear through hard surfaces. An asphalt cutter is just about the strongest cutter in the construction industry. It can cut to a depth of 6 ½ inches and can give a clean, straight cut to the asphalt before digging commences. A backhoe coupler attachment will allow the bucket to follow the geometric curve it was designed for, and it allows for the quick attaching of different kinds of buckets as needed.

A ditch and leveling bucket is available as backhoe attachments, and is the ideal attachment for digging, sloping, and precision leveling. The back fill blade is a great leveling attachment that makes quick work of any construction job. The cribbing bucket is a heavy-duty backhoe attachment that is excellent for narrow trenching jobs and digging in tight spaces.

Barrel handling backhoe attachments enable the operator to handle toxic waste, chemicals, oil and more. The pole handler attachment can lift and move poles weighing up to one thousand pounds and 40 feet in length. The heavy-duty construction grapple attachment is excellent for clearing the land, raking the ground, and handling loose or demolished scrap.

The severe service thumb attachment is great for gripping materials with the serrated teeth. It has superior strength and is usually made from high standard alloy steel. There are numerous other backhoe attachments available from various companies. Online research is the best way to locate the backhoe attachment you are in need of. The company who manufactures the backhoe you are now using will also have all the attachments you need in your line of work. A simple phone call is all it takes to locate and purchase the attachments you want.