Backup PS3 Games With One Piece of Software

A lot of people wonder how they can go about making backup copies of their Ps3 games Normally this task is a tricky and time consuming one at that unless you are pretty handy with a soldering iron and a mod chip. Luckily now however taking apart your Ps3 is a thing of the past. You see thanks to some genius programmers out there have created a fantastic piece of software that anyone can get a hold of that will allow you to backup Ps3 games at the push of a button. This will ensure that you have usable copies of your original ps3 games while you can safely store the original copy away.

How Does It Work?

Well, to backup ps3 games it’s fairly easy. All you need to do is install the software to your PC and then place your original Ps3 game in and it will do the rest! It will bypass the games copy protection system by decryption.

This was Sony’s way of stopping people making illegal copies for distribution but unfortunately it also stopped honest people who wanted to make their own copies for safe keeping. What’s fantastic about this approach is that if you scratch or even break your backup Ps3 game, you can just get the original one out and make another copy, fantastic!

Can I Make Backup Games For Other Consoles?

This is one of the great things about this software, it works not only on Ps3 games but it will work on Xbox 360, Ps2, Ps2,Wii,Dreamcast,Gamecube, Xbox and more. So you can see it is a very versatile piece of software with many uses. At the time of this article it currently is the only piece of software that will backup Ps3 games successfully although I from what I hear you can also gather 3 different software programs and use them together to get the same result, but why choose 3 different pieces of software when you can just get one to do the same job?

Anyway if you are looking for software to backup your Ps3 games then feel free to check out the site below.