Bad Gastein Apartments Bring the Sound of Music in Your Ears

Remember the song "Edelweiss" from the famous Sound of Music movie? If you just loved the movie and also you're planning a visit to Salzburg's nearby Gastein Valley you will probably be amused with it's private apartment rating system. Instead of the usual stars (the global hotel rating system IS used for Bad Gastein hotel apartments), Edelweiss is the unit for private accommodation quality in the valley.

Bad Gastein apartment with 2 edelweiss rating means, that is qualified for the norms of at least 10 m2 for a single room, a parking space for each room (except in town), a telephone, an extended breakfast and a lounge. If you'll afford a 3 edelweiss apartment you can expect a radio and a hairdryer in your room and a lounge with games and books for entertainment. A few more amenities wait for you if only a 4 edelweiss Bad Gastein apartment is good enough for your needs.

Beside the items that are included in apartments with less edelweiss'es here you will also be able to watch television in your own room, you'll be able to set a radio alarm and enjoy the view of flower arrangements and garden furniture. Three and four Edelweiss Bad gastein apartments also have to show care for the environment with refuse sorting facilities.

Beside a very decent variety of private rooms, hotel accommodation is also not too hard to find. Let me mention some just some of the four star hotels – Cordial Sanotel, Hotel Elisabethpark, Hotel Grüner Baum, Hotel Miramonte, Mondi Holiday Bellevue, Villa Solitude. Among these hotels, the nearest to the slopes are the Grüner Baum and Miramonte hotel.