Balanced Flue Fires – Convenient Gas Fires

Balanced flue fires are the answer to a more comfortable use of fireplaces in homes. Have you ever visited a home where you actually found it hard to get some fresh air? Or could it be happening right now with you? Sometimes people hardly notice the change that has happened. They find it hard to point to the very cause why, all of a sudden a home that was enjoying some freshness now longs for some. It is important to note some things about fireplaces and to note how balanced flues come to aid the situation.

You need to understand this part so you appreciate balanced flue fires. To start with, you can check out your conventional gas fires so you follow up easily with what I am about to say. These conservative gas fires do come with open-faced fireplaces inserted into a normal sized chimney. The problem here is that the air the fire uses in making flames is sucked from inside your home, while the waste matters are cast off up the chimney. As the sucking of air from your room continues, over time your living room will start having problems with ventilation.

Despite the fact that you may actually like the fire, you can see here that it is taking more than you ever bargained for. The system requires constant ventilation process to keep the fire up. In so doing, it is taking more from your finances as it continues to consume more fuel and energy. The solution is nothing other than having a balanced flue fire. Now, let us see the description of this type of fire.

Unlike conventional fires, a balanced flue gas fire is sealed from taking air from the house. Rather, it makes use of convection to get enough air for combustion from outside your home. In addition, when the air is used up, the wastes follow another channel outside your home. There is no loss of your highly prized comfort. Secondly, you will be saving money you would have been spending trying to match the level of comfort.

Now, with a balanced flue fire you have no need for ventilation. This simply means that you will have to be saving than spending more on your fireplace. They do not pose any health risk to you or your family members. You can get modern balanced flue gas fires that come with exhaust fin and double skin. You now see the need to have this type of fire in your home. With it there is no longer, worries and you do not need to flex your financial muscles. You can now enjoy some fresh air at home without having to sweat it out.