Balboa Hot Tub – Should You Get One?

The Balboa Water Group is widely known for its lines of equipment, accessories and control system for the leisure water industry. Such is the completeness of its line of products developed over 20 years of its existence that the company is considered as a one-stop-shop for anything and everything about spas, of which the Balboa hot tub is one of the most notable products.

All of the Balboa hot tubs feature the patented M7 temperature flow sensor technology, which no other company has yet to equal in quality. Basically, you should enjoy the following benefits of the M7 technology that most appeals to other consumers of the product:

  • Electronic non-pressure and dip switches that make for greater ease of operations and repair, when necessary. The Piezo switch technology also ensures that the spa does not have mobbing parts, no air gaps and no exposed electrical currents that can cause safety problems.
  • Smart sensors provide for accurate measurements of the flow and temperature of water in the spa while eliminating excessive cycling.
  • Built-in hardware ensures that the electrical noise present in other spas is eliminated during its use
  • Fewer holes necessary for the installation of a Balboa spa means that the connectors are more protected against corrosion, thus, extending the life of the equipment

Indeed, the outstanding Balboa M7 temperature control technology virtually eliminates all the possible types of failure associated with malfunctioning pressure switches. With easy installation instructions requiring significantly fewer holes than the competitors, the Balboa products deserve their reputation for high quality and lengthy durability coupled with reasonable prices.

You will discover that the customer reviews on these products are biased but in a good way in that your choice in a hot tub for the home will be made easier. After all, who wants to complicate lives when a hot tub is designed to simplify life and its enjoyment thereof? With a Balboa hot tub, life is simpler and happier – just the warm water and you communing to drive the stress away from your mind and eliminate the toxins from your body.

Your benefits do not stop there, fortunately. The Balboa Water Group also offers various parts for the maintenance, upgrading and repair of the hot tub, said parts of which will include hydromassage jets, LED lights for chromatherapy, blowers, heaters and pumps, to name just a few. Now, contrast such completeness with other manufacturers that offer incomplete parts and unsatisfactory services.

These products from Balboa also come in many types to suit just about every use for the household and commercial spas. You have the choices of single and dual speed pumps, cords and lights, as well as ozonators and the highly popular Balboa Control Systems.

Of course, a Balboa hot tub is only a hot tub in the sense that it cannot take care of itself – you have to take care of it, too. In this line, we recommend using foam covers and floating blankets to protect it from the elements as well as to conserve energy. As much as you want to enjoy the hot tub, it also pays to know that you are doing your part in conserving resources like energy and water but that’s another article there.