Ballerina Ring Setting

A ballerina ring setting is one of the classic, beautiful ways to display the gemstones in your ring. Depending on the stones that are used in the ring setting, there are several different ways that a diamond ballerina ring can be designed.

Before we talk specifically about ballerina ring settings, lets take a minute to discuss the important of the ring setting itself. The design of the ring setting has two important aspects:

1. The ring setting is what holds the gemstones in place, so it needs to be designed sturdy and strong so that the diamonds do not fall out.

2. The ring setting creates the over-all look and feel of the ring. The setting arranges the metal and diamonds into beautiful shapes and designs. There are many different styles that can be created with the ring settings.

One popular ring setting is called the ballerina ring setting. This type of setting is characteristic in some of the older vintage and antique ring designs, although it is again gaining popularity in today’s modern ring designs.

A ballerina diamond ring is actually a specific kind of cluster ring. There is usually a main center stone on the ring, which is completely surrounded by smaller stones forming a circle around the main stone. The name “ballerina setting” came from the way that the smaller stones circle the larger stone, they create a tutu around the main diamond– very similar to the look of a ballerina’s tutu.

Many times the smaller diamonds are cut as baguettes, and the way they encircle the main stone makes it appear that the diamonds are flowing and moving around the main stone. Many of the ballerina ring settings specifically place the stones so that they appear to be dancing and moving around the center of the ring.