Ballet Moves – This is the Best Way to Do it With Easy, Successful Tips and Tricks

Ballet is a very beautiful dance that enables you to express yourself through movement and emotion and also by using some imagery. The first requirement for learning ballet moves is learning the ballet positions. There are several ballet positions and each position is required to start learning complete ballet moves. You should also learn preliminary exercises and keep practicing them so that you do not injure yourself while learning the complete dancing moves.

There are five basic positions in ballet that you have to learn before you can precede the more advanced ballet moves. Once you learn these positions, you can go ahead and try out some of these ballet moves.

The first move is called Tandu. In this move, you point your foot and extend it along the floor to the front, to the side and to the back. The next move is a slight variation of this and is called Bant Mon Tandu. In this move, everything is the same as Tandu, but you lift your leg off the ground. In Bat Mon Glisste, which is just another variation of Tandu you lift your leg as high as you can from the ground while maintaining posture and lower it down again before you kick.

In Rane de Jome, brush your foot forward and move in a circular motion around half of your body and then you should switch feet. In Sotais, you jump in the first position while in Supersos; you jump into a tight fifth position starting from the first or the second position. Some other basic moves are also jumps in the second position, and jumps in the third and fifth positions. There is also the rise in the second, third and the fifth position.

These are some of the basic moves. You might have probably noticed the importance of learning the positions before you start learning the complete dance moves. Ballet is a beautiful dance, but at the same time, its demand on the body is rigorous and therefore you must practice regularly.