Balustrading Ideas and Designs

A balustrade is the combination of baluster and handrail. It is a row of recurring balusters. Balusters are erect pillars or small posts that perform the function of providing support to the railing. The important thing to consider is that the minimum distance between the pillars of a balustrade should be four inches. It can be made up of different materials like iron, stone, wood, glass, plaster or polystyrene. Balustrades are usually used for stairs, floor openings, balconies/terraces, pools and porches.

Balustrade is a very important part of homes. It not only makes the home attractive but safe as well. Its significance is greater in homes where little kids are present because if the kid goes to the terrace which has no balustrade, he/she can fall down accidentally.

The home looks unique if a balustrade is fitted on stairs despite of cemented wall. If somebody wants to give a new look to his/her home, then changing the balustrade with a more modern design is always a good idea. It also increases the worth of property.

The selection of a specific type of railing depends on the location of the railing; whether it is outdoors or indoors. The most common type of balustrade is made up of wood. The very fine quality of wood is used for making balusters. People living in rural area can use logs as well.

In very modern buildings, glass is often used for balustrade. It is a new idea that has become very popular to make the home striking. Glass balustrade can be suitable for any decoration of the home and does not require time-to-time paint or maintenance. The main difference between the balustrade made up of glass and other materials is that there is no spacing in glass balustrades. The glass is treated with heat to make it more strong and safe to use. The glass balustrade allows sunlight to come in the home easily. In residential buildings or homes, wire balustrades are used which give an elegant look as well as provide safety to the residents.

Aluminium balustrades and stainless steel balustrades are also available in the market in different colors. People have an opportunity to match the color of balustrade with the paint of home to make their home more beautiful.

Selection of balustrade is a crucial task for home owners. There could be many designs available in the market which seems attractive but to make it unique and different from others, people can add some innovative ideas and creativity in the designs. It should be taken into consideration that the choice of balustrade depends on the architectural design of the home. That balustrade should be selected that will be suitable to the building structure.

The designs of balustrades can vary according to the choice of owner. Some people like traditional designs and the retailers also often customized designs where take the customers ideas on paper in form of drawing and then make the balustrade according to that design.