Bamboo Laminate Flooring

Bamboos are not really popular in building houses like many trees. Technically bamboos are not classified as trees; they are tall grass that grows in a region with warm climates. The good things about bamboos are they cheap, they are easily to find, they're light and they have many uses. Asia has known to use bamboos in many different ways. It can be food like the bamboo shoot. It is also used as medicine for treating infection and healing. It is also used to make clothes. Even in musical, they make it as instruments like the bamboo organ in Las Pinas, Philippines. Several manufacturers also offers bamboo bicycle for transportation. Some legend and myths in Asia says that warriors use bamboo as a weapon on a fight. In history they also use bamboo as a writing surface. They also use in construction building such as fencing, fountains, grates and gutter. They are also used as decorative piece at home.

And around the world bamboo flooring are used in home. Natural flooring has become popular because of public's awareness on environmental issues. Bamboo laminate flooring has many advantages for home owners.

Bamboo laminate flooring is a good way of saving money because it's not expensive. Not like hardwoods, bamboo flooring is even harder and durable. Some call bamboo the hardest plant known to man. Manufacturers make sure that bamboos are mature enough before furnishing it.

Bamboo laminate flooring is scratch, stain resistant and stays in good condition for a long period of time.

You may say it is intended to use in construction like flooring because you can treat insect and rots by boiling cut bamboo.

It is also easy to install compared by thickness. It is installed on top of a solid floor by glue or nails. But you can also just lay it on the solid floor. It is called "float" flooring.

It is suitable in kitchen and bathrooms. Water from sinks or showers is not a problem. Bamboo laminate flooring can tolerate splashes and spills without damaging it. But you should still be careful of letting water on this spot for too long.

It is sound resistant so it's perfect for apartment use. It can deal with daily wear and very durable.

Bamboo is cultivated and harvested without damaging the environment. If you're an eco-friendly and looking for a way to help the environment, you can try the bamboo laminate flooring. Bamboo grows so fast, it replenish itself much faster than a tree. And it also prevent soil erosion.

There many manufacturer now that service on bamboo laminate flooring. They charge you cheaper than using expensive woods. It is not only cheap, they are beautiful too. It looks expensive without paying so much.

But any other things in the world bamboo laminate flooring have disadvantages too. For those who are accustomed on natural wood feeling, laminate floors can feel artificial.

Sometimes people think that bamboo laminate flooring adds to the resale value of a home not like hardwood that is high cost flooring.
If the flooring is not install properly it may tend to squeak every time you on to it. It will be annoying and noisy.

And one more disadvantages of these bamboo laminate flooring is when there is heavy damage you need to replace the whole floor not like the hardwood that you can replace where the damage is.

However, it provides this kind of flooring a do-it-yourself to install. It is much less expensive to install than hardwood floors. It last long and it is good for environment.