Bandon Dunes Golf – A Golfer’s Dream!


Bandon Dunes Golf course is a beautifully scenic, true links course that offers the absolute best of the golf experience at one resort. From the amazing scenery, year-round availability, the great lodging options, restaurants, and the huge practice center and putting course, Bandon Dunes is a complete experience for a golfing vacation that will not be soon forgotten or easily topped. After spending a week in the area – on and off the course – there are three things that clearly stood out which made Bandon Dunes Golf the golfer’s dream.

The Golf

Bandon Dunes comes complete with five complete courses, all of which combine the natural beauty of the Oregon coastline and rugged hills in order to make for rounds that are a truly enjoyable experience. Beyond the game itself, which can range from the easier, to the most challenging style of play, one of the greatest difficulties is keeping your eye on the ball rather than the breathtaking scenery. Ocean vistas, pristine dunes, natural canyons and vegetation add a new level of enjoyment not available in more than a handful of courses around the world.

The Lodging

While staying in Bandon, Oregon, there are a variety of restful and natural places available to stay at. The local establishments are situated for golf groups, providing privacy, luxury and a comfortable atmospheres specifically designed with the golfer in mind. At many of the establishments, the rooms reflect the natural beauty of the Oregon coast and nearby golf courses. Everything there seems perfectly crafted to accent and cap off a day at the Bandon Dunes.

The Town

As a golfer, the Bandon Dunes Resort is the primary draw, but once the 18th hole is settled, and the phenomenal sunset has been observed, you can relax with your friends and a drink around the fire pit at one of the local inns or hotels, or visit the seaside town. Bandon, Oregon is a charming and quaint place located about 90 miles away from Interstate 5. Birding, crabbing, surfing, and other activities are available if you still have strength left after your swing, but there are plenty of evening spots for enjoying dinner, drinks, or even dancing to while away the nighttime hours.

In conclusion, the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is a dream spot because it is in a dream spot! The beautiful town, the wonderful accommodations, and the stunning scenery of the golf courses made me have to stop and pinch myself every so often to be sure it was real.