Bar, Pub, Or Nightclub Logo Design

Are you planning to set up a bar, tavern or a nightclub business? Or have you been thinking of giving your bar or nightclub a new look? Before you start ripping off the floors or start looking for the ideal business location, put some thought into getting a great logo design first. A logo should be the foundation of your branding efforts and will be an important step in getting your business off to a great start or a successful re-branding of your current operation.

Consulting with a designer to come up with a great bar or nightclub logo need not be very difficult. Nonetheless, there are a few things marketing experts recommend that one should keep in mind when planning a logo design. First of all, keep your logo simple. This does not mean that you have to settle for something too plain or boring though as pubs and clubs are usually associated with fun and entertainment after all.

Think hard about the kind of clients that you want to attract to your establishment. This will influence the kind of imagery that you will want use as part of the overall design. In this industry you will want to go with images that convey a message of quality service and pleasure and enjoyment. Food and music may also come into the mix as well. Designers will generally avoid cheap, tacky or loud symbols and go for images that appear more refined of tasteful. Symbols or objects that you can consider using within the logo could be martini glasses, wine bottles, smiling people or musical instruments. There are no limits here really and it is better if you can come up with something totally original to distinguish your business in this very competitive industry. Remember that you are not limited to realistic images and something more abstract can offer greater flexibility and can command more attention.

Think about if you want your bar or club to seem exclusive to a particular kind of customer or if you want to put on a friendly face to encourage all to enter. Your logo should immediately let patrons know if it is the kind of establishment that they are looking for in terms of atmosphere and dress code and the kind of people and alcohol that they will expect to find inside.

Design experts generally suggest using a maximum of three colors and prefer to avoid too many bright colors but these rules don’t really apply for club and bars. Depending on the theme that you want your logo to reflect then bright colors can work really well, especially on nighttime neon signage.

Words may also be incorporated with your logo design. Again, think of what your company stands for. Reflect on the goals or mission of your business that you will have set out in a business plan when you started. Is the goal to make people have fun after a hard day at work? Is it to celebrate big and small achievements of different individuals every day? Play with words and you can probably come up with a catchy phrase or line that would best suit your establishment.

Keep in mind that whatever design you end up using, it is most likely that you will be using this for many years. So you should put some effort into getting the best possible bar, pub or nightclub logo design that can serve you well in the years ahead.