Barbeque Like a Pro: Plank Grilled Fish

Cedar plank grilled fish- add it to your list of backyard barbecueing recipres to try, for incredible flavor and texture.

Grilling on a wooden plank is fantastic because it allows a good stable surface to hold delicate foods like fish on at the same time giving you that backyard smoked flavor you love.

You’ll need a fresh piece of wood about an inch thick, one that hasn’t been treated chemically. The fish you’re going to grill on it should fit totally on the plank- make sure the plank is long and wide enough. Cedar is the most best wood, being packed of smoky flavors, but there are other good ones to try- maple, and alder are used too. You can purchase grill-ready wood planks online or your localgourmet food shop.

Since this is an untreated wood plank, you MUST soak it well before using it, othrwise it will catch on fire and ruin your fish, if not your whole meal. Soak the plank in water for at least an hour and you will get it saturated to the point of safe usage. If the board does actually catch fire while you are grilling, which happens, spray it with enough water to put out the fire. Try to keep a water spray bottle nearby. Soaking the plank prior to use will also help keep your fish moist and tender.

You will no doubt see the plank smoking and smoldering. Don’t panic. That just means the wood is imparting it’s hint of flavor to the fish.

If you lightly brush the top of the plank with a little cooking oil, it will keep the fish from sticking to it. It’s not necessary to flip the fish over in order to cook the other side since it’s an indirect heat. Grilling fish on a plank will take about 50% more time than normal because of that indirect cooking, so plan ahead. Baste the fish during the cooking time with a little lemon juice or butter.

Once the fish is done, use oven mitts and remove the plank from the grill. Sset it down somewhere safe. A cookie sheet or fireproof serving platter is a good place to let it cool. Serve the fish off the planks onto plates with a spatula and watch the smiles on everybody’s faces.

Grilling fish on a plank is the perfect way to get flavorful fish. Once you try it, you’ll want it again and again.