Bare Lifts – The Easiest Breast Lift There Is!

I’m excited about something new in the beauty market called Bare Lifts – The Invisible Bust Support System – that claims to lift and enhance your bust line simply, cheaply and effectively and is disposable. No more dreadfully uncomfortable bras that make you feel like you’re being hugged by a Cyberman and that require the dexterity of an octopus to get on and off.

Bare Lifts, like all the best products are very simple – they are clever, unobtrusive adhesive patches that you fix around your nipple line. You then lift your breast until it is to the height you require, peel off the adhesive backing and stick the strip to your skin, thus giving yourself an invisible temporary breast lift with no stitches, no surgery, no pain and no massive bill to pay!

These things are disposable and you can wear them for up to 24 hours – the adhesive is guaranteed to last that long – and then you just discard them. For that 24 hours the effect they have is absolutely amazing; in one small move, the shape of your chest is completely transformed. And you can wear them with or without a bra, and even under a swimsuit as the adhesive is completely waterproof. Sexy cleavage, here we come!

I don’t know about you, but I hate wearing bras. Always have. I find them uncomfortable and restrictive, and as I get older they seem to be made of more and more material with wider shoulder straps that dig into me until I feel like my whole chest is held up by some engineering system. I never needed a bra when I was younger; my breasts would just stay nice and neat and upright all by themselves! But sadly, encroaching years, childbirth and putting on weight has made my assets head southwards at an alarming rate. I’m not talking spaniels’ ears just yet, but it worries me that they will be before too long!

Exercise does help. Press ups, chest presses, even squeezing something together between your hands will all work the pectoral muscles that lie beneath the breast. But having good pecs is only half the story; breasts themselves contain no muscle tissue and to put it bluntly are always going to sag as you get older especially after having kids. So you get to the stage where you have to wear heavier and heavier bras because, if left unsupported against gravity, the ligaments supporting the breasts will stretch making the breasts hang lower and lower. Sad but true; I used to be able to go bra-less and now I daren’t. People would run away screaming if they saw me.

But now we have these Bare Lifts; inexpensive, invisible and figure-transforming in seconds. The feel of the adhesive takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s nowhere near as restrictive as having to wear a horrible tight bra. And boy, what a difference these Bare Lifts make to the shape of your chest! Just think; now you can wear those backless, strapless dresses that you were always too embarrassed to be seen in before – no bulges, no lines, no discomfort; no fear of the damned thing coming undone like a bra. (I’ve had that happened to me in an aerobics class and believe me, it’s horribly embarrassing. I was in serious danger of giving myself a black eye as I pranced about!).

So as far as I’m concerned, these Bare Lifts get a great big thumbs up from me, and they’re a whole lot cheaper than either a fancy bra or breast surgery. I don’t go in much for strapless dresses as I’m small and solid, but I’m happiest in workout gear anyway, so I’ll personally be hitting the town in my favorite T-shirt. Wearing no bra, thanks to my Bare Lifts!