Barrel Saunas – The Perfect Outside Sauna Experience

If you are considering installing a home sauna, it pays to consider all the options available. Many people go for an indoor sauna built from a kit, but have you considered having a stylish outdoor sauna? There are various designs that are available but one of my favorites is the barrel sauna.

As it’s name suggests, a barrel sauna looks exactly like a giant barrel. This is actually a great shape for a sauna because there are less wasted areas compared to a more common square or rectangle shape. This in turn means that they are more efficient to heat and run. The gentle curved shape also makes it an ideal structure to shrug off the elements, whether it be rain, wind or snow.

Getting inside a barrel sauna is a wonderful, refreshing experience. The feeling is of being in a snug, comfortable retreat. There are 2 benches, one either side of the door. This allows up to 6 adults to enjoy the sauna experience while sitting. Alternatively two adults can happily pass the time lying down on the benches.

Barrel saunas can be made from a variety of timbers, but one of the most popular in North America is cedarwood. This has a distinctive aroma and a real sense of quality. It is also a great wood for withstanding everything that Mother Nature can throw at it. You have a choice of stoves that you can install including gas, electric or a wood stove.

When choosing your sauna keep in mind the height. They tend to be 6 to 7 feet tall. Most people will find this to be perfectly adequate. But if you are particularly tall you might feel that the ceiling is a little low.

If you’re interested in purchasing a barrel sauna you have 2 choices. You can either go to a specialist company that will create your product using traditional coopering techniques. The sauna will be delivered complete. The alternative is to find a manufacturer that essentially makes a kit of precut timbers that can then be easily assembled by you at home.