Barrel Unique Ceiling Designs – 6 Tips For Beautiful Ceilings

I love the satisfaction of designing things in my own home. The decorating that I see everyday has to reflect who I am and the styles that I like. I never advice people to decorate their home with resale in mind. Why would you want to always do that. If my home was just staged to be ready for resale then I would want it to be for sale. I do not want to live in a home that is made ready for someone else. Paint is one of the most stand out changes you can make to a home and one of the least expensive and anyone with any knowledge knows this. The interior paint of a house should never stop you from buying it as this can easily be changed with little expense. I think that one of the most important part of your homes design is the ceilings. Below are 6 tips to getting the ceilings you will enjoy.

1. Add the proper lighting – Never let this option unattended to. lighting is one thing that is harder to come back and ad later. In my kitchen area I had an extra light added over my stove area so I could see my cooking area better. Go through your rooms and think of where you might need a little extra light. Such as an area you know will be used as a reading area or a bathroom where you will be doing your makeup or hair.

2. Add A Ceiling Medallion To At Least One Room – This is an inexpensive way to get a very nice focal point in any room. You can leave it white or you can ad some paint to match the colors in your room. Gold works really well if you just want a basic color that will go with anything.

3. Add A Unique Ceiling Fan – There are lots of styles of ceiling fans and most of them are just ceiling fans to do a job. Never settle for this. spend as little as an extra $100. and have a fan that says hey look at me. I have a fan in one of my bedrooms that the blades actually drop to a hanging position when the fan is not on and as you ad speed the blades start to fan out. This is a masterpiece. The focal point of this room is easy to spot.

4. Add Proper size Crown Molding – Adding the proper size crown molding is important if architectural detail is important to you. If your ceilings are above 8 feet then the molding should be a little bigger so it really stands out. I know crown molding is expensive so I will share a little trick that I have learned along the way. When you ad your crown molding and you want it to take on the appearance of being larger than it is,this will help without the expense. For example if you want 8″ crown molding but you can only afford 4″.Hang the 4′ molding and paint 3 inches of the wall the same color as the crown molding and the ad a 1′ piece of trim molding around the wall the same color and this will take on the look of much larger crown molding for a lot less money.

5. Paint some of your ceilings a contracting color to the walls – instead of the basic white ceilings. This can really make a room fell warmer and cozier. If you have high ceiling this is really a fantastic thing to do. Ad a trey molding around the ceiling instead of crown molding and ad vines that hand down and or soft lighting. I have found that rope lighting works well for a softer lighting. A bright light is usually to much and will show ever little flaw in your ceiling and believe me they are there. So tone it down.

6. Add A Barrel Ceiling – A barrel ceiling is the most unusual of all. It gets its name because it looks like half of a barrel. It is a stand alone focal point for any room it is added too. I can’t say it is the cheapest thing to ad but certainly one of the most unique.

Well these are some things that you can do to personalize your home with unique ceiling designs that will not break the bank and give you plenty of things to talk about when you show off your new style. And as always remember to do this because

“Your story Begins At Home”

By Gail J Richardson