Barrier Tape Means Don’t Enter This Area!

You would have seen barrier tapes everywhere, on the road, in a TV episode, at public events, and other places. The barrier tape has almost come to stand for a crime scene, as popularized by TV.

A barrier tape marks out a restricted access area – probably some police actions are going on inside the barrier tape limits, or a fire is being put out inside the lines, and so on. You will notice that the tapes are usually printed with warning messages telling you not to cross the line.

Not only do barrier tapes warn people not to cross the line but they are also frequently used for business promotional purposes. These tapes are highly visible, are located in public places, and are wide and long with eye-catching colors. All these features make them ideal real estate for company promotional messages.

If your company executes outdoor works such as road repairs or any type of construction, you would want to utilize the barrier tape real estate for brand building and business promotion.

Barrier Tape for Brand Building and Promotions

Barrier tapes come with eye-catching designs, attracting attention. They are also usually made of materials that lend themselves to quality printing. A company logo, name and short promotional message, printed tastefully on the barrier tape, can help the company make itself and its products familiar to the numerous passers-by.

And that is what brand-building means, creating awareness, associating itself with quality, telling the world that it is executing major works and generally getting into the consciousness of people.

Barrier tapes are also used at different kinds of outdoor events and campaigns. Just find a tasteful way to use them, and then use them in a way to create brand awareness.

Barrier Tapes

Made of strong and durable material like vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, woven cotton or woven plastic, barrier tapes usually come in widths ranging from 50 to 150mm. They might come in standard lengths or in custom lengths as specified by you.

The barrier tape has to attract attention and hence use colors and patterns that stand out among its surroundings. A pattern of alternating red and white, or black and yellow, colors is widely used as standard. Plain white and yellow are other typical colors. The plain-colored barrier tapes are particularly suited for printing.

They can come in special dispenser boxes or as shrink-wrapped rolls and are packed so many rolls per carton.

With the many different options available in the market, you can select a pattern that stands out from the crowd, with quality-printed promotional messages.


The barrier tape, with its attention catching design and public location, is a highly visible media for business promotional messages. Companies can use these tapes at their worksites, outdoor events and campaign venues to draw attention and convey awareness about themselves and their products. A quality-printed logo and name on the barrier tape can help build the company’s brand. If erected at a worksite, the message comes to be associated with the fact that the company has major orders in hand, and is successful.