Barrier Tape

Barrier Tape is a type of adhesive tape however it differs from regular tape because it is not designed to hold products (materials) together; instead it is designed to give a warning or to alert someone to something. There are a few different types available:

Police Barrier Tape This is used within the police force and only within the police force, general public are not permitted to use this and could get in trouble if found to do so, it is usually Blue and White in colour with ‘POLICE’ printed in blue capital letters along the whole length of the tape at measured intervals.

On average it measures out at 150 meters per roll with dimensions of 75mm x 250mm. They are designed to warn the general public that a specific area is being controlled by the police, the tape forms a barrier that only the police may enter, this could be for many reasons, a crime scene is a good example and if the tape is broken then evidence could be tampered with or go missing.

If you see this on your travels be sure to keep clear of the designated area and let the police get on with their job.

Hazard Warning Tape This is essentially exactly the same but for use by a different industry of professionals and to give a different warning. Usually comes in one of 4 sets of colours

1. Red and White

2. Black and Yellow

3. Green and White

4. Black and White

Construction workers are an example of people that would use this tape, they would create a barrier around a hazard, this in turn warns the public of the potential danger and to keep clear.