Barska Spotting Scopes

Setting a rate for technical precision, dynamics and design the latest Barska Spotting Scope climbs higher in decisive performance. Perfectly engineered with unmatched optical durability and performance by the technicians who know the different conditions the scopes have to tolerate. The Barska is specifically designed for selective hunters who usually demand for the very best. Some of the features of this scope include fog-proof protection, complete water-resistant and water proof, massive objective lens and a multi-coated option. Be it a large or compact scope that sets everyone's sight, Barska is one of the best in is own standards.

Designed to end the severe climatic conditions encountered during hunting, the 100 percent water resistant, fog-proof and all weather Barska Spotting Scope even has a rubber armor which is shock proof. Its multi-coated optics has a large objective lens to deliver superior view and clarity in low lights whereas the extendable sunshade asses the user to reduce the glare when viewing in the bright light. Its ergonomic design improves portability and handling. Pan-head tripod lever is also included with this set and all of this can be purchased for a price that makes the scope worth.

From the wide range of products available in the market you can easily find a perfect one that can actually fit your own style. These products typically feature multi-coated and fully coated high quality optics for providing a clear and crisp image. Almost all the scopes come with the Pan-head tripod lever. The company usually offers direct viewing models of spotting scopes, multi-position and rotating eyepiece spotting scopes and angles viewing spotting scopes. Whatever scope you purchase they are strictly covered by the lifetime warranty.

Monoculars and scopes from Barska are specifically designed to bring far-away land based substances closer. Barska's typically offer additional stability and durability compared to the binoculars with higher magnification of telescopes. These products ideally suit for funny activities like long distance whale and bird watching, scenic observing, beginning astronomy, surveillance, long distance microscopy, nature studies and telephotography. The company even offers a wide variety of advanced quality scopes from some of the best manufacturers of monoculars and scopes.

Some of the important features include:

• Changeable magnificence from 20 to 60 for various applications with a defiant stare reducing the sunshade.

• Entirely fog and water proof for any type of weather condition.

• Ergonomically constructed with rubber armor that is shock proof for improving overall maintenance and maximum protection.

• Fully and multi-coated optics along with huge objective lens to increase the light therefore delivering excellent quality images even in conditions where the light is not bright.

• Portable and convenient tripod levers which have hard aluminum case and are easy to carry.

• Field view of 45 feet at the distance of 1000 yards and 91 feet at the distance of 1000 yards.

• Overall weight 1.7 pounds and 13.84 inches in length.

• Sight tube for fast targeting on most of the larger models.

• Lifetime warranty on all the scopes