Basics of Brick Fundraising

Brick fundraising is a great way to get decorative bricks to line a pathway or as a façade on a wall or entry way. Brick fundraising allows donors to pre-purchase bricks with there names that are later incorporated into the design of a new annex or building.

A brick fundraising campaign allows you to choose the size, shape and quality of bricks used. It also allows your donors to purchase a plain brick for a smaller donation or engraved bricks for larger donations.

It is advisable to offer the engraved bricks as a part of your brick fundraising campaign. This allows the donors to see there names on the bricks and if it is a business or corporation they get to advertise to the community.

With brick fundraising you are not only conducting a fundraiser but also building a legacy. Your bricks will be there for generations to come for all to see and appreciate.

Before you begin a brick fundraising campaign make sure you have a clear idea of why you are building a new building or adding on. Also make sure your givers know up front why you are fundraising and how there bricks will be used. You should consider keeping a fundraising goal board readily available so that your donors can see the progress being made.

With a brick fundraising campaign you will need to have adequate administrative help. You will need to be very thorough with your bookkeeping and accounting. Your donors as well as accountant will need to be able to see how much money was brought in and where all the money went to. A loose campaign will only spell trouble down the road.